Clerk dockets Appeal Brief in Fourth Circuit against Corrupt Magistrate Judge; and also has information from Brian D. Hill trying to expose corrupt Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts

See articles: Brian D. Hill files Appeal Brief against Corrupt Magistrate Judge denying motion to reconsider Order labeling Brian and Attorney L. Lin Wood (witness) as Delusional! Gaslighting the court record with lies and “IGNORING EVIDENCE”, “IGNORING THE LAW” – Justice for Brian D. Hill of USWGO Alternative News; QAnon dates match death of Justice Ruth Ginsburg, USWGO news letter to Justice Thomas, John Roberts mentioned twice in Jeffrey Epstein flight logs – Justice for Brian D. Hill of USWGO Alternative News

Author: Stanley Bolten

Brian D. Hill is sticking with the words “Q” or “QAnon” as Alex Jones stands on the other side as Brian’s enemy. Brian D. Hill was formerly USWGO Alternative News. His appeal brief was filed by the Clerk days after being received by mail. Has a sticky note with the words “QAnon” and even went as far as starting the written/typed attacks against Supreme Court Justice John Roberts for possibly being compromised. Saying he “may” be blackmailed using Attorney Lin Wood’s claims naming John Roberts last year. Brian is angry that John Roberts is compromised and has argued in appeal that John Roberts being compromised may have negatively affected his appeal in the U.S. Supreme Court. Brian is angry at John Roberts for wrecking his appeals in the U.S. Supreme Court and wants justice against John Roberts. The Clerk of the Supreme Court factually covered up emergency motions for leave of court, those were never docketed which caused all SCOTUS petitions to have failed by being dismissed. Brian suspects John Roberts may be responsible for the Clerk violating federal law by refusing to file his emergency motions. Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts is Brian’s enemy NOW. Brian plans on demanding his recusal from any further involvement in his case.

See the two documents from the federal court records:
22-6501-document6.pdf-2.pdf – Appeal brief filed by the clerk
appeal-brief-for-denying-motion-to-reconsider-main-26.pdf – text searchable appeal brief
22-6501-docket-may-8-2022_2.pdf – docket sheet proving when it was filed

Looks like the U.S. Marshals have the opportunity to see the documentaries from Brian’s family. They need to be arresting the federal judges if they are ever proven to have raped children.

The filing shows that Brian Hill still supports the idea of “QAnon” or that movement because it is the only movement which has not blackballed him. Lin Wood has not blackballed him. Tracy Beanz has not blackballed him. Brian lost all of the alternative media nowadays. They treat Brian like a dirty little secret of just somebody who used to be alternative media sitting on a Sex Offender Registry. They don’t want to even look at the Ramaswamy destroyed discovery papers of the U.S. Attorney. They don’t want to see Brian’s false confession and the proof of coercion in the audio. They don’t want anybody to see that Brian Hill is actually innocent, he was clearly framed and set up with a crime he never committed. See the video. Alex Jones and the Infowars/InfoWhores company hates Brian Hill and his family.

See John Roberts the worst Supreme Court justice ON EARTH.

John Roberts is an enemy of the American people. He is a tyrant, he ruined Brian D. Hill of USWGO Alternative News. John Roberts is an EVIL MAN. We declare John Roberts as our enemy, political enemy.

We thank for their posts talking about John Roberts. The U.S. Marshals should be investigating John Roberts POSSIBLY leaking the opinion. He already may be responsible for the Corrupt SCOTUS Clerks destroying Brian’s emergency motions.
Chief Justice John Roberts has directed US Marshall’s to launch an investigation | The Radio Patriot
24 Hours in the life of Attorney Lin Wood. The Truth. | The Radio Patriot
I’m a little concerned about Chief Justice John Roberts at the Supreme Court. – Gen. Flynn | The Radio Patriot
Tracy Beanz: Thread on SCOTUS | The Radio Patriot
So go ahead John Roberts and continue being a corrupt conniving backstabber destroying our Constitutional rights. Stabbing Brian D. Hill politically in the back. John Roberts is as corrupt as Phil Berger. They all need to be investigated and arrested. Brian Hill will not tolerate these type of trash people in government.

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