New Meme released asking the internet to make viral on Political prisoner/probationer Brian D. Hill of USWGO for Brian to meet President Trump

by Laurie Azgard

Now since that time where Kellyanne Conway had read over two emails [link 1] [link 2] about Brian D. Hill’s situation, a meme has been created asking all QANON patriots and non-Q patriots to upload all over the internet in order to have President Trump to meet with Brian D. Hill [USWGO alternative news] the political prisoner/probationer who was targeted and framed by corrupt members of the establishment/cabal/deep-state.

Memes cannot be censored. Stan at Twitter had been banned from using Twitter. I had been blocked from emailing the White House without any explanation. Brian had also been blocked from calling all White House phone numbers [incl. the switchboard] from 202-456-0000 to 202-456-9999. I had sent campaign emails to the members of the Department of Defense at the Pentagon asking the alliance for help. David Wilcock had also mentioned about the cabal, which was the New-world-order. David had talked about a alliance within the pentagon in favor of “Operation disclosure”. I had already contacted the key members of the DOD. Over 60 people from the White House returned my messages with read receipt confirmations before I was blocked without explanation. One of my email providers had also banned me from using their service without explanation.

So without my friend being allowed to use Twitter and being blocked from asking the White House to investigate Brian’s federal criminal case, I have started a meme making sure that it gets to the President, one way or another, because memes are more difficult to censor than text posts.

Here is the meme #4 for everybody to use who visits this blog. Time for Brian to get the help he so richly deserves for his service for the patriot movement from 2009-2012 with USWGO alternative news, Federaljack, Infowars by contributing to them, and We Are Change. Brian is not a criminal and he has a absolute right to prove his innocence because forcing a innocent man to serve any prison sentence or probation sentence is cruel and unusual punishment. Brian’s federal criminal sentence is unconstitutional and only Donald Trump our great U.S. President can stop this madness.

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