CENSORSHIP: Jarrin Jackson TELEGRAM chat group censors article about Child Porn Frame Up plot and blocks Stanley Bolten from even being in the group.

Being back-stabbed by supposed-patriots like Jarrin Jackson. In his chat a group chat user was reporting witness statements on child pornography set up attempts against her and this is probably orpossibly other patriots on Telegram. I assumed that it was a targeting campaign, what else could it be? All I did was try to investigate this and make articles on the new alleged FEDERAL DEEP STATE SWAMP child porn set up plots and schemes. Instead, I get stabbed in the back figuratively possibly by Jarrin Jackson and his chat group on Telegram. I got kicked out and booted from the group for simply posting an article about the set up attacks on patriots by the Deep State Swamp. I posted in his groups in the past but never got the boot. I even made regular chat messages with other people, so I don't just post links, I am a real person. Maybe Jarrin Jackson is a FAKE PATRIOT. He is on notice about this article asking him for comment. He will be notified of this article about his group chat censoring me, Stanley Bolten. Wonder why I got booted from his group over this specific article but not over others in the past posted to his Telegram group??? This article: ALERT! WARNING! Alleged CHILD PORN SET UP ATTEMPT ON TELEGRAM USERS!!! Alleged by a Telegram user – EXCLUSIVE STORY – Justice for Brian D. Hill of USWGO Alternative News - https://justiceforuswgo.wordpress.com/2022/03/17/alert-warning-alleged-child-porn-set-up-attempt-on-telegram-users-alleged-by-a-telegram-user-exclusive-story/


This is an ongoing journalist-type investigation. However information is coming within the Jarrin Jackson Telegram group, on Telegram chat systems. Many patriots are using Telegram including Attorney Lin Wood, Alex Jones, Pete Santilli, and many others. This person alleged that she was added as an admin to a "child porn" group. With hundreds to thousands of images of "child porn" as she had allegedly claimed. This matter is being investigated, watch for any further articles over this matter. Jarrin Jackson is a popular christian military vet. Doesn't hide the fact on his Telegram (referring to Jarrin) that he knew or knows Attorney L. Lin Wood. Child pornography aka sexual abuse images are being used as a WEAPON right now and has been used since 2013 because of the Deep State and their blackmail operations. Child porn is a WEAPON which communists, pedophile ring scumbags, or any soulless dirty trickster will use to destroy their political enemies, their political targets, have them permanently stigmatized, and ruined forever causing either suicides, imprisonment, probation, Sex Offender Registration, and a life of HELL. It is the perfect weapon to ruin somebody. That is why the dirty corrupt Deep State Feds keep using child porn because it is effective when they prosecute people over simple possession which is easy to fabricate. All they need is to plant one photograph of a naked child abuse photo and that is it, charged with possession can happen, easily fabricated by the prosecution. It is coming and patriots need to take precautions if they haven't already.

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