Brian D. Hill of USWGO news appeared on two Freedomizer Radio shows

Stanley Bolten,

Brian D. Hill, formerly of USWGO Alternative News has appeared on two different shows hosted by Freedomizer Radio on Blog Talk Radio. After the report has come out regarding the issue that Brian may be facing pre-filing injunction, the Petitioner in his Writ of Habeas Corpus civil case, asking to overturn his criminal conviction on actual innocence, and he has fought back by appearing on political talk shows. Friends of Brian are aiding him to appear on online talk shows without him using the internet by him calling in by phone to these online radio talk shows.

He has explained what threats are heading his way and that other American citizens may soon face the imminent danger of Federal Courts coming after political activists for pissing off the wrong politician or law enforcement official. He revealed the mechanisms of the corruption inside of the Federal Judiciary and the U.S. Department of [In]Justice. He explained what led up to being wrongfully charged, wrongfully convicted, and told the radio show host and co-host the absolute truth and nothing but the truth. His statements to them were also backed by all of the evidence he has filed in his entire criminal case, pre-2255 and post-2255 filings.

The first show that he has appeared on talking about the dangers that corrupt Federal Courts may sanction, if people are being prohibited from proving actual innocence, by explaining the injustices that had happened to him.

He appeared for three hours, from 9PM to 12 Pacific Standard Time (12 to 3AM, Eastern Standard Time), talking with Co-host Red Gypsy and Host Scarlet Anonymous. They have debated about the issues Brian has raised from his Writ of Habeas Corpus and his criminal case, as well as mentioning about Brian’s Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) cases. It had aired on March 30, 2018.


Clarity After Dark with your Host Scarlet Anonymous and Cohost Red gypsy 03/30 by FreedomizerRadio | News Podcasts (also posted the link on this blog article)

He then appeared for two hours of a three hour show, from 10PM to 1AM Pacific Standard Time (1 to 4AM, Eastern Standard Time), talking with Red Gypsy & co-host Scarlett Anonymous. They have debated about the issues Brian has raised from his Writ of Habeas Corpus and his criminal case, as well as mentioning about Brian’s Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) cases. It had aired on April 2, 2018. The issues go father into Brian stating that he was wrongfuly diagnosed with Delusional Disorder and had stated that if he had the money to hire a psychologist for his case, he would have been ruled out on that diagnosis upon the next mental evaluation for his ongoing struggle in his criminal case. They debate about how Brian is facing brick walls and is being barred from the basic principles of our criminal justice system including the right to respond to criminal allegations and to review over the discovery material to not have a trial by ambush, and the right to prove actual innocence. There were debates that even if Brian were guilty, his Autism Spectrum Disorder and OCD should have also been taken into account. He had went into more detail about his false confession and about how the Detectives had manipulated him into believing he was guilty himself and confusing him on the difference between adults and children to make him appear to look guilty. He said that it took him weeks before he was able to realize that he was set up with CP and went back to his stance of being innocent after sorting through the gaslighting and manipulation by the police Detectives in the Town of Mayodan. He stated that he had given a statement of innocence and that his statement had changed after the Detectives told him that they had evidence of his guilt which is similar to the tactic used against Michael Crowe by Detectives by telling him false information such as them finding evidence of his sister’s blood in his bedroom causing him to make false admissions of guilt which is a form of coercion. It appears that the same tactic was used against 2255 Petitioner Brian David Hill who refers to himself as Brian D. Hill. He again stated that he was once part of USWGO Alternative News, FederalJack, We Are Change, and even had involvement with Infowars and had interviewed famous people and non-famous people prior to being set up in the Town of Mayodan. It is a whole s***load of information. He had even stated that Reidsville, NC Police Detective Robert Bridge was connected family-connected to his sister Melanie Bridge who was Assistant District Attorney of Rockingham County, North Carolina, and the DA was Phil Berger Junior. Brian explained how his father was none other than State Senator Philip Edward Berger Senior and explained that they were in conflict of interest when having any kind of involvement in Brian’s criminal case. Brian explained the good ole boy connections so to speak. The whole show for the last 2 hours had debated about the issues and the dangers regarding the wrongful conviction and mental health abuse of Brian D. Hill inside of our criminal justice system.

#JIF Journey into Freedom with Red Gypsy & co-host Scarlett Anonymous 04/02 by FreedomizerRadio | Spirituality Podcasts (also posted the link on this blog article)

Hope this blog post can be reposted and people can share his story with the world. The whole world and the United States of America needs to know what Brian had gone through and hear his side of the story instead of a criminal case that is entirely one-sided.

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