White House Counselor Kellyanne Conway read over email regarding Brian’s case

by: Laurie Azgard

Kellyanne Conway, Counselor to President Donald J. Trump has acknowledged a read receipt to my email to her and other White House staff asking President Trump to help assist Brian in his dealings with corruption within the Greensboro North Carolina federal courthouse and the U.S. attorney office in Greensboro.

Please help him, get this message directly to President Trump, directly to
Attorney General William Barr.

Brian D. Hill is a victim of the Deep State Federal Swamp since the Obama
admin. He was formerly with USWGO Alternative News until he was framed
with false evidence and then the US Attorney admitted (in a FOIA lawsuit)
to destroying the false evidence so that he couldn’t be found innocent in
federal court. They keep trying to imprison him over and over again simply
because he fights to prove his innocence.

The White House is blocking his number (276-790-xxxx) so he can no longer
get this message to Trump or any White House staff, but you can.

He is the victim of a corrupt federal criminal conspiracy committing
multiple federal crimes and state bar rule violations including
obstruction of justice, destruction of official government evidence,
subornation of perjury, fraud upon the court, refusal to disclose Brady
material, and violation of constitutional rights. All kinds of federal
crimes. Anand Prakash Ramaswamy, assistant US attorney of Greensboro,
North Carolina. Cheryl Thornton Sloan is also involved.
Qanon and Donald Trump should be informed of this. WWG1WGA

Infowars bragged that they have sources in White House, if your one of
them, please hear me out, please stop blockage of Brian calling White
House and let him have a few minutes to get his message to President


Case 1:13-cr-435-1, Docs #125 on up. US Dist Court in middle district of
North Carolina. Brian is being criminally victimized, bullied, retaliated
against, and targeted by corruption in the federal court and prosecution
system from North Carolina. The US Marshals know it is corrupt down there.
Please drain the swamp in L richardson preyer federal building and us
courthouse. Brian is trying to get all of his friends to help reach out to
QANON and the White House somehow. He is desperate to get assistance to
fight this corruption that is trying to imprison him over and over again.
Please do something to bring remedy to his nightmare that he’d been
suffering since the Obama Administration. The White House does not need to
block his phone number. Brian isn’t an enemy. Brian just wants to get a
short message to Trump about this situation then he will accept whatever
the President decides, whatever decision Trump wishes to make.

Please help him WWG1WGA

God Bless You, Make America Great Again,

The above message was sent to White House staff. Many have read this message including Jared Kushner who may be the original QANON person in the National Security Council.

Will attorney Kellyanne Conway convey this constitutional crises of Brian Hill to President Trump?

Will Trump help Brian D. Hill? Pray everybody

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