The Proof/Evidence that CA/DA Glen Andrew Hall, Esq. of Martinsville violated Three Court Orders; Corruption of the Commonwealth Attorney Office of Martinsville, Virginia

Author: Stanley Bolten

Now comes the proof, the evidence as will be shown from Scribd and PDF Files. It will show from Point A to Point B how the corrupt city of Martinsville Commonwealth’s Attorney Glen Andrew Hall had violated multiple Court orders asking for the discovery materials and Brady materials pursuant to Brady v. Maryland. This is contempt of court and is an offense which can include jail time to compel compliance. The Court should have compelled Glen Andrew Hall to have retained the evidence and turn it over to the defense’s counsel. Court orders were not complied with by the Government of Virginia. May as well have a public online petition asking for the Judge to find Glen Andrew Hall guilty of contempt or charge him with contempt of court since the evidence is so obvious.

First let us bring forth the pro se Motion for a “contempt proceeding” which Brian D. Hill of USWGO Alternative News had filed in the General District Court, in Martinsville, at 55 West Church Street. This very motion in which he had shown evidence that Glen Andrew Hall, who is the Commonwealth’s Attorney for the City of Martinsville, had violated multiple court orders which is ‘CONTEMPT OF COURT’. A Commonwealth’s Attorney is the same thing as a District Attorney in another state and is elected by the citizens of that regional, county, or city. Mr. Hall didn’t just violated the court orders which is a criminal offense of “contempt of court” but had also violated the due process rights of Brian D. Hill according to the U.S. Supreme Court case of Brady v. Maryland.

The SCOTUS’s holding was that “The government’s withholding of evidence that is material to the determination of either guilt or punishment of a criminal defendant violates the defendant’s constitutional right to due process.” However the Commonwealth Attorney didn’t just withheld evidence, THEY DESTROYED evidence “that is material to the determination of either guilt or punishment of a criminal defendant”. They destroyed evidence after a court order and in violation of three court orders. So let us take a first look at the three court orders altogether.

Three Court orders and 3-page Index from Court or Appeals of Virginia. Court orders are below the index. It shown at least three court orders in this PDF File below regarding discovery which the Commonwealth’s Attorney Glen Andrew Hall had violated. Violated because he did not comply with the Court’s ORDER and DECREE. That right there is CONTEMPT OF COURT, no doubt in my mind that it is contempt.

Court orders PDF file

Let’s look at the first court order.

It appearing to the Court that discovery pursuant to Rule 7C:5 should be granted to the
Defendant, it is hereby ORDERED and DECREED that the Commonwealth’s Attorney permit
counsel for the Defendant to inspect and copy or photograph, within a reasonable time, before the
preliminary hearing, the following:

(1) Any relevant written or recorded statements or confessions made by the
Defendant, or copies thereof, or the substance of any oral statements or confessions made by the
Defendant to any law enforcement officer, the existence of which is known to the attorney for the
(2) A copy of any criminal record of the accused; and
(3) Any exculpatory information or evidence as set forth by Brady v. Maryland and
its progeny that is known to the Commonwealth.

The evidence which was destroyed and was known to Law Enforcement of Martinsville, as well as to the Commonwealth’s Attorney is the following evidence:

  1. The body-camera footage recorded on September 21, 2018, concerning suspect: Brian David Hill, recorded by Martinsville Police Department and it’s charging officer Robert Jones
  2. The blood vials drawn from Brian Hill’s arms which is a perfect biological specimen to test for anything ranging from narcotics, to substances, to gasses including carbon monoxide gas, and any other substances which could have been in Brian’s body at the time of his arrest and would create a perfect defense to his charge which is Factual Innocence. Anything which could have been in Brian’s blood, could have been a perfect defense to find out the levels of Carboxyhemoglobin.

If Brian or the record can prove or have proven that such evidence had existed and should have reasonably existed, then Glen Andrew Hall had withheld evidence from the Trial Court and then caused the evidence destruction or knowingly allowed the Police Department to have the evidence destroyed such evidence which is an aggravated violation of one or more Court orders involving discovery materials. Since the only evidence being destroyed is favorable to Brian being innocent of his charge of indecent exposure in the city of Martinsville on September 21, 2018, the only relief which would bring justice is to dismiss the charge against Brian D. Hill, formerly of USWGO Alternative News, dismiss the charge with prejudice and wipe away the legal debt of Brian Hill of this criminal charge and any appeals thereof.

Now let’s look at the proof on the record that Brian did have knowledge of such evidence and asked for such evidence which would be pursuant to the Court’s order. Let’s see proof that the evidence had even existed. Also the Commonwealth Attorney as well as the Public Defender were both served with every pleading Brian had ever filed. So they know of this, and if they read any of it then they know about the very evidence they had destroyed.

Document #1 evidence:

PDF File

“…I told the police officer, he appeared to have activated his body camera, I was shaken up but I tried to explain the situation as best as I could, I told him I have Autism.”

There you go, in writing from a Federal Court Document filed on December 12, 2018. Evidence that Brian said he was aware that the police officer had activated his body-camera on his uniform. Why didn’t they comply with the Court regarding discovery?????

Document #2 evidence:

PDF File

This had shown that three letters were mailed to Martinsville Police Department asking for the body-camera footage. Two mailed by hand writing and one typed up by Brian’s grandparents Stella and Kenneth Forinash. All three letters were sent and would have gone along with the spirit of that court order. The police never complied that that Court Order dated November 28, 2018. The Commonwealth Attorney never complied with that Court Order either. It’s unreal how blatant those violators are.

The Court Order from the Circuit Court Judge named Giles Carter Greer dated February 6, 2019, was also violated and not complied with. So now it appears that two court orders were violated during whatever body-camera footage retention period that was set locally at Martinsville Police Department. However, if the Court had already ordered such material through the discovery process, then the body-camera footage should not have been destroyed after the evidence retention period because the Court had already ordered such footage to be disclosed to the defense counsel. Evidence pertinent to criminal case is supposed to be retained until the Court orders the destruction of the evidence. Evidence was destroyed without a Court Order, the Commonwealth’s Attorney Glen Andy Hall had violated two ORDERS of the COURTS, not surprising. One order from the General District Court, and the other from the Circuit Court. The other Court Order had been violated as well even though it was likely filed after the evidence retention period of Martinsville Police Department. As the other two were violated prior to the evidence being destroyed, the third order was violated too since the last two orders were violated, they all three were violated altogether.

Document #3 evidence:

PDF File

“Brian cooperated with Martinsville Police before his arrest (body camera video footage also proves this)…

Another mention about the body camera footage. This was February 1, 2019, and that was filed around the time that Brian kept asking for the body camera footage. Page 80 of the court records.

Document #4 evidence:

PDF File

“Omitted evidence was a (1) recorded police body-camera footage which showed Brian Hill trying to explain to the police officer about the man in the hoodie on the day of his arrest, and more was omitted.”

So there you have it. Different areas of the record had shown Brian talking about the body-camera footage from Martinsville Police Department, not to mention three letters repeatedly asking for the evidence. All of it was ignored, evidence was DESTROYED. Again, EVIDENCE WAS DESTROYED. Get that in your head, that is what Glen Andrew Hall and Martinsville Police Department is guilty of, violating the three documented orders of the Court. Glen Andrew Hall is in CONTEMPT OF COURT and should be found in contempt of court. If Brian had refused to follow his bond conditions, he would be charged with contempt of court and his bond revoked. So the same principle should apply to Glen Andrew Hall who actually violated Court Orders. Brian violated none of them. Brian is the clear winner of this criminal case. Of course if he violates any Court Orders he faces sanctions, this can apply to Brian, it can also apply to Glen Andrew Hall.

The corrupt District Attorney of Martinsville has something to hide everybody, it is clear. The corrupt Police Department of Martinsville has something to hide too. They want evidence destroyed, well that’s all over. They are all guilty of contempt of Court, that does it.

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