TheStarChild2009 had been hacked on YouTube, YouTube takes the side of the hackers who stole her account and punished Roberta (channel owner) for being hacked; 13 years worth of videos DELETED, 11,000 subscribers terminated; YouTube complicit in hacking crimes, INDICT YOUTUBE/ for being complicit in hacking

Author: Stanley Bolten

YouTube has done absolutely the worst thing now. They are not only censoring political videos (Wayback Machine archive), they are now targeting non-political videos about Rh Negatives, about spiritual videos, research videos, videos about the solfeggio frequencies tones, and about mathematics. Roberta who operates the YouTube channel known as TheStarChild2009, has had her account hacked by a phisher who pretended to send her a COPYRIGHT WARNING. Now the hacker changed her account’s email, added two-factor authentication with a mandatory USB Encryption key, changed her password, and permanently deleted all of her YouTube videos. She has 13 years worth of uploads, over 11,000 subscribers, millions of video and channel views, and it all vanished in an instant. YouTube is refusing to give her a backup of her videos, and is refusing to restore her account. They are out to get her, they may be getting revenge on her for her son Brian D. Hill operating USWGO Alternative News. Will the USWGO YouTube channel be hacked and taken over next??? Will they be DARPA’s next target??? When the Deep State cowards targets an individual for being political, they also target the family members of that individual (An attorney spoke of fear of family members being targeted for simply getting the truth out in another situation). This is STALINIST, COMMUNIST TACTIC, to target the family members. They destroyed 13 years worth of videos, hundreds of videos destroyed. YouTube refuses to restore her videos. Spiritual videos. Research videos. Now they are the new target of YouTube in their war on Freedom of Press and their war on Freedom of Speech. They are now using hackers/phishers to target and censor videos they don’t like. They work with the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation as what was revealed in the Elon Musk’s released Twitter files, and with So it is likely that U.S. DARPA Pentagon operations and the U.S. FBI targeted TheStarChild2009. When it was hacked, they displayed a scam video streaming live on YouTube of a fake Elon Musk of Tesla Academy promoting some financial scam. This is NOT Elon Musk, it is a video being streamed by the hackers who hijacked her account. TESLA would not hack accounts on YouTube just to promote some scam. They would not commit federal crimes just to promote a video and delete the hacking victim’s videos. Proof of her account destroyed cause of hackers. Check Then check the Wayback machine of her YouTube channel, and it did exist before it got destroyed by hackers.

DISCLAIMER WARNING: The links on this live YouTube video may not be safe, and this is being uploaded here for investigative purposes. If you are investigating this, please take necessary precautions.

These hacks have happened to a lot of people, yet YouTube still refuses to do anything about it. They protect the hackers and criminals. See articles: (1) MTG YouTuber Targeted By Massive Hacking Scandal; (2) Valkyrae’s YouTube is allegedly hacked, turned into a giant Tesla ad – Dot Esports; (3) Elon Musk Bitcoin scam resurfaces on hacked Esport YouTube channel; (4) Big YouTube accounts are being plagued by hackers promoting Bitcoin scams resembling the hack that compromised Twitter | Business Insider India; (5) YouTube scams: Fake Elon Musk live streams continue, fraudsters made $243,000 in a week | Mint; (6) Hacker streams old Elon Musk interview about cryptocurrency in latest South Korean government YouTube hack

This article will be sent to the Anons, Q-Anons, Anonymous, digital soldiers, information warriors, and other hacktivist groups to investigate these crimes committed by YouTube (the metadata of the phishing email is being provided in this article so please take caution when examining this phishing hacking scheme, the evidence is released on here by permission of Roberta), they have protected the ones who hacked her account and refused to investigate the hackers. Federal crimes have been committed by YouTube and I will show the evidence why and how they are allowing federal crimes here. They are allowing a victim of a hacking operation and scam operation. They punish the victim of the hackers. All hacktivist groups are free to conduct an investigation and if they are able to recover her YouTube videos, please feel free to email them or publish her deleted public YouTube videos before her account got hacked. I want only legal and lawful action.

The evidence of what was posted at Google Support Forum, they were given the metadata of the hacking information, the fake copyright violation warning. They shrugged it off and closed the forum post. So this proves they were duly notified about this hacker attack, given evidence of this hacker attack, and they sided with the ones who hacked her account. They have committed federal crimes of protecting the hackers, not reporting this to the U.S. FBI. YouTube is NOW GUILTY of protecting federal criminals who hacked TheStarChiuld2009 and deleted her videos after stealing her account, erasing 13 years of hard work. Roberta should be given restitution money for her hard work being stolen, erased, and mocked by Google Support. She is a victim of a severe hacking attack, and they got away with violating the laws of the United States of America. They will not get away with these crimes. Here is the evidence below.

METADATA and evidence:
New activity in the following document.pdf or Yahoo Mail – Copyright Warning.pdf – Copyright Warning.pdf (Phishing email, WARNING this is evidence and is for an investigation, clicking the links may cause malware or hack of your account so be cautious. We have to publish the evidence since YouTube/Google/DARPA/FBI is refusing to investigate this hack and refusing to recover Roberta’s account, refusing to recover her 13 years worth of YouTube videos)
metadata-thestarchild2009-phishing-email-evidence.pdf – The metadata (raw code) of the email with the phishing information
FireShot Webpage Capture 390 – ‘TheStarChild2009 was hacked today by fake Tesla, her videos deleted. Please contact her. – Goog_’ – – Giving the information to YouTube/Google support, the evidence, and later they refused to do anything about it. They are protecting fraud, they are protecting the hackers, YouTube has broken the law by protecting hackers who illegally hacked into somebody’s YouTube account and deleted all videos. I recommend indictment of YouTube for crimes).
Gmail Upgrade Confirmation.pdf – Email from Google that the email address for the YouTube account of TheStarechild2009, had been charged to email address: Account was officially hacked to the extent of email address change on the date and time of Wednesday, January 11, 2023 at 11:01 PM EST. was hacked today by fake Tesla her videos deleted Please contact her.pdf – Evidence was sent to YouTube/Google, and they still refused to do anything about it. Google/YouTube has officially committed crimes by using the hackers as an excuse to terminate a YouTube account. Computer hacking is illegal, a crime, and YouTube is allowing the hacking and phishing operations, and is refusing to conduct an investigation into this. This makes Google/YouTube complicit in the phishing, hacking, destruction of personal videos, and other crimes being committed.
thread-196957913-1428287030736921766.png – Cell phone screenshot of fake Elon Musk Tesla Academy hijacking TheStarChild2009
Untitled 1.png – USB Encryption key required to recover and access YouTube account of TheStarChild2009
Yahoo Mail – Security alert.pdf – Security key added for 2-Step Verification, HACKERS protecting the account from being recovered fro whom they hacked. Date:Wednesday, January 11, 2023 at 11:00 PM EST. YouTube is complicit in this criminal activity. They cannot use hackers as an excuse to terminate a YouTube account they don’t like. Theoretically if they were just some private company (not working with the FBI and DARPA) who didn’t like TheStarChild2009 content then just shut down the account through regular company enforcement if they don’t like it to make it more legal, instead they use crimes of computer hackers. They have sunk to a new low. YouTube is criminally complicit in crimes. Indict YouTube now.
Untitled 6.png – Screenshot of password changed in TheStarChild2009 account. Screenshot created forensically at around January 12, 2023.

See the cowardly YouTube admins response, and see how despicable they are. They don’t care that we have evidence of Roberta’s account being hacked and how it was hacked. We asked for an investigation, but instead they claim by their “POLICY” that they cannot do anything about it and refuse to investigate the account being hacked. This was DELIBERATE. YouTube censored an innocent woman for being a victim of HACKING. Again, 13 years of videos deleted forever, and YouTube purposefully censored them all by standing by the people who stole her account, and punished Roberta for being hacked. YouTube is guilty of protecting the people who illegally hacked her account. YouTube may be guilty of aiding and abetting illegal hacking. The phishing attack was hosted on Google Docs, YouTube knew this, they are aware of this, and admitted they are protecting the people who hacked her account as if they own the account now. YOUTUBE is guilty of crimes. If they wanted to censor her, they should have just done so using regular moderation teams without the usage of computer hackers and phishers. YouTube used hackers or allowed hackers to hijack her account and are refusing to investigate this. They are GUILTY of federal crimes.

I have one message for this Moderator. FUCK HIM!!!!!! He can go suck a New World Order Ding Dong – Free speech of Stanley Bolten against YouTube and their fucking moderation staff.

Here is my email to the hacker, demanding that they relinquish the stolen YouTube account by giving it back to the owner they stolen it from. See PDF File: Roundcube Webmail WARNING YouTube Account thief, you have violated 18 U.S.C. Section 1028 and 18 U.S.C. § 1030(a)(2).pdf


WARNING YouTube Account thief, you have violated 18 U.S.C. Section 1028 and 18 U.S.C. § 1030(a)(2)

From Stanley Bolten
Cc Lin Wood, Lin Wood, Roberta Hill, rbhill67@[rdacted], kenstella@[rdacted], Kenstella2005,,,
Date Today 15:58
Priority Highest


YouTube Account thief,
Notice: Attorney Lin Wood is included in this email since he had been under Deep State attacks for years, including criminal attacks on him. Since Roberta is involved with the legal filings of Brian Hill, this hacker attack is viewed as possibly a Deep State DARPA/NSA/CIA criminal action against them. So Lin Wood is included in this email if that is the case and not simply some criminal hacker scam group.

You have stolen the YouTube account TheStarChild2009 who was created by Roberta Hill and should still belong to Roberta Hill, you have added two factor authentication to prevent Roberta Hill from recovering her account which was stolen by you. You have deleted her YouTube videos, 13 years worth of videos, and you had caused TheStarChild2009 to be terminated on YouTube after putting out false scam information such as Tesla Academy to scam people out of they’re own money, and have access to her personal information. I have the evidence that you attempted to trick her into a fake “COPYRIGHT WARNING” notification email hosted on Google Docs. You tricked her into opening up this malware document (malware, viruses, hacking tools) to acquire her personal information including but not limited to private phone number, private email address, private password, and possibly access to other websites which require usernames and passwords which may or may not be limited to possibly banking account information. This is in violation of multiple federal laws including 18 U.S.C. Section 1028 and 18 U.S.C. § 1030(a)(2). You had stolen the YouTube account of TheStarChild2009 and had stolen the YouTube account of email address and had changed the email address to You will not get away with these federal crimes.

You are on NOTICE account thief, that you must relinquish control of Roberta Hill’s account, CEASE AND DESIST. Give her account back and restore the email address back to Roberta Hill had not given any informed consent for her account to be taken away. You tricked her with a fake copyright infringement notification and using Google Docs to make the email appear as legit. You impersonated a copyright infringement authority which may violate the DMCA law as well since you impersonated a copyright infringement notification. Filing false copyright infringement notices is against the law including the filing of false DMCA complaints. You have violated multiple federal laws, and I have the proof of such.

You had stolen her account:

See the evidence links:

CEASE AND DESIST, otherwise I shall report you to the proper authorities. I will report you to Law Enforcement. Roberta Hill can still recover her videos if you give her back control of her own YouTube account. You can make things right. I pray to God and Jesus that you do the right thing as a human being. If you do not do the right thing, then you are a criminal, and will be labeled as a criminal for the rest of your life, you will go to prison, and will suffer the legal consequences including possibly lawsuits from Roberta Hill shall she wish to pursue any legal action or charges against you. Someday, you will go through your LIFE REVIEW after dying of natural causes someday (I wish you a long healthy life, even though your a criminal), when you go through your life review being judged by God for the hurt you cause, you will experience all of the pain, anger, hurt, misery, and suffering you have placed upon the pour victim souls of Roberta Hill and Brian D. Hill. You will feel all of the hurt that both people have experienced because of you as well as the family members of Roberta and Brian Hill. I will not say their names, I cannot stand the thought of you trying to hack them too.

You do the right thing, and Roberta Hill can and may forgive you, Brian Hill will forgive you. Then she can try to get her videos recovered since her account was hacked into not long ago.

Please CEASE AND DESIST holding hostage the account of YouTube account TheStarChild2009. Please return her account back to her. You have no legal right to the account. You are violating 18 U.S.C. Section 1028 and 18 U.S.C. § 1030(a)(2), possibly even state laws as well. You will be reported if you continue the theft of Roberta Hill’s YouTube account. You will be reported to the Attorney General, the state Attorney General, and to every law enforcement agency applicable to investigation of your criminal activities.

Please CEASE AND DESIST now before it is too late, and in the House of God you are already guilty of harming an innocent woman, an innocent family. You have harmed them. You have harmed them whoever you are as a YouTube thief.

Please restore her account to her at once, and please restore her YouTube videos at once. At least just give her the YouTube account back, as it was her account for 13 years or longer. Please do the right thing. This is your one and FINAL WARNING.

God Bless You pour soul,
Stanley Bolten

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