Brian D. Hill files Petition for Review to Judicial Council for wrongful dismissal of BLACKMAIL complaints against Federal Judges; Judicial Complaint may be revived with new evidence; Emails from Lin Wood in response to Brian’s inquiry

Note: Document PDF files are within this article, go to below the image to see the links to the document PDF files to download the new evidence and Petition documents. Normally Judicial Complaints are not published publicly on the internet or on blogs, but we do so because we do not trust the Fourth Circuit and their corrupt Judges. We never trusted any of them and we feel publishing the documents keeps them in check.

Author: Stanley Bolten

Brian D. Hill formerly of USWGO Alternative News, angry that his Judicial Complaint with evidence suggesting blackmail of Federal Judges was dismissed. Brian filed his Petition for Review with recent emails directly from Attorney L. Lin Wood sent to myself, Stanley Bolten, and forwarded to Brian’s mother Roberta Hill. Lin Wood corrected Brian assuming that Lin Wood somehow possessed the videos and made sure he was aware that he only had the encryption key password to the encrypted blackmail videos. It’s okay for Brian to assume Lin Wood may had possessed the videos as his tweets in January of 2021 sounded confusing, but Lin Wood clarified his earlier claims on Twitter which probably confused many as to who actually possessed the alleged blackmail videos. Now it all makes sense. The blackmail was given by The Lizard Squad to American Actor Issac Kappy and then he was murdered. However before Isaac Kappy’s unexpected death, his trustworthy friends who had the blackmail videos gave the key to Attorney L. Lin Wood and the blackmail video evidence encrypted to another person who this source has yet to be made public. Brian renewed his complaint with additional evidence to focus on the fact that the investigators need to actually watch the blackmail video files in order to know which Federal Judges inside of the United States of America is on the alleged child rape and murder videos. Lin Wood told Stanley Bolten and Brian D. Hill to “keep fighting”. The emails from Lin Wood verify the existence of the alleged child rape and murder blackmail videos and that Lin Wood doesn’t actually possess the videos but he and his trustworthy associates all has the encrypted password as was said in his tweets. Brian also had written Secretary James Ishida of the Fourth Circuit’s Judicial Council. That letter is being published here on public record for the court of public opinion. Brian is begging the Judicial Council to investigate the blackmail videos and take action on any Federal Judges caught in the blackmail videos of child rape and murder as alleged on Twitter.

Note: Lin Wood never did say not to publish his typed statements, and those statements are in response to Brian’s inquiry and are actively being used in his Petition for Review and additional evidence asking to revive his Judicial Complaint. We do want to keep on good terms with Attorney Lin Wood. If he needs something redacted, we will do so. We are assuming he is okay with usage of his two emails as evidence for why Brian’s complaints against two Federal Judges should continue and not be dismissed.

Here are the documents and the evidence:
Response from Attorney L. Lin Wood email PDF file – Stanley Bolten Email records
2nd Response from Attorney L. Lin Wood email PDF file – Stanley Bolten Email records
Brian’s text message screenshoted and text messaged to Stanley Bolten to contact Lin Wood – Stanley Bolten Email records
Petition for Review, filed on December 28, 2021
Letter to Secretary James Ishida, filed on December 29, 2021
Email to Fourth Circuit Judicial Council and to Secretary James Ishida of December 29, 2021 Letter, filed
Lin Wood confirmed receipt of email filing Petition for Review – this record is important as it proves Lin Wood was notified and received the notification. This is very important in ensuring fair process participation. Lin Wood is involved in this and has a right to file a response if he wishes.
Automatic response from email account of James Ishida confirming receipt of Petition for Review – Not a read receipt but still confirms that the email server triggered a automatic response email.
Email to Stacy Pricea of the Fourth Circuit Judicial Council with the Petition for Review
Email to James Ishida, Fourth Circuit Judicial Council filing email, Clerk of the Fourth Circuit, and others et al. of the Fourth Circuit Judicial Council and not of the Fourth Circuit with the Petition for Review
Judicial Complaint was dismissed on November 29, 2021., mail sent by the Clerk informing Petitioner of right to file a Petition for Review
James Ishida, Secretary of Judicial Council sent Read Receipt of Petition for Review
James Ishida, Secretary of Judicial Council sent Read Receipt of Letter to James Ishida the Secretary
Confirmation of receipt of Petition for Review by Clerk’s Office

There was almost an attempted cover up of the Judicial Complaint in the public record. See the link at: but that attempt has failed as the Memorandum and Order is published here. It will not be covered up. The light must shine on the darkness.

The cover up is that the Memorandum and Order was not published in the public Judicial Complaint orders and decisions, despite the order affecting the entire Fourth Circuit and lower Courts as blackmail of judges can be a nasty business and should not be happening in any Court of LAW. Normally the orders are public and published on the Judicial Complaint Orders page. See for yourself, they do not want it part of the public record that a complainant is even alleging blackmail of a single Federal Judge. They published order after order denying pretty much many complaints, but the fact they did not even publish the order dismissing Brian’s judicial complaint in the public records is very suspicious. Since they want to cover up Brian’s complaint by not even publishing the dismissal order, it will be published here on the blog. It will be published where the general public needs to see the underhanded junk going on in our Federal Courts. In fact the Order said that the “Chief Judge” was disqualified from participation in the particular Complaint by Brian D. Hill. Hmmmmm, what does that mean exactly???? Was there complaints against the Chief Judge at one point or is there some other reason why the Chief Judge of the Fourth Circuit would be disqualified from acting on Brian’s Judicial Complaint???? Many questions with little to no answers. Darkness to light.

You see here, in the image. There are no case numbers of Nos. 04-21-90152 and 04-21-90153. They release 90154 but not 90153 or 90152, They deliberately skipped that Memorandum Order and made sure not to publish that on their website. What does the Fourth Circuit have to hide huh???????

They claim Brian and (didn’t mention him in the order but likely was a jab at) Lin Wood have no evidence of judicial blackmail but refuse to investigate any of Brian’s claims???????? Then they don’t even publish their order of them being so confident that there is no blackmail at all and Brian is wrong about every little thing he says. GASLIGHTING, GASLIGHTING IS WHAT THIS IS. Just like the Fourth Circuit overthrowing the Supreme Court decisions and claiming or acting as though they are the final law and not the Supreme Court, they gaslight to overturn logic. The Fourth Circuit rather protect the blackmail if it exists. They are just as bad as the Catholic Church sexual abuse scandals where they rather protect the pedophile priests in the church to protect the reputation of the Church, rather than protecting the children they were charged to protect in their religious care. They rather cover things up than admit that judges may be blackmailed.

What a shame!!!!

We aren’t afraid of being targeted by the Fourth Circuit or the Deep State CIA and NSA dumbf**ks. We have the Freedom of Speech and Freedom of the Press. Freedom of Speech protects political opinions and Freedom of Press protects release of information and evidence presenting the facts to a candid world. This article stands to accuse the Fourth Circuit of protecting any pedophiles which may be in the Federal Courts they are supposed to supervise.

It is time that this information be made public, we aren’t afraid of telling the truth.

We are not democrats but like the Pentagon Papers and Edward Snowden, the truth must come out now or we will never revive the Constitution of the United States of America from it’s ashes being burned by the tyrants.

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