Report: News Reporter has appeared to have released court documents to Wikileaks

Stanley Bolten,

I received word from my source who was in contact with Brian, that Brian D. Hill of USWGO Alternative News may have leaked his criminal case court documents and material to Wikileaks, likely in a bid to prevent the U.S. Attorney Office from covering up their criminal activities.

I received a message on a social networking platform from Red Gypsy of Freedomizer Radio, and it has been revealed to me that Brian has released the court documents to Wikileaks. It doesn’t describe the method involved but likely it was via U.S. mailing since he cannot use the internet, more details are needed to confirm that part of the information. My guess was by saying “paperwork”, meaning that papers were likely produced and mailed to Wikileaks.

I figured that Brian was going to mail Wikileaks the documents of his criminal case, after the U.S. Attorney Assistant Anand Prakash Ramaswamy had asked the court to massively seal all of Brian’s Habeas Corpus case filings (Brian’s response here) including legal arguments, evidence Exhibits, briefs, Declarations/Affidavits, and other material that was used by Brian to demonstrate that he was actually innocent of the charge possession of child pornography and that the U.S. Attorney Office had engaged in fraud on the court by the perjury of Kristy L. Burton the former United States Probation Officer who had supervised Brian after his false guilty plea was entered. Fraud on the Court alone, depending on how severe the fraud had been conducted in Brian’s criminal and/or civil case, can lead to a default Judgment causing the Court to find that the Government’s fraud and attempted cover up of the evidence is sufficient to find Brian actually innocent of the charge and overturn his wrongful conviction on the ground of actual innocence due to prosecutorial fraud and/or any evidence fraud by the Government.

Being caught lying to one or multiple federal Judges, if proven by any facts, is a very stupid way to prosecute a case, and can lead to a default loss in any civil or criminal case. No party in a federal or state court case should ever engage in lying to any of the Judges and should never engage in any kind of fraud. Rule 11 of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure requires that all signed pleadings certify that the information was filed in good faith, is well grounded in law, and is not fraudulent and not false information, that the information is truthful. Any violation of Rule 11 of FRCP can lead to a judicial sanction, and severe cases could even lead to criminal investigations or even criminal charges against the party that had engaged in any kind of fraud on the court.

This fraud can lead to any party of a criminal or civil case, engage in conduct that may very well now jeopardize the entire judicial process. It sounds like Brian is so afraid of any possibility whatsoever that the Magistrate Judge might decide to be making a corrupt ruling, the fear of a cover up and that he may commit suicide, he had decided to mail his court documents to any member of the media including Wikileaks. This kind of behavior may not be liked by the Federal Court, but Brian’s behavior regarding leaking already-public court documents to Wikileaks shows the fear that he feels regarding any forms of judicial corruption and government corruption. Even from him appearing on different Freedomizer Radio talk shows, you can hear how upset, agitated, and afraid that he had felt, likely afraid that the U.S. Magistrate Judge may be threatened or bribed behind the scenes which may cause him to grant the Government’s motion for Pre-filing Injunction and massively seal all of his public court filings, even though Brian’s filings in his 2255 case are well grounded in law, case law, and evidence. Brian certified under penalty of perjury for pretty much all of his filings that the evidence and statements he made under Oath were made in good faith and that he told the whole truth, and nothing but the truth to the best of his abilities at the time such filings were made. Any false statements under Oath may be a perjury charge.

Since leaking already-public court documents to the media, unless an order had already existed at the time, it is Brian’s constitutionally protected right under freedom of the press clause and freedom of speech clause as his job of blowing the whistle makes Brian an official whistleblower reporting on the crimes of U.S. Attorney Assistant Anand Prakash Ramaswamy and U.S. Probation Officer Burton, and till this day he has still not answered each of Brian’s claims in an appropriate manner, but instead has bashed him by making conclusory allegations against Brian and trying to dismiss his case as well as pushing for absolute censorship and place a permanent gag order on Brian until he commits suicide and his life is gone forever. I saw his reference to Forsyth County Detention Center medical record where it said he was talking about suicide in December, 2013 after the warrant for his arrest was filed in his case. So he isn’t threatening suicide since at the very beginning of his arraignment, usually people talking of suicide in jail is immediately placed on suicide watches, so that means that Brian was reported to being placed on suicide watch at one time while awaiting his jury trial. For the Government to claim that Brian is only threatening suicide because he isn’t getting his way in his case as some kind of perceived tactic, when he had provided a ton of evidence and is trying to prove his innocence the honest and fair way, it completely shows the true nature of the enemy that Brian has in his criminal case. His enemy wants Brian capitulated (like Stockholm syndrome), broken down (to be broke-back) to suffer wrongfully and suffer mental abuse by the misconduct of any actions by the Government, by the state. Once somebody kills himself or herself, that life is gone and cannot be brought back. For those that believe in God, he would go to heaven if he ever went that far, but nobody who cares about him would want him to ever go that far. That is what U.S. Attorney Asst. Anand Prakash Ramaswamy has done, tried to push him into committing suicide forever when all he had ever wanted was a fair shot at a jury trial or complete actual innocence acquittal.

Ramaswamy is acting like a legal-terrorist, using lawfare (legal/law warfare, warfare using the legal system against a victim of crime) against a man proclaiming his innocence and threatening to shut him up and pushing him towards suicide is by very definition a “TERRORIST” and his job is to intimidate Brian by usage of abusive authority and possible use of violent force (U.S. Marshals Service coming in to arrest Brian) into ending his life and barring him from proving his innocence while his sex offender photo is public all over the law enforcement databases and public sex offender searches. Ramaswamy needs to be investigated for his acts of TERROR against an autistic and brittle diabetic innocent man who has demonstrated well beyond the burden of proof necessary for a Habeas Corpus court to consider his actual innocence claims on its merits.

Ramaswamy needs to be investigated by the Trump Administration, he needs to be removed from office, and he needs to have his abusive power taken away from him before he harms other federal prisoners or probationers through usage of monopoly tactics by forcing every single person he prosecutes to take guilty plea agreements or the loss of jury trials by ineffective counsels.

Brian had successfully mailed his case files and paperwork to Wikileaks, and I don’t blame him for it. I am proud of him for fighting against the corruption in our criminal justice system. He may end up assassinated or imprisoned at this point. I and his friends, his family, will pray for him as he continues fighting a rogue federal prosecutor, to prove his innocence. The courage foundation must adopt Brian’s case for consideration in having a legal fund, fighting for innocence campaign page, and should be part of the Honor wall of whistleblowers to Wikileaks like Edward Snowden, whoever had released the John Podesta emails, and other leaks including but not limited to the Vault-7 CIA documentation.

Brian had admitted in his response filing (Document #150 – this blog, Internet Archive, Page 104 of the 120 page filing) that So Petitioner has already acted rashly and started planning on calling different members of the media and may start mass mailing out his court filings to the members of the media quickly in response to the Respondent’s motion. Petitioner cannot think straight with how upset he was by the Respondent’s motion and feels that he is being not-literally assaulted by the Government and them making the demand that he shut up or else he faces contempt of court. Usually when Brian threatens to go to the media in court records, well when he promises to fight back on anything, he usually delivers with honesty and with such a harsh mouth by saying harsh but true words of opinion and/or fact. His words alone can hurt like daggers (the pen is mightier than the sword) when he feels he had been burned and cheated by the system that is supposed to promote justice and integrity. Brian has warned the Court and Ramaswamy at the same time in his filing that he had planned to mail members of the media and Wikileaks quickly which is also a member of the press regarding information he planned to release by whistleblower but is already publicly on court record. Brian has violated no law by his release to Wikileaks since those documents are of public record and should not be censored by a rogue and unfettered prosecutor.

The proof is in, he intends to mail out his court documents to as many people as he can before the Judge makes a decision on the Government’s motion for pre-filing injunction

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