#JIF Journey into Freedom with Red Gypsy & co-host Scarlett Anonymous 04/02 by FreedomizerRadio | Spirituality Podcasts

NOTE: Brian D. Hill of USWGO Alternative News has appeared on second hour into the show and had appeared on the show for 2 hours. He was interviewed and the last 2 hours of this show debated about Petitioner Brian D. Hill’s statements regarding what he has filed, what has happened to him, and some hints at what he plans on filing in response to the Government. He gives further details about his wrongful conviction and the corruption and abuse by the corrupt elements of the Judicial system. He explains about his Autism Spectrum Disorder, and he gives further details about his false confession. Brian talks about how he wasn’t given enough insulin, how to threaten to sue the U.S. Marshals Deputies on June 4, 2014, and was still not given any diabetic insulin until 4:00PM which is backed by his medical records in his 2255 Brief for his Habeas Corpus case. Brian doesn’t have delusional disorder as he has made highly connected arguments backed by evidence, case law, statutes, and has explained how these things apply to his claims made in his 2255 Motion. Multiple witnesses signed Declarations including Attorney Susan Basko and other witnesses. Brian is too much of a straight-shooter to have delusional disorder. His entire criminal needs to be looked into by a highly experienced criminal defense lawyer who seriously needs to represent him pro bono in his bid to prove his actual innocence.

We will be hosting Brian Hill to tell his truth for all of us to hear his story to determine for ourselves if he has been justly treated or if he has indeed been victimized in ways by our federal courts that we as citizens have no hope for if they can do this to Brian they can surely do this to each and everyone of us out there! So join us to hear more on the story from the man himself!

Source: #JIF Journey into Freedom with Red Gypsy & co-host Scarlett Anonymous 04/02 by FreedomizerRadio | Spirituality Podcasts

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