US Court of Appeals refuses to mandate Judge to tackle Frauds upon the Court by US Attorney; Petitioner fights back!

by Laurie Azgard

The U.S. court of appeals for the fourth circuit in Richmond, Virginia has decided to protect the corrupt federal judge Thomas David Schroeder who has became a judicial dictator, engaging in a coup d’état overthrowing our case law and overthrowing the authorities set by the U.S. Supreme court and lower appellate courts. They will not mandate that the Dishonorable Judge Schroeder take action on any of the motions for sanctions to sanction the Assistant US attorney Anand Prakash Ramaswamy for fraud upon the court. They are even refusing to review the petition’s merits.


So they have dismissed Brian’s writ of mandamus and prohibition petition based on misconceptions and false information. So Brian corrected those judicial protectorates of the corrupt Thomas David Schroeder. Judge Albert Diaz, Judge Allison Jones Rushing, and Judge Pamela A. Harris all protected the corruption and lies of the U.S. district court in the middle district of North Carolina.

Read the decision opinion on CourtListener, Archive, or this blog. Read the judgment on CourtListener, Archive, or this blog.

Brian’s family emailed us the text searchable petition for rehearing where Brian is attempting to reopen the writ of mandamus petition. It was also filed on federal court record in the fourth circuit appeals court [Archive, and this blog].


Here are some quotes from his filed petition.

Quote #1:

“The Panel’s decision deprives Petitioner of due process of law guaranteed by
the United States Constitution. The Writ of Mandamus was an attempt to mandate
that the District Court enter order(s) on the motion(s) to stop illegal orders/judgments,
and to mandate that the Judge needs to make a decision on uncontested motions that
were under well-established case law and the deadline caused by the Local Civil
Rules of the Middle District of North Carolina would have caused the motion to have
been decided upon by not being contested by the other party. Writ of Mandamus is
the only vehicle for the issues laid out in the Petition, it is the appropriate vehicle for
the issues laid out in the Petition. Any uncontested motion(s) to vacate fraudulent
begotten judgements that have never been acted upon by the District Court Judge is
a dereliction of duty and doesn’t fix the issues of fraud contaminating the judicial
machinery. The Judgments are null and void, and the inferior Court has a
responsibility to rule that the fraudulent begotten judgments are to be null and void
as fraud upon the court when the merit is founded can nullify the jurisdiction of the
Court over a case or over a particular judgment as null and void.”

Quote #2:

In this case, Petition for Writ of Mandamus was appropriately used as a vehicle
for action to have been taken on the inaction of a lower court. Under the All Writs
Act and this Court’s and the lower Court’s inherit powers, this court and the U.S.
District Court has the authority to vacate fraudulent begotten judgments and to nullify
any judgments that don’t have valid jurisdiction.
Respectfully, the Hon. Allison Jones Rushing, the Hon. Albert Diaz, and the
Hon. Pamela A. Harris have misinterpreted the intent and spirit of the Writ of
Mandamus. This Petition shall correct the misinterpretation and explain why the Writ
of Mandamus should not be denied, and as to why rehearing is warranted. It was
either misinterpreted or overlooked by mistake (Citing one ground for rehearing is:
a material factual or legal matter was overlooked in the decision)

Quote #3:

Rehearing is warranted because the panel’s decision will have far-reaching
consequences for the conduct of a Judge not making any decision on uncontested
motions (Id. Dkt. #199, Dkt. #206, Dkt. #222) in cases bound by the Rules of Civil
Procedure and Rules of Criminal Procedure for 2255 cases, and motions that are well-grounded
in law by the Court’s inherit powers. The consequences that could come is
that District Court Judges can and will be able to ignore motions at their own
discretion and ignore evidence, and ignore frauds upon the court, doesn’t even matter
if those motions were well-grounded in law. For decades and centuries the Supreme
Court and lower Courts have made rulings over matters of fraud, jurisdictional
challenges, and maintaining their integrity. Chambers v. Nasco, Inc., 501 U.S. 32
(1991). Herring v. U.S., 424 F.3d 384, 387 n. 1 (3d Cir. 2005)

Quote #4:

Like the saying goes, “The
world is a dangerous place, not because of evil, but because of those who look on
and do nothing” – Quote from scientific genius Albert Einstein.
Should this very Court be sleeping on the issues of inaction by a Court that
may lack proper or valid jurisdiction? Should this Court allow motions to forever be
unanswered, and then forever just sit in the records of a Court without ever any action
taken on them? When fraud is discovered should a lower Court look on and do
nothing about it? Will the District Court ever be respected again in both the criminal
and civil contexts by allowing/ignoring fraud(s) upon the court simply because it may
be a Government counsel perpetuating these frauds?
Under the panel decision, a lower Court can repeatedly ignore motions and
refuse to make a decision on them to vacate any fraudulent begotten judgments while
forcing Petitioner to comply with unconstitutional, illegal and void judgments, and
then those that perpetuate fraud(s) upon the Court can evade legal accountability for
this misconduct. They can commit whatever crimes or misconduct that they want to
and never be held accountable for any of it. That is a serious and egregious form of
miscarriage of justice and legal abuses that will forever be considered acceptable.


U.S. Congressional candidate Laura Loomer [R-Florida] has agreed to tackle the corruption within our federal courts.

What Brian has argued is correct. If the district courts in our federal system are allowed to ignore motions to vacate fraudulent begotten judgments and offer no sanctions against a corrupt lawyer, then the federal courts have no integrity anymore. When they refuse to review the merits of evidence, refuse to review merits of a motion or petition, then we have no credible federal court system anymore. Our FEDERAL COURTS ARE F**KED.

If people allow this to happen to Brian D. Hill of USWGO alternative news because of the subject matter of his original criminal charge or if they even accept the due process violations of the Roger Stone trial, then Americans deserve to live as slaves and have no due process within our federal courts.

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