Email to U.S. Solicitor General Elizabeth B. Prelogar: “This has to come to a resolution., In Re: Brian David Hill; you should respond or file opposition brief”

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Author: Stanley Bolten

**************** FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE *****************

PDF printout of email: PDF File

ATTN: Elizabeth B. Prelogar
Office of the U.S. Solicitor General,
In Re Brian Hill, 21-6038
CC: Members of the New Media
November 4, 2021

Note: The press are receiving a copy of this email so understand that the truth is coming out about Brian D. Hill being innocent of his federal charge stemming all the way from 2013. Brian David Hill = Innocence and Military Intelligence has told us so.

It is clear that the three Supreme Court petitions by Brian David Hill should not just be denied and the Judges should not be getting away with their injustices. Brian Hill’s petitions should have it’s merits checked by the Justices and given Oral Argument. It is clear that justice cannot be obtained otherwise.

It is clear that they, the Judges, are being blackmailed criminally with child rape and murder.
Read his judicial complaint:

Brian will fight with everything he has within him. It is clear that nobody fights as far as this unless they are actually innocent, unless they have their back against the wall with being stonewalled by the corrupt Pedophile Federal Judges.

I am aware by repeatedly checking the public docket and seeing that Brian’s letter, his three letters mailed to your office. One of those letters is not docketed on there. If the Clerk has turned away this letter, this isn’t right and your office should not allow these Pedophiles in the Federal Courts to get away with their crimes against humanity. It is time to have every single video recording file which Attorney L. Lin Wood has the copies of, encrypted, to be reviewed by independent law enforcement. It is time to have investigators analyze which Federal Judges or any Judges are being blackmailed with child rape and murder. This has to come to an end.

These Judges are clearly being blackmailed here, Attorney L. Lin Wood has the blackmail videos from The Lizard Squad. I am sure John McAfee also had those videotapes too which was why he ended up dead. Issac Kappy, who ended up being pushed off of the bridge, in my opinion.

Brian is not going away when his all three Supreme Court petitions are denied. Brian will file lawsuits, have those blackmail videotapes analyzed. Brian will push for special counsel to see if the Federal Judges ever involved in his criminal case were blackmailed into making one bad verdict after another in Brian’s Federal criminal case and Probation Violations. All of those are a fraud. The record proves that. I’ve read those pleadings in 2019. Kristy L. Burton, the former Probation Officer of Brian was a liar. She lied about multiple things on the stand which is perjury. She is the only witness to support the claim in the first Probation Violation criminal charge against Brian. A perjury discredits the entire prosecution in that Supervised Release Violation. Then the second one, Brian was a victim of carbon monoxide poisoning on the record in his Federal case. Brian is innocent of his state charge under the case law definitions of what defines obscenity requirement due to the Carbon Monoxide poisoning affecting his mental state and creating the unusual behavior which led to such charge. Carbon monoxide removed, then years after Brian was arrested by Martinsville Police, he never did the same behavior and has totally kept within the merits of obeying the laws of the land. Brian’s second Probation Violation is a fraud. Fraud, Fraud, Fraud. I have read the fraud in his case files at Courtlistener in his criminal case. Anybody can review them, it is clearly a fraud.

Brian has enough evidence of fraud that the entire Prosecution should be held accountable. Brian was a target of criminal operations, and of course if the Judges are being blackmailed here, then of course criminal conspiracies can be conducted against him.

I can go on and on, but it is clear that denying all three petitions because your office simply files a instantly created waiver letter template whatever was used to make these quick letters. Denying them denies justice and denies the Law. Courts are no longer obeying the law anymore. Federal Courts are deciding not to follow Supreme Court cases that they disagree with, and that is contrary to our legal system. That is contrary to our Constitutional form of Government. Federal Courts cannot just decide that they do not have to follow the Supreme Court, that cannot happen in our Republic.

This has to come to a resolution. It is clear in all three letters that Brian wants a opposition brief or response. File an extension of time if that is what is needed. Take the time to file a proper response or opposition brief. Don’t just cover up the FRAUDS and throw everything under the rug. The more dust gets thrown under the rug, eventually the dust will be so much that the dirty evidence of corruption by Assistant U.S. Attorney Anand Prakash Ramaswamy and the corrupt Federal Judges will all surface for everybody to see. It will all come to light and whistleblowers start coming out of the woodwork. Like the leaked photos of the SBI forensic report that the U.S. Attorney covered up (I assume that it is a Government employee that was angry at how Brian was being treated when tortured in the jails) and admitted to destroying partial evidence in response to Brian’s FOIA lawsuit. Folks in your U.S. Government will blow the whistle, they will not tolerate the lies, cover ups, and repeated abuses against the citizenry. Brian D. Hill pays sales taxes despite living off of SSI disability. Brian’s mother pays her taxes. They are tax paying citizens and deserve a better response than some waiver letters to try to toss out Brian’s hard worked petitions asking for justice which can never be obtained no matter what he tries to do in our corrupt legal system.

You need to consider that these cases are getting so big and many people already know about Brian’s wrongful conviction. Over 114,000 people have visited the Justice for Brian D. Hill of USWGO Alternative News blog. This blog I have evidence that not all hits and visitors are counted as not all visitors are recorded by the WordPress system. So it may be 200,000 people, it may be 300,000 people. Many know about Brian’s wrongful conviction. Look at We Are Change.; the leaked SBI document images: Brian has many allies because this child porn set up crap is ridiculous. Many know that the Feds plant child porn, and that they get this filth from people like Jeffrey Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell, John Walsh who his own daughter had exposed him as a pervert in a recent interview by Dark Outpost, Pedophiles give child porn to certain people in the Feds and they plant child porn on people like Brian D. Hill formerly of USWGO Alternative News. Look at Bill Clinton and Prince Andrew and Alec Baldwin in Epstein’s little black book. People are waking up to this garbage slowly, Solicitor General. People are not going to buy this crap much longer. Many will want this innocent man off of the Sex Registry. It is time for justice to come for Brian D. Hill whether he can be compensated for his years of legal torment or that he just let the civil liabilities be waived. Brian just wants to be found innocent, as is his constitutional right under the Supreme Court, you know it, your a lawyer.
Brian is a fighter and he continues trying to prove his innocence since 2012. Brian is innocent, he was clearly framed with child pornography. The Feds covered it up with a false guilty plea by threatening him with 20 years in prison over a single charge if Brian didn’t just plead guilty, that is coercion and is illegal. This has almost happened with Luke Rudkowski, Stewart Rhodes, Melissa Melton, Ian Freeman, Alex Jones. Many have almost been framed with child porn by usage of malware. That is what happened to Brian D. Hill. You must understand that there has to be a resolution. For Gods sake, I hope there can be a resolution.

We know more of the truth than you do, Solicitor General Elizabeth B. Prelogar. Write a proper response or opposition brief. Do not let the three petitions just be denied. This is wrong, you know it is wrong. This should not happen to an innocent man. This has to stop, he cannot suffer anymore like this, he is innocent, this needs to change, things need to change.

God Bless You,
Stanley Bolten
Admin of Justice for Brian D. Hill of USWGO Alternative News

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