Motion hearing for FOIA case canceled by Judge Jackson L. Kiser

Stanley Bolten,

Today, after reading the new docket entries, the U.S. District Court Judge Jackson L. Kiser had mysteriously canceled the “Motion Hearing” that was set for January 30, 2018, at the Danville Federal Courthouse in Virginia. The motion hearing was for USWGO Alternative News reporter Brian D. Hill versus Cheryl Thornton Sloan the Assistant U.S. Attorney for the Middle District of North Carolina. This is in regards to Brian’s Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) legal case.

It appears that Brtian had filed Document #61:


Document #61 – PDF or OCR text scan (not very good at being readable).

Document #61-1 – PDF or OCR text scan (not very good at being readable).

Brian made three separate pro-se requests to the Federal Judge Jackson L. Kiser, in the Danville division of the U.S. District Court in Virginia:

  1. Brian is waiving his right to the motion hearing and has requested that the Government’s motion for summary Judgement and the whole matter to be ruled on based on the papers and filings that were already filed with the Court. Also brought up that the Government never asked for a hearing and had even left a voicemail (likely telephone recorded under one party consent, I bet you anything he did that!) with the U.S. Attorney Office voicemail giving them a chance to get their consent to waive the motion hearing but they never filed any response to that request.
  2. Brought up that if a hearing is still necessary, that a lawyer must be appointed ‘by request’ under the In Forma Pauperis Statute 28 U.S. Code § 1915(e)(1) citing that “The court may request an attorney to represent any person unable to afford counsel.” Judge Kiser had denied Brian’s motions before on multiple occasions on the claim that Brian did not show extraordinary circumstances which would warrant that the Court take the time to request a lawyer to represent him on a pro bono basis (meaning for free). Brian brought up that he was already being threatened with contempt over asking for an investigation into AUSA Ramaswamy and AUSA Cheryl Sloan. Brian defended his position by stating for a fact that he has Autism Spectrum Disorder, that he said for a fact he and his witnesses will not show up at the hearing in front of the Federal Judge out of fear of being charged with contempt of court which would revoke his supervised release meaning that Brian would face severe prison time for non-compliance because of what that corrupt son of a bitch Federal Judge threatened to do for simply asking for an investigation into a corrupt Federal Prosecutor. He also gave Judge Kiser an example that U.S. President Donald John Trump has asked for an investigation into former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton for crimes against the Trump family. He said that (corrupt!) Judge Kiser’s threat of contempt was very troublesome and that he had publicly stated that he has sent faxes begging Autism Organizations to intervene in Judge Kiser’s madness.
  3. That he wants the Judge to rule based on Constitutional rights issues if the Government continues claiming that they don’t have to give any of the federal prosecution file to the Plaintiff Brian aka the criminal defendant trying to prove actual innocence. He said regardless of whatever the decision is to be made by the Judge, he wishes to appeal his order to set new case law precedent regarding an innocent man requesting a copy of his criminal discovery files upon the conditions of (1) furnishing a copy of an affidavit of declaration stating that the sole intent is for proving actual innocence, and (2) that such defendant is still entitled to relief for proving actual innocence. Brian wants to set new case law for the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). If this succeeds, then any criminal defendant within the Fourth Circuit of the United States courts (North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, South Carolina, West Virginia, etc etc) or the case law could be updated in all nationwide Federal Courthouses if the U.S. Supreme Court decides to make a landmark decision on the matter. He asked for an extension of time due to AUSA Ramaswamy filing a motion to dismiss his 2255 habeas corpus motion, stating that his 2255 motion is more important due to proving his innocence not being in vain by the automatic dismissal of his habeas corpus petition.

It appears that Judge Kiser has crawled away from his original plan to trip Brian up or pull something shady at the hearing like what happened in the case of Christopher Julian, being threatened with contempt over internet blog postings.

Judge Kiser placed the decision to cancel the “Motion Hearing” without an actual written order as of Tuesday, January 26, 2018:

Notice of Cancellation of Motion Hearing set 1/30/2018 at 10:00 AM in Danville before Judge Jackson L. Kiser. (Cancel Court Reporter). (ham)

It appears that the coward Judge Jackson L. Kiser was so embarrassed of Brian’s legal argument regarding comparing Brian’s “threatening request” along with U.S. President Donald John Trump simply asking for a criminal investigation into their opponent for committing federal crimes which victimizes the other side. Kiser should be embarrassed for threatening to imprison an innocent man for simply asking for an investigation into AUSA Ramaswamy and AUSA Sloan. Both of them are acting like criminals and they cover up the evidence like a real pro. They are corrupt Government lawyers, aka corrupt prosecutors. I am also sure that Matthew Martin the current U.S. Attorney may have read my email and taken them to the back of the political woodshed to get scolded for the allegations in Brian’s FOIA case. So now they need Judge Kiser to bully Brian into giving up his Constitutional rights to notice and hearing. Yeah jerk Judge Kiser! Go ahead and threaten Brian to shutting his mouth up and being afraid to go to any hearing, he has supplied more than enough evidence to win his appeals, and the U.S. Attorney should not have the right to block a criminal defendant from his very own criminal case discovery material. Brian has a right to prove actual innocence, look at Ryan Ferguson and Amanda Knox, to name a few. Innocent men and women deserve all Constitutional rights to prove their innocence for a crime that each defendant did not do.

Judge Kiser was acting like a bully and he threatened to jail Brian, an innocent man, for contempt of court over asking for a criminal investigation into the Obama/Clinton/Bush holdovers of the U.S. Attorney Office that wrongfully convicted him. That would have led to revocation of his supervised release by the U.S. Probation Office.  They would have likely tortured and killed him once he were to go back to Federal Prison. They were not going to let him get away with going after the deep state pedophile scum. Regardless of whether there is a chance that Jackson L. Kiser is some kind of good ole boy with the Globalist elites or just some kind of power hungry person, he is still a bully and he has bullied and threatened the life and freedom of an innocent man.

I was almost going to email the Judicial council and tell them Brian’s story and what Judge Kiser threatened to do, but I will wait to see any further as to what his actions will be. Brian needs to appeal his case all the way up to the Supreme Court if he tries anything borderline criminal. Hearing about his situation just makes me so angry and shows me the kind of abuses of power that is systemically going on in this Country. The swamp needs to be drained NOW. God Bless America!


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