Federal Judge labels Brian’s BLACKMAIL allegations as well as Attorney L. Lin Wood statements as “DELUSIONAL”, Brian Hill fights back with credibility of Attorney Lin Wood; more evidence blackmail claims are credible

Author: Stanley Bolten

The cowardly U.S. Magistrate Judge Joe L. Webster who refused to acknowledge the actual innocence claims of Brian D. Hill, formerly of USWGO Alternative News, despite his fraud on the court claims against Anand Prakash Ramaswamy, Assistant U.S. Attorney being uncontested, had labeled Brian D. Hill’s blackmail scheme claims (child rape and murder blackmail videos) mirroring Attorney L. Lin Wood’s Lizard Squad claims on Twitter as “delusional” and “frivolous”. However, Brian Hill fights back and accuses Magistrate Joe Webster of acting in conflict of interest in violation of federal law, was biased in violation of federal law, and is making a premature fact finding regarding Attorney Lin Wood without pointing to any actual evidence or proof. IT IS GAS LIGHTING, U.S. Magistrate Judge Joe L. Webster is gaslighting rather than asking for the blackmail videos to be thoroughly investigated which was easy for him to do. Brian submitted exhibits and exhibits of evidence proving Attorney Lin Wood as a credible witness, a letter to Lin Wood about the Jeffrey Epstein blackmail videos, and acting as a protective proxy for his client’s blackmail evidence and/or claims who submitted the information about the alleged blackmail video evidence to him. That information and his source’s identity is protected under attorney/client privilege as Brian further argued in federal court document. Attorney Lin Wood said that he doesn’t have possession of the actual alleged blackmail videos, it is highly likely the client who went to him who had the “NUCLEAR LEVEL BLACKMAIL” videos. See Lin Wood’s tweet.

Here is the corrupt Federal Judge alongside Adolf Chief Judge TYRANT Thomas David Schroeder who doesn’t care that Brian D. Hill is actually innocent of the crime he was accused of in 2013 for running USWGO Alternative News which triggered a frame up operation where Brian got framed for a crime he didn’t commit. Now the cowardly Magistrate Judge Joe Webster believes in his own ruling that both Brian D. Hill’s claims mirroring Attorney Lin Wood’s claims are “delusional” and “frivolous”. Here is the cowardly Judge Joe Webster’s order which also attacks Lin Wood collectively. His order can also be found at Courtlistener. https://www.courtlistener.com/docket/4304407/united-states-v-hill/?page=2#entry-300

What a cowardly man he is. He doesn’t deserve his job, he is a coward. Joe Webster the Political Hoe! Another corrupt judge for the New World Order. Prove me wrong JOE WEBSTER!!!!

Anyways the evidence Brian D. Hill had presented to the Federal Court is in support that Brian was not delusional for suspecting whether former Chief Judge William Lindsey Osteen Junior and Chief Judge Thomas David Schroeder are in any of the alleged blackmail videos. Because of their behavior in contradiction with the Supreme Court precedents. Brian only asked the Court for the appropriate people such as an attorney or Special Master to review over the blackmail videos after subpoenaing Attorney Lin Wood to have his source or sources or whoever to provide the alleged blackmail videos to the Court for analysis. Magistrate Joe Webster is refusing to even allow those blackmail videos to be reviewed over and analyzed by anybody including forensics. Who is U.S. Magistrate Joe Webster working for??? Thomas David Schroeder???? Can the U.S. Marshals investigate the blackmail videos on their own???

Brian argued that the witness Attorney Lin Wood was credible, had not been publicly disciplined, has been in good standing as competent counsel, and such evidence was presented to Magistrate Judge Webster, of Durham Federal Courthouse in North Carolina. The evidence proved the credibility and competence of witness Lin Wood which Brian had purported such evidence to be filed to demonstrate evidence in support of Brian’s belief that judges are officials are being blackmailed with child rape and murder, since the Lin Wood tweets went public last year. Brian even produced a printed copy (printed by his family) of Radio Patriot blog entry about Lin Wood’s statement regarding the alleged blackmail videos. This proves to Magistrate Judge Joe Webster of Lin Wood’s statement regarding the matter being published at radiopatriot.net. This is in Exhibit #6, and a full photograph of the letter to Attorney Lin Wood is on Exhibit #7.

See the documents uploaded by Roberta Hill of what Brian had filed:
MOTION-RECONSIDER-MAR-10-2022.pdf – Motion to Reconsider Judge’s Docket Entry #300 Order
EXHIBITS-MOTION-RECONSIDER.pdf – Exhibits in support of Motion to Reconsider Judge’s Docket Entry #300 Order
NOTICE-OF-APPEAL-MAR-10-2022.pdf – Notice of Appeal with a request to delay or toll the appeal until after disposition of Motion to Reconsider Judge’s Docket Entry #300 Order
REQUEST-TO-FILE-COLOR-MAR-10-2022.pdf – Request to Clerk to file certain exhibits in color including the White House photo of Attorney L. Lin Wood and Donald Trump.

Exhibit #4 is the video of American Actor, deceased since 2019, named Isaac Kappy who testified to the internet world that “the name of the game is blackmail…”. Available at BitChute: Isaac Kappy: The name of the game is blackmail – https://www.bitchute.com/video/voe8YBgCOHLS/

This image was extracted from the PACER.GOV/Courtlistener filed document. This really is in Brian’s federal court filing. White House photograph of Attorney L. Lin Wood and President Donald John Trump in the year of 2020.

Brian also said that Attorney had been in a lot of high profile cases for just “an attorney from Georgia” which the Magistrate Judge Webster bluntly puts it. Read Brian’s response criticizing that Judge Webster’s claim of “delusional” and “frivolous” are without merit. Judge Webster is meritless, he is delusional and frivolous, not Brian D. Hill, and not the lawyer Lin Wood. It is delusional or gas lighting for a judge to prematurely label Brian’s blackmail claims as delusional without ever investigating the matter, without having the alleged blackmail videos reviewed over to confirm or disprove Brian’s claims since they mirror mostly what Attorney Lin Wood had already claimed over Twitter last year. Lin Wood says there is an alleged blackmail scheme and Radio Patriot or Lin Wood or both insinuates that this comes from Jeffrey Epstein’s videotapes, Epstein’s personal or political blackmail collection. The Court is in the wrong for outright dismissing Brian’s claims when the facts are not fully developed regarding Brian’s claim of blackmail suspicion or fears.

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