We support #FireSessions Petition because he is allowing corrupt Asst. US Attorneys

Stanley Bolten,

I have signed the #FireSessions Petition, the petition located at WhiteHouse.gov We the People petition website, to support that U.S. President Trump fire U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions. My reason is because the corruption in the United States Attorney Office in Greensboro, NC getting away with criminal behavior.

An article is on the FreeMartyG.com website regarding the issue.

It has been reported to have already been at over 4,700 signatures. I took a screenshot sometime after I had signed the petition and I report that it has reached 4,800 and is heading for 4,900 of even 5K of petition signatures.

I support firing U.S. Attorney Jeff Sessions because I remembered that I had attempted to email him to tell his office and/or current U.S. Attorney Matthew GT that Assistant U.S. Attorney Anand Prakash Ramaswamy is engaging in corrupt and criminal activities including subornation of perjury and obstruction of justice. Then they retaliate against Brian by asking for a pre-filing injunction and mass sealing type of gag order, and Brian responds asking the Court told hold a hearing for their blatant “fraud on the court”. We still wonder whether the U.S. Magistrate Judge will do the right thing and sanction the corrupt U.S. Attorney Assistant for their misconduct and ethics violations by violating ethics rule 3.8.

For all of these foregoing reasons, that the U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions is not doing anything to have special counsel nor anybody from the Office of Inspector General to investigate AUSA Ramaswamy is a slap on the face of justice.

Because the corrupt Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who could likely be compromised on a sexual kind of blackmail or any other kind of blackmail or secret, since hey! nobody is perfect and everybody has done something wrong in life or made a screw up at some point, and is likely compromised. I hope it ain’t true, but his actions speak louder than words, that he is protecting the #SWAMP of Washington, DC, and other corrupt U.S. Attorney Offices.

Therefore we support firing Jess Sessions to send a message to the SWAMP that we want corruption out of our Federal Government. We want innocent people out of federal prisons. We want a reform on the U.S. Department of Justice also called the Justice Department. They have committed so many injustices by corrupt swamp employees, they outta be called the U.S. Department of [In]Justice.

Because they have done nothing at the U.S. Attorney General office to investigate the criminals inside the U.S. Attorney Office for the Middle District of North Carolina, they have done nothing to prosecute the criminals working there to make an innocent man or even innocent people into registered sex offenders or any other kind of felons, they are corrupt and compromised so I dub that they outta fire corrupt Attorney General Jeff Sessions for dereliction of duty. He is not following his Oath of the Office that he swore an Oath to serve. He swore to follow the duties of the office of which he serves, that he will protect and defend the Constitution, that he will swear allegiance to the same, and that he will faithfully execute the duties of his respective office. He didn’t even follow his duties of draining the damn swamp.

Jeff Sessions, YOUR OUTTA HERE!!! YOU may be eventually FIRED by the authority of U.S. President Donald J. Trump.

Update: Here is a comment I made on Reddit about this:

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