Commonwealth Attorney Glen Andrew Hall’s bullying against an Autistic Man; Court of Appeals joins in on bullying; Martinsville, Virginia bullying this Autistic man

Author: Stanley Bolten

Note: Extension of article: Virginia Appeals Court retaliates against Brian Hill, throws out his Appeals, lying about him, Violating Federal Law. Retaliating over the Lin Wood Tweet revelations – Justice for Brian D. Hill of USWGO Alternative News

The corrupt Commonwealth Attorney Glen Andrew Hall, Esq. and his corrupt Court of Appeals of Virginia are ganging up to bully and steal the SSI disability money of Brian D. Hill, the former news reporter of USWGO Alternative News who has Autism and has been diagnosed at age 4 of having Autism Spectrum Disorder. Robbery by unlawful demand for Brian’s SSI disbursements.

Here is a photo of this corrupt bully of a Commonwealth Attorney who had destroyed evidence or allowed evidence to be destroyed favorable to the Actual Innocence verdict for Brian D. Hill for his state criminal charge, in violation of court orders and his Brady rights under criminal law. This Commonwealth Attorney shall forever be memorialized as a thug, a bully, a evidence destroyer, and a wrongful conviction advocate type of criminal prosecutor. The Innocence Project should be afraid of this terrible man, he convicts innocent people, and he knows it.

That man above ignored evidence, destroyed evidence or allowed Martinsville Police Department to cover up and destroy evidence who he represents as a Government attorney, and we have the evidence of these facts. Brian has the original envelope in a secured location which he will not disclose in case they try to come and destroy the envelope. Go ahead and try to sue us you dumb-ass attorney. We know that you had wrongfully convicted innocent man Brian David Hill, formerly of USWGO Alternative News. Go ahead and try to target us, go ahead and try to set us up with crimes. We will not budge as Brian Hill had said to the corrupt judges of the Court of Appeals of Virginia in a letter he had filed with them. As long as we have the evidence of these claims, he cannot sue us for defamation. He is a public official and is held under a different standard than private citizens since he can ruin lives as a criminal prosecutor whether it be deserved or not. We have the first Amendment and we have evidence filings. We have the appeal records thanks to the leak from the Appeals Court Clerk’s office, thanks Deputy Clerk for those records, haha hahahaha (a little sarcastic laugh, we have a right to it after all the crap Brian had been through) take that Glen Andrew Hall. We have the records, available to the general public, they can verify the evidence and claims for themselves. The truth is out there, like X-Files.

Read the corrupt legal rulings in the other article with scanned copies of those Court orders.
Ruling from Writ Panel on direct criminal appeal (read their lies for yourselves)
Ruling from Writ Panel on denial of fraud on the court motion (read their lies for yourselves)
Now read the letters sent to the Court by Brian Hill and proof of successful filing operations.
letter-cav-brian-hill-9-3-2021.pdf – September 3, 2021 letter
letter-cav-brian-hill-9-6-2021.pdf – September 6, 2021 letter
Letter-CAV-Brian-Hill-9-9-2021.pdf – September 9, 2021 letter
September 3, 2021 letter, Approved as filed by the Clerk of the Court
September 6, 2021 letter, Approved as filed by the Clerk of the Court
September 9, 2021 letter, Approved as filed by the Clerk of the Court

Brian had warned Glen Andrew Hall in writing that he is being allowed to commit crimes right now because of the Deep State Swamp (Epsteins, Maxwells, Rockefellers, Rothschilds, Clintons, Bushes) Cabal (who is also involved with the Pedophile blackmail rings and drug cartels) protecting people like him, this disgusting lawyer, but the Feds will get him for his crimes once the corruption is to be removed from office. Brian is threatening this lawyer with being arrested for his crimes and malfeasance. Brian even said he will ask the Military to arrest this lawyer and/or the State Judges for high treason. Glen Andrew Hall had committed high treason or other high crimes and/or misdemeanors, he had deprived Brian of his Constitutional rights and destroyed evidence or permitted evidence to be destroyed which makes him an accessory to criminal activities. Try to prove us wrong Glen Andrew Hall, you are welcome to email a comment to us and we will publish it in this article. We welcome you to respond in opposition to us. We are ready for your comment. You have the right to respond to this blog, if you dare want to challenge any of this. We published John Ira Jones denial of Brian’s allegations, we can post your denial to the claims in this article if you wish.

He is a bully because he has racked up hundreds to thousands of dollars of attorney fees against Brian D. Hill in total violation of his rights under the Federal Social Security disability protection law against levying, against garnishment, against attachment, and even against subjecting the SSI disability disbursement to any other legal process. It isn’t out of collecting job income through taxes. Brian had never worked and thus he is permanently disabled. The Commonwealth Attorney is coming after Brian’s life.

He is bullying somebody with a neurological disorder, he is bullying somebody with Autism Spectrum Disorder, that is a FACT. He is bullying somebody who is innocent of his charge (argued by Attorney Edward Ryan Kennedy before the Supreme Court) of indecent exposure because of the carbon monoxide poisoning, Martinsville Police refusing to investigate anything mailed to them in photos submitted to Federal Court records, and the Commonwealth Attorney violating Court orders which is contempt of court by allowing evidence to be destroyed after being court ordered to turn such evidence over to the defense attorney Scott Albrecht in 2018. Brian has Autism and has had Autism since he was 4 years old, so this is not some out of the blue diagnosis that could have been made up, it was not made up. Brian has had Autism for most of his entire life after he was damaged by the school mandated vaccinations/vaccines such as the MMR vaccine and other vaccines. Childhood vaccines had permanently disabled him until the forbidden health curing technologies are released to the general public. Hasn’t happened yet.

The Virginia Court of Appeals judges had lied about the record on appeal and had further justified this corrupt bully Commonwealth Attorney’s lawfare war on this Autistic Man. HE IS GOING TO WAR WITH AN AUTISTIC MAN, how despicable. This man Brian D. Hill had no victims in the State of Virginia, in his criminal case, no victims exist, just one corrupt police officer Robert Jones of Martinsville Police Department who had bullied this innocent autistic man and refused to review over evidence which would justify that Brian’s behavior on September 21, 2018, was not a criminal act as he was under Carbon Monoxide Gas exposed.

Glen Andrew Hall shall forever be enshrined as the WORST COMMONWEALTH ATTORNEY in the City of Martinsville in Virginia. He should resign, and nobody should ever vote for him ever again in the next election and in any future elections. He should be disbarred and removed from practice of law. He is a dirty lawyer, just as dirty and corrupt as Anand Prakash Ramaswamy. I don’t care if he reads this article, it is all truthful information against him, it is white propaganda against him in a political cold civil war against this law breaking Commonwealth Attorney. John Ira Jones is also a corrupt court appointed lawyer who worked in favor of this enemy. They are all enemies of Autism. No justice, no peace, but we want peace, we want this corrupt lawyer arrested peacefully. We want the Military to continue to protect Brian Hill.

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