Covid-19 Statistics show that Countries/States with more Vaccinations have More Covid-19

Author: Stanley Bolten

Two videos from TheStarChild2009 have revealed from Google’s own Covid-19 worldwide statistics that countries and one State in this article with high vaccination rates have high covid-19 cases. The video had shown it preciously from their own online DATA reports.

The evidence is there, for those who cannot view the videos, we have decided to post the statistics graphs and show that countries and at least one State with higher Covid-19 vaccination rates have higher covid-19 cases. The number spikes are whenever the vaccinations had begun, of course it would have to rise after the vaccinations had time to go into effect. It is all carefully crafted together showing the covid-19 spikes are not natural but were created with the vaccinations causing the spike in the covid cases. The missing link for all of this is whether each respective Hospital will ever admit to how many of their covid-19 positive patients were fully vaccinated. Unless they start speaking out about the statistic regarding Hospital patients who were covid-19 positive and yet were fully vaccinated prior to being Hospitalized. This is just the DATA and the Feds will refute this information, but it does show DATA which point to the fact that the cases of covid-19 positive continue to increase despite the increases in vaccinations.

The vaccination rates are rising because of the vaccine mandates and forced vaccinations. As more take the vaccines, the number of positive covid-19 cases or Delta variant positive cases start rising right after the rise in vaccinations. We are using the State of Virginia for an example but we will show some other countries as well with their statistics to show the exact same weird statistics issues regarding the rise in covid-19 after increased vaccinations. The rise despite the masks, despite the social distancing, and despite the increased vaccinations.

Let’s now look at for example: India, with a reported census population of 1.366 billion (2019). A lot more than the United States of America, so this is a perfect example to see the covid-19 cases and vaccination rates.

Now let’s look at the covid-19 vaccination rates:

Only 13.2% were fully vaccinated from their population of 1.366 billion assuming that it is based off that population number from 2019. Now let’s take a look at the Covid-19 number compared to the United States of America.

Only at one point that it had a little spike, DATA came from However the covid-19 cases are very low compared to the United States of America. Now India has a lot of a higher population than the United States of America. Google reports that the United States of America population from it’s census is at 328.2 million (2019).

India has anywhere between 4 to 5 times the population higher than the United States of America’s population. That is quite a jump, and yet India has way lower Covid-19 new cases compared to the United States which has a higher vaccination rate than India, and the United States has a 4 to 5 times lower population than India. That’s according to the reported DATA, that is all we are doing. You can research this for yourselves.

Now let’s look at Israel’s population and then we shall look at the DATA regarding their vaccination rates and rise in Covid-19 cases:

A relatively way-smaller population than the United States of America and other major countries worldwide. Yet let’s look at the DATA regarding the rise in Covid-19 cases in Israel.

The cases keep rising each and every day. The reported 7-day average is 9,494. That is quite a lot. The DATA shown one thing, that the covid-19 cases keep rising despite the fact that it is still summertime with plenty of heat.

The covid-19 cases are higher than the United States of America and have a way lot less of a population than the United states. This is at Israel’s population of 9.053 million in 2019, and 328.2 million of the USA in 2019. So why is the covid-19 cases even higher than the United States of America despite the strict Israel vaccination mandates, lockdown type restrictions, and vaccine passport system in Israel???

Now let’s look at the vaccination rates:

OMG!!!! Israel has a 61.4% vaccination rate of being fully vaccinated and yet has a severe rising Covid-19 new cases at over 9,000 per week average.

So India has a really low covid-19 cases and yet has a severely higher population of over 1 billion people living in India, the citizens of India, and yet their Covid-19 cases are lower than the United States of America and Israel combined. India only had one spike in the DATA and that was probably from the vaccinated, then the Indian people had enough and refused further vaccination which probably explains why the vaccination rates are lower, and the covid-19 new cases are lower in India, versus Israel, Virginia in the USA, and the United States of America.

TheStarChild2009 YouTube videos are correct. The DATA shown that higher vaccination rates seem to be involved with higher covid-19 cases. Israel is a way smaller country. See the Virginia spike in new Covid-19 cases all over the State and it is with a majority of it’s population fully vaccinated. Wrap your brains around this one, this is the DATA, this is the silence, trust the real science not the fake Globalist eugenics science.

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