Corrupt US Judge Jackson L. Kiser Strikes again, quickly dismisses Social Security Garnishment Lawsuit not protecting Autistic man

by Laurie Azgard

Note: UPDATE FROM OLDER ARTICLE: Federal Lawsuit filed to prevent Circuit Court from Garnishing SSI disability of Brian D. Hill [USWGO]

The corrupt and disHonorable federal judge Jackson L. Kiser strikes again by allowing the corrupt Virginia Commonwealth attorney Glen Andrew Hall and the dishonorable Giles Carter Greer [Circuit Court for the district of Martinsville Virginia] garnishing the social security SSI disability money of a mentally/physically disabled man Brian D. Hill. The Federal and State courts both are attacking the poor, the disabled, and the vulnerable. They are attacking the mentally disabled. They don’t care that Brian has autism, they don’t care that he has the brittle form of type one diabetes.

The city of Martinsville has demonstrated its corrupt nature in bullying a man with autism. Forcing a man against his will to pay thousands of dollars out of his “Supplemental Security Income” that is his only source of income. He doesn’t work a job and doesn’t have income any other than his SSI. Brian had been ordered by the state court to pay $1,224 and may increase in his appeals and his civil cases such as habeas corpus and his writ of error coram vobis. Brian is being punished by the state circuit court for simply fighting to prove his innocence and fighting for his constitutional rights that he was deprived of by his court appointed lawyers.

corrupt Jackson Kiser’s corrupt opinion is available below:

Order on Motion for Leave to Proceed In Forma Pauperis – courtlistener and this blog
Order Dismissing Case – courtlistener and this blog

Why would Martinsville even do this? Why would a federal judge deprive an SSI/Medicaid dependent of his federally protected benefits? Is Jackson L. Kiser even human?

Evidence that was also an exhibit in that federal lawsuit shows that the Police Department of Martinsville, under the direction of G. E. Cassady kept the envelope of evidence sealed and turned it over to his attorney Matthew S.T. Clark, Esq., and then that attorney kept begging Brian to withdraw his appeal knowing that he would financially benefit off of garnishing Brian’s disability money. All of those people should be arrested, for racketeering and extortion of a mentally disabled man. They have bullied him, taken away his SSI, and without a care in the world.

What was Brian even convicted in the state for? What’s right, for being a victim of carbon monoxide poisoning and then with Brian’s autism, caused him to be bullied or tricked by some “guy in a hoodie” to do what he said or he was told his mother would be killed. A lot of people need to be held accountable here. That federal judge Jackson L. Kiser needs to be IMPEACHED, not just the dishonorable Thomas David Schroeder. What is the point of federal law prohibiting the garnishment of SSI disability benefits, if federal judges are not even going to enforce it?


This pisses me off. Is Martinsville worse than Righthaven LLC? Is Judge Jackson L. Kiser a worser Judge than John Kane of Colorado? At least Judge Kane was a fair judge in that lawsuit. John Kane at least showed restraint and allowed David Kerr, a wonderful attorney, to undo the mistakes that Brian and his mother made in filing a pro se response in 2011 that didn’t even looked correct because Righthaven prayed on those that didn’t know the law. The Judge allowed his attorney Mr. Kerr to file a motion to dismiss or transfer venue. Investigations need to be conducted into those bullies.

If a federal judge will rule that the states can garnish autistic disabled people’s money to pay the legal fees of the Commonwealth attorney and defense attorney and that federal laws don’t matter anymore???? WHAT is the point of Social Security protection laws against garnishment?

See how bad this corrupt federal judge piece of trash treated a man who worked hard with his own two hands to have his own farm small business. Christopher Julian another victim of the horrid Jackson Kiser.

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  1. You’re not up against a government you’re up against a criminal enterprise that’s spent decades overthrowing the US Government and turning the Federal Judiciary into a protection racket for said enterprise. The enterprise is owned and controlled by a narcissistic zionist regime that owns most of the corporate world and defends itself with relentless, heartless, despotism. These are not judges they’re criminal strong arm men of the zionist. Black robe syndrome is the effect of selling your soul to the devils in power. The following is true for all of the US Government branches as well as most state and local governments….Shared deception creates bonds of necessity. Those involved in the deception need each other to support the lies. if one caves to the truth or is exposed, all involved are seen in the harsh light of day. A very dangerous situation for anyone whose an insider.


    1. Your right. In his state case, he brought up how his federal appellate attorney Ryan Kennedy argued Brian’s actual innocence of his state charge, and now the state court has and is ignoring the entire case, the evidence, and the case law like it doesn’t exist. That is because the innocence arguments of Attorney Kennedy contradict his court appointed lawyer Matthew Scott Thomas Clark of Roanoke and Martinsville, Virginia.

      So there is proof of ineffective assistance of counsel. The people working at the Clerk’s office seem to be supportive of Brian and are making sure to file things properly and appropriately. They understand that Brian is innocent and shouldn’t have his SSI garnished because his court appointed lawyer/liar refused to fight for him so Brian had no choice but to withdraw his appeal in the Circuit Court or he would have lost and been arrested and jailed until the Appeal was timely filed and orders his release since he had already applied to be out on bond thanks to his family.

      The Judges rather fight Brian tooth and nail than admit that they were wrong. They can’t admit wrongdoing, they can’t admit that Brian was innocent because it would crash their successful conviction rate. It would teach other prisoners/inmates that they have a chance to win as long as they prove their innocence.

      We are like hamsters on a wheel.

      If you ever studied sociology, they learn in colleges that the system is fixed, that we are not meant to get ahead in life unless we do underhanded, deceitful, and criminal stuff like the criminal enterprise. However those that follow God and Jesus Christ don’t want to follow such a system so they are targets of the law over the stupidest things. Especially people with Autism Spectrum Disorder.


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