Is shadow-banning Petition for Absolute Pardon for innocent man Brian D. Hill of formerly USWGO Alternative News???

We now have evidence of shadow-ban suppression of petition signatures at asking Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin to grant an absolute pardon on Brian David Hill for being innocent of his 2018 state criminal charge lodged under strange/mysterious circumstances and cover ups. From cover up of the Dr. Brant Hinchman ordered laboratory tests being "deleted from the chart", to the cover up of the police body-camera footage, and Brian saying he may have been drugged and having some of his memories blacked out. Anyways, has suppressed the true number of signatures and have slowed down showing the petition to others. The number of signatures is reportedly at 65 signatures but yet it says only 34 have signed and will not go above 50 signatures to the next goal. This is a form of shadow-banning instead of outright just censoring a petition or censoring a YouTube video. Shadow-banning is a form of censorship where a content online is being artificially suppressed in view counts or even how it is shown to other users on a social media website or network. That way the platform can argue that the content isn't being censored, it is just being artificially suppressed without people knowing about it. It is censorship without the appearance of censorship. The content is not taken down but is simply being suppressed in ways behind-the-scenes. Suppressed like saying the petition content is being featured along with other petitions when it is not in reality. When view counts are manipulated to make popular content seem not as popular in order to make is almost invisible or hard to find in the algorithms.

Corrupt Judge Giles C. Greer of Martinsville Circuit Court denies Motion for Reconsideration same-day as it was filed; denied it again on same day of filing clerical correction of filing the missing evidence of 2-pages proving Scott Albrecht switched sides to Commonwealth’s Attorney

Author: Stanley Bolten Brian D. Hill the former news reporter of USWGO Alternative News, who filed a motion for reconsideration of Judge Greer's order denying Motion to vacate or set aside wrongful conviction over fraud on the court by the Commonwealth's Attorney Glen Andrew Hall. It was denied two times by Judge Giles Carter Greer... Continue Reading →

Brian D. Hill files a complaint against Judge Giles Carter Greer of Martinsville Circuit Court with the Judicial Inquiry and Review Commission on February 23, 2023; for not enforcing his court orders equally on all parties to a case, allowing Commonwealth Attorney Glen Andrew Hall to violate the law without any consequences.

Author: Stanley Bolten Brian D. Hill who is formerly of USWGO Alternative News, has filed a complaint against the Circuit Court Judge Giles Carter Greer who is over the Circuit Court in the city of Martinsville. This is in Virginia. The complaint is over this judge not enforcing his court orders on all parties to... Continue Reading →

Evidence of former Martinsville Police Chief G. E. Eddie Cassady and Commonwealth’s Attorney Glen Andrew Hall illegally destroyed evidence and obstructing justice is filed in Federal Court records

Author: Stanley Bolten Brian D. Hill the former news reporter of USWGO Alternative News has filed evidence in Federal Court of the crimes of Commonwealth's Attorney Glen Andrew Hall (Andy Hall) in the City of Martinsville, and former police chief G. E. (Eddie) Cassady for allowing illegal destruction of evidence after being mailed multiple letters... Continue Reading →

Brian D. Hill files Motion for Sanctions against Martinsville Circuit Court Clerk Ashby R. Pritchett for filing four false certifications in the Court of Appeals of Virginia with incomplete records while falsely certifying them as complete records of the inferior Court

Author: Stanley Bolten Brian D. Hill, formerly of USWGO Alternative News had filed a Motion for Sanctions in the Court of Appeals of Virginia against Ashby R. Pritchett of the Circuit Court for the City of Martinsville. As well as additional motions asking to restart two appeals. The reason why is that he had filed... Continue Reading →

Virginia Attorney General files opposition brief attacking Brian’s two appeals of first two denied motions requesting New Trial by Jury or Judgment of Acquittal

The Office of the Attorney General of Virginia has filed a "defective" brief, as Brian's labels the Appellee's brief in opposition to Brian D. Hill's two pending appeals. Brian D. Hill is formerly USWGO Alternative News. The two pending appeals concern two court orders denying Brian's motion for either a judgment of acquittal or motion for a new trial by jury. This is within the Court of Appeals of Virginia, a state court. The Attorney General's opposition brief argued that if Brian proves destruction of Brady material evidence by the Commonwealth Attorney or Martinsville Police Department, then it would be considered intrinsic fraud which could "obscure" the alleged "facts" of guilt presented to a jury. When a party does not comply with multiple court orders, it is usually a contempt of court. When a party fails or refuses to comply with court orders for discovery material, the judge can decide to allow the adverse party in a case to push for an "adverse inference" allowing a jury to be instructed on the fact of destruction of evidence by the government prosecutor favorable to the other party in a criminal case or civil case. Usually destruction of evidence is a sign that the case prosecuted may have been a weak or unfounded case.

Chief Justice and panel at Virginia Supreme Court throws out appeal of CAV dismissing Brian D. Hill’s Writ of Actual Innocence Petition over procedural default; Justice connected to TIM KAINE, very suspicious #truth #CorruptTimKaine

A panel of justices at the Supreme Court of Virginia, incl. Chief Justice Goodwyn throws out appeal of Brian D. Hill's dismissed Petition for the Writ of Actual Innocence. It wasn't dismissed because Brian had no merit of proclaiming actual innocence, no that was not the reason, it was dismissed on a legal technicality, and was procedurally barred by technicality and procedurally defaulted. Brian was the former news reporter of USWGO Alternative News.

Brian D. Hill of USWGO Alt. News fights back at CORRUPT U.S. Attorney, files proof of INNOCENCE to supervised release violation

The CORRUPT U.S. Attorney for the Middle District of North Carolina had filed a request to dismiss Brian's actual innocence claims and all other claims including the Attorney Lin Wood blackmail claims made in 2021. Brian D. Hill fought back with evidence proving actual innocence to his supervised release violation triggered by his state criminal charge in 2018. Proves corruption of the U.S. Probation Office in Greensboro, North Carolina under the corrupt supervisory U.S. Probation Officer Edward R. Cameron, who is at the center of this corrupt supervised release violation charge. Edward Cameron should face obstruction of justice charges for convicting and charging innocent man Brian D. Hill. He is formerly with USWGO Alternative News. Brian was convicted twice for two crimes he is innocent of. He is innocent of his original child porn charge in 2013, and he is innocent of his state charge in 2018. The evidence proves it. Donald Trump and his people being persecuted in the corrupt legal system, Brian D. Hill was a test case back in 2013-214. Brian's case in 2013 which was a test case by the deep state swamp was a success at convicting those who oppose the new world order with crimes whether they are guilty or innocent. It's sole purpose was to frame Brian up to ruin his reputation with a computer crime so heinous that nobody would help him prove his innoc

The Proof/Evidence that CA/DA Glen Andrew Hall, Esq. of Martinsville violated Three Court Orders; Corruption of the Commonwealth Attorney Office of Martinsville, Virginia

Now comes the proof, the evidence as will be shown from Scribd and PDF Files. It will show from Point A to Point B how the corrupt city of Martinsville Commonwealth's Attorney Glen Andrew Hall had violated multiple Court orders asking for the discovery materials and Brady materials pursuant to Brady v. Maryland. This is contempt of court and is an offense which can include jail time to compel compliance. The Court should have compelled Glen Andrew Hall to have retained the evidence and turn it over to the defense's counsel. Court orders were not complied with by the Government of Virginia. May as well have a public online petition asking for the Judge to find Glen Andrew Hall guilty of contempt or charge him with contempt of court since the evidence is so obvious.

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