with the Isaac Kappy dead-man’s hash for the password of Lizard Squad obtained blackmail videos (child rape/murder); that website has disappeared and cannot be accessed; is down. Could it be scrubbed??? purged???

Author: Stanley Bolten the personal wayback machine had the only copy of a Twitter tweet page of deceased (since 2019) Issac Kappy. The website has shut down or disappeared without explanation. Luckily the deadman’s code of Isaac Kappy is still alive somewhere online. The same deadman’s hash for encrypted password code for the alleged child rape and murder blackmail videos, prior to Isaac Kappy being forced off a bridge, and prior to being murdered. The website has disappeared and a screenshot was captured about this issue. If the website does not come back, the deadman’s hash key for the password has disappeared down the memory hole forever, at least from the link in the letter to Lin Wood. Luckily we have a printout of this hash code from Isaac Kappy. may be gone forever, it may not be gone forever, and so here is a copy of the Isaac Kappy hash code for the password to the alleged blackmail evidence. Could it be gone forever??? Censorship??? Behind the scenes threats??? Deep State shut down of website??? We checked of the Isaac Kappy tweet and only one archived copy was found regarding that deleted tweet on Twitter since they had suspended the deadman Isaac Kappy’s account Isaac Kappy on Twitter. It’s all being purged up one side and down the other. Save this in case that copy disappears and is scrubbed off of the internet. If it does get scrubbed, they are likely coming for all copies. Beware!

See the video of Isaac Kappy talking about the “name of the game is blackmail” and “they film it”.

Here is what the Deep State doesn’t want us to see, the hash code for the encryption password for the alleged child rape and murder blackmail video tapes. I shall post the encrypted hash code here because we must rebel against the pedophile rings who have infiltrated Governments. Hash Code: 86d53c1315f42ea48caa0dc1b82a1c61e988b1035db897e90c2303c05d8721648ca816eada320c950b75985575b495a12c06d0a0ba77b9e23ccbd7d31b5bd035

That hash code was also placed on 4chan.

Here is a well-typed citation from the letter posted at radiopatriot of the letter given to Attorney Lin Wood:

aFor Mr. Lin Wood:

In 2019, Isaac Kappy somehow got all the EPSTEIN ISLAND BLACKMAIL VIDEO FILES for every powerful pedophile on earth who made acquaintance with Epstein. He distributed the encrypted video file, then made some erratic moves. He caught the aggro of too many spy networks and they had him killed before he could release the password for the video files.

However, Isaac Kappy did release the hash signature of the password for the blackmail video files. He posted the password hash as a sort of deadmans insurance here:

So essentially: there are people with copies of the Isaac Kappy sourced epstein blackmail video files, but nobody ever had the key to unlock the files… until now.

The password is: “ has issued protections on this matter” [inside the quotations]

You can verify that the password matches the hash by going here and entering it on this site, getting the hash output, and comparing it to Kappy’s archived deadman switch tweet I posted previously

Since posting the actual password is ULTIMATE POWER, it is best if you dangle the prospect of releasing a password in front of them instead of releasing it. This password is absolutely the strongest blackmail in the world and anybody with his password will need 24/7 security, especially if planning to proceed with this information. It might be a good idea to run this information by General Flynn because this is NUCLEAR LEVEL BLACKMAIL. Use with caution. With great power comes great responsibility.


The first goal is to get Roberts to resign or recuse, and Pence to make the right choice on Jan 6. If you can make some kind of veiled threats to these people while dangling the password to the epstein blackmail videos (without ever releasing the password), then you can make the ENTIRE deep state do your bidding. Be careful though, because this type of thing will invite state actors to attack: i.e. cia, mi6, ccp, etc

As soon as you release the password, you lose all leverage, so dont actually release the password unless absolutely necessary.

Good luck. God bless. Sending prayers for you and your team.

That link “…password hash as a sort of deadmans insurance here:” from the Lin Wood letter no longer works, unless the website returns. That is the issue here. Now nobody can authenticate the link and it’s contents anymore. This may affect the federal Motion to Reconsider filed by Brian D. Hill, formerly of USWGO Alternative News in Federal Court against U.S. Magistrate Joe L. Webster for attacking both Brian’s and Lin Wood’s claims as “delusional” and “frivolous”.

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