Pete Santilli: “Evan Neumann has corroborated everything that’s in here.” referring to U.S. Supreme Court case 22-6123 regarding blackmail scheme of child rape and murder including Chief Justice John Roberts

Author: Stanley Bolten

According to Pete Santilli on his Pete Santilli Show around January 9, 2023 (citation: Episode 3274-6PM 26:56 through 32:19 (minutes:seconds)) talking about a man who has been wanted by the U.S. FBI, Evan Neumann, has corroborated everything of the claims made by Attorney Lin Wood in Brian D. Hill’s EMERGENCY APPLICATION TO CHIEF JUSTICE JOHN ROBERTS TO RECUSE HIMSELF FROM ALL PROCEEDINGS INVOLVED IN CERTIORARI PETITION CASE (pdf also in Supreme Court, attached evidence also filed in attachment to EMERGENCY MOTION for John Roberts to recuse himself, the same basic evidence used in the application). This is regarding case no. 22-6123, filed by Brian D. Hill who is formerly USWGO Alternative News, and has been an ally of Q since late 2018. The episode is dubbed as: “BREAKING! U.S. Supreme Court is OFFICIALLY CAPTURED | EP 3274-6PM”. Thank You Pete Santilli for confirming this information through sources other than just simply Attorney L. Lin Wood. This helps the blackmail scheme case of Brian David Hill aka Brian D. Hill of formerly USWGO Alternative News.

Photo of the whistleblower which Pete Santilli spoken of on his show, credit to

Pete of the Pete Santilli Show had broadcasted on his show depicting a copy of Brian’s EMERGENCY APPLICATION requesting that Chief Justice John Roberts recuse himself from the blackmail scheme case because of being allegedly blackmailed with child rape and murder, according to Attorney L. Lin Wood. Pete claiming that Evan Neumann, a whistleblower who “was granted permanent refugee status in Belarus”, a Russia ally (Quoting Wikipedia). Also said “Russia is Belarus’ largest and most important economic and political partner.” That is where Neumann is hiding right now, to protect himself from being murdered or tortured to death in federal custody (referring to the U.S. Marshals). “Fearing extradition by the Ukrainian authorities, he fled Ukraine for Belarus where he sought and obtained political asylum.” (Again, Quoting Wikipedia). Pete even said on his show in front of a live audience that Attorney L. Lin Wood knew what was going on here, and so Pete has claimed that Evan Neumann has confirmed or corroborated the claims of Attorney L. Lin Wood.

We have a transcription of the Pete Santilli Show using Otter AI, and with human editing of the misspellings or wrong words. For those who haven’t reviewed the video or are unable to, here is what Pete Santilli said on January 9, 2023:

The transcription is below the YouTube embed. Save or backup the video in case it gets taken down or is hacked by a phishing hacker or hacking group or DARPA.


Speaker Pete Santilli 26:56
You see this right here, ladies and gentlemen. Alright. I said that on January 6, the Supreme Court was going to convene a panel and they have an opportunity to do the right thing. And it was led by you ready? This guy right here. In this case? His name is Chief Justice Roberts and others who might also be guilty of the same crap. Okay. The Honorable John G. Roberts Jr. Right? should have recused himself here’s a Certiorari right.

Speaker Pete Santilli 27:37
Attorney Lin Wood filed this as well, right… because Lin Wood has some stuff in it. He did! I know for a fact he did because I know what’s going on. I know what’s going on.

Speaker Deb Jordan (Co-Host) 27:51
And the whistleblower that that he put on blast was very believable,

Speaker Pete Santilli 27:58
very believable. Not only very believable, but Evan Neumann has corroborated everything that’s in here. (Displays on video first page of emergency application, case no. 22-6123, filed by Brian D. Hill in the Supreme Court) Okay. And that is, and by the way, I have multiple sources. We got Lin Wood. We have my source the Grim Reaper, right. Correct. You know what I’m talking about? “I do.”(Deb Jordan (Co-Host) Yep. Think Grim Reaper. I know. Okay. And now, Evan Neumann, Evan Neumann, was a January 6. protester, right. And he was there was good reason for it, because he’s working for the CIA and the FBI. And then they wanted to bring an indictment. The FBI showed up when he was at the airport. And not just questioning him, they actually threatened him. And they said, incarceration is going to be the least of your worries here, whereas keep your frickin mouth shut. And I know the FBI does this because they’ve done people we know, threatening them with obstruction of justice. Right. But Evan Neumann is a little bit different. The FBI set out to threaten him, okay. They threatened him with his life. And then he was let go, how many January 6. defendants are people that show up on the FBI’s most wanted list, get let go at the airport? How many? How many of them? Do you know of?

Speaker Deb Jordan (Co-Host) 29:20
I would say none.

Speaker Pete Santilli 29:22
Is that odd?

Speaker Pete Santilli 29:23
Right. So it has to do with with the Supreme Court being corrupt. You know why? Because Chief Justice Roberts has basically evidence that’s in the possession of the CIA OIG over 300 websites, child porn websites, okay.

(Pete Santilli appearing to be reviewing over contents of EMERGENCY APPLICATION case no. 22-5123)

Speaker Pete Santilli 29:51
In a single justice in a case has a conflict of interest, or has bias, appeal decision, right Alright, here it is. public statements such blackmail. Here it is, an application here against the Chief Justice. Attach the application directed to Chief Justice Roberts, also a circuit judge for the Fourth Circuit of the US Court of Appeals. Just the very justice Petitioner want wanted to file an application to directly kindly asking that he recuse himself for this entire newly filed cert, he does not need to be involved with or associated with any decisions or any work dealing with the foregoing cert.

Speaker Pete Santilli 30:48
okay here it is. A hacking group obtained videos of a blackmail scheme involving Chief Justice Roberts, alright. Chief Justice Roberts has 300 plus (300+) child porn websites that he visits and we thought that it was because he was a pedo, he probably is. You know. But the child porn websites that Norm Pattis exposed. right? This is in the court record by the way DOJ, take good notes. The child porn websites are used for the secret shadow government to communicate, we have evidence of it. And some of that evidence is acknowledged to be in the possession of the CIA OIG. Right? Copies are, uh, lets put is this way D-O-J, copies are everywhere. Okay. We’re just waiting for you to screw up. I haven’t seen those copies but they’re everywhere. Alright. Mike Lindell had a copy of them, didn’t he. Why’d you try to destroy Mike Lindell, I Wonder? Why are you trying to destroy Norm Pattis, I wonder? Why are you, Why did you try to destroy Pete Santilli, oh no your best days are yet to come there, woo-hoo. Huh! D-O-J, F-B-I, C-I-A, you know what we need to do? a drone strike on the Department of Acronyms

If you wish to review over the filings of the case including filings not published at the Supreme Court website in PDF Format, then feel free to access the following articles to gain access to the pleadings which were on shadow docket as well as the filings on the public docket.

U.S. Supreme Court denies (throws out) Certiorari Petition in BLACKMAIL SCHEME CASE; Chief Justice John Roberts who is blackmailed/compromised refused to recuse himself and refused to act on EMERGENCY MOTION to recuse; John Roberts is compromised (Case no. 22-6123) John Roberts VIOLATED FEDERAL LAW – Justice for Brian D. Hill of USWGO Alternative News

U.S. Supreme Court dockets EMERGENCY MOTION for recusal of Chief Justice John Roberts over the rape blackmail scheme whistleblower information alleged by Attorney L. Lin Wood, Clerk confirms EMERGENCY MOTION for the U.S. Solicitor General to respond will be distributed to the chambers of the Justices – Justice for Brian D. Hill of USWGO Alternative News

Supreme Court files on Docket the Petition and Emergency Application regarding alleged BLACKMAIL SCHEME of Judges and Officials including allegedly JOHN ROBERTS citing Attorney Lin Wood claims and letter to Attorney Lin regarding alleged blackmail videos of child rape and murder – Justice for Brian D. Hill of USWGO Alternative News

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