Clarity After Dark (3hrs), w/host Scarlet Anonymous & Co-Host Red Gypsy – 05/25-26/2018

Note: Brian D. Hill of USWGO Alternative News has called in to give his updates regarding his Habeas Corpus actual innocence battle and the Government attempting to wrongfully silence him and cover up and censor the truth about his wrongful conviction and that the evidence does not prove him guilty beyond a reasonable doubt which may indeed be evidence fraud. He also discusses the FBI office in Greensboro, NC, willing to work with him through Duty Agent Jerry and give a statement to the FBI office down there, and then the FBI boss in Greensboro, NC instructing him that the perjury evidence proof is meritless and sweeps the whole perjury under the rug in regards to U.S. Probation Officer Kristy L. Burton which is yet another “fraud on the court” by Assistant U.S. Attorney Anand Prakash Ramaswamy for presenting a liar as evidence against Brian. Brian has sent a join letter to Congress. I will go into more details and see if Brian’s mother can email me the document or documents and other evidence so that we can post it here on this blog. Show the corruption of the FBI boss in Greensboro, North Carolina resident office. It is time we expose the CORRUPT FBI BOSSES. The average FBI Agent is not corrupt and there are those that have become whistleblowers or have blown the whistle anonymously. So there are good FBI Agents out there but the bosses are corrupt to the core to protect their buddies in politics. I will make sure to post proof on this website that the source is from Brian’s mother so that Ramaswamy can’t sit there and accuse Brian of uploading it for me to post here since the source will be from his mother. It is time for the corrupt bosses at the FBI offices to pay for their crimes by being shamed on this blog for dereliction of duty which is high treason in my humble opinion.

Source: Clarity After Dark (3hrs), w/host Scarlet Anonymous & Co-Host Red Gypsy – 05/25-26/2018

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