Approximately 36 Department of Defense staff read email about [USWGO] Brian D. Hill’s plight

by Laurie Azgard

Note: If there was indeed a man wearing the dark hoodie who had threatened to kill Brian’s mother then that is domestic terrorism since they are terrorizing Brian and his family to not fight for prove his actual innocence in federal court after being framed. Whoever sent those greeting cards including the threatening greeting card to commence a “controlled action” against Brian’s mother may also be domestic terrorism. Brian needs to be protected by the DOD since the corrupt Swamp FBI won’t do anything for Brian and the DOJ just pisses on top of him in federal court records.

Emails are being directed to the patriots alliance inside of the Department of Defense [DOD] government agency. I am asking them to get a message to President Donald John Trump or even Attorney General William Barr. Whether any of them are actually Qanon or not, David Wilcock of had mentioned about a group of patriots inside the DOD who are sick and tired of the criminal globalist group known as the “cabal” who are also known as the “Swamp”, “deep state”, and arbitrators of the New-World-Order conspiracy.

I had decided to email them and already got 36 read receipts from “.mil” military email addresses, some civilian workers and some actual military. A few have decided to try to ban my emails by considering the content to be “banned” content and are likely cabal advocates scared that Brian’s story is spreading around the White House, around Trump Organization, and now around the Department of Defense.

Whoever had decided to frame journalists Brian D. Hill [USWGO alternative news] and even Alex Jones of, and others with CP filth files could be involved with Jeffrey Epstein and are a security threat to the United States. It is sexual/political terrorism where people send child porn to other people through either emails or malware in attempts to frame them with possession and receipt of child pornography. Anybody who is attempting to frame other people with child porn over the internet is cyber-terrorism. It ruins lives, clogs up our federal and state courts with frame up victims, clogs up the Internet Crimes Against Children [ICAC] and other anti-child-porn task forces while they believe them arresting framed individuals or groups will protect children when it is not.

It is time for the Department of Defense to investigate the cyber TERRORIST acts of framing innocent people with child porn. It is despicable, it is unpatriotic. It is immoral, and is unamerican. If anybody inside of government is aware of anybody in operations of attempting to frame innocent people with child porn then please email me and contact me through this blog. I understand nobody wants to risk criminal charges by blowing the whistle but it would be better for somebody to admit an operation to frame people with such child abuse images rather then face God and Jesus with their shameful horrible acts of cyber-terrorism.

The DOD has every right to investigate the frame up of journalist Brian D. Hill. There are some within the DOD that are attempting to block my message’s content throughout their email systems while others are taking an interest in hearing what I’ve had to say. The Deep State cabal is involved with pedophilia and has been proven with the exposure and DECLAS of Jeffrey Epstein of Lolita Express. Framing people with child porn shouldn’t be an impossibility here. If they love that filth, they can set up their political enemies with that filth.

The DOD alliance is listening, here is the screenshot.

36 Department of Defense emails uswgo justice laurie azgard

They may have also reviewed over the Bitchute video about Brian asking Qanon for help. See video: Brian D. Hill asks QANON for help July 9, 2019

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