Virginia Appeals Court retaliates against Brian Hill, throws out his Appeals, lying about him, Violating Federal Law. Retaliating over the Lin Wood Tweet revelations

Note: See Extension Article: Commonwealth Attorney Glen Andrew Hall’s bullying against an Autistic Man; Court of Appeals joins in on bullying; Martinsville, Virginia bullying this Autistic man – Justice for Brian D. Hill of USWGO Alternative News

Author: Stanley Bolten

The Virginia Appeals Court had conducted an ATTACK RETALIATION CAMPAIGN against Brian D. Hill formerly of USWGO Alternative News. They protected the corrupt court appointed lawyer/liar John Ira Jones and then demanded that Brian pays this corrupt (probably compromised) lawyer and the appeals were all thrown out. They did this probably to retaliate against Brian for his allegations insinuating that the judges of this Court may or may not have been blackmailed with child rape and murder as Attorney L. Lin Wood’s vague tweets could be saying regarding any or certain number of politicians and judges, but no names have come out of which judges could have been compromised and blackmailed. That corrupt Court of Appeals didn’t even respond to Brian’s allegations, which that right there is suspicious, there needs to be investigations and removals from office. That is why special counsel is necessary to investigate every state and federal Judge who may have been blackmailed or threatened. Investigations may be needed to investigate every judge of this Court of Appeals, they act just as corrupt as the Federal Courts.

There is a cold civil war going on in the Federal, State, and Local Governments as the final New-World-Order agenda is being finalized. The Deep State Cabal (the Swamp) must corrupt all Federal, State, and Municipal Courts in the United States of America. To fulfill their agenda, All judges must be compromised, blackmailed, or threatened in order to destroy the Constitution of the United States. Because Brian doesn’t make any money and only lives off of SSI disability, he is on the front lines fighting the corrupt Judges, getting attacked and lied about by these very judges.

First of all here are the corrupt rulings from some kangaroo Writ Panel of judges:
Ruling from Writ Panel on direct criminal appeal (read their lies for yourselves)
Ruling from Writ Panel on denial of fraud on the court motion (read their lies for yourselves)

They started attacking and lying about Brian right and left. Said his entire appeal was frivolous, saying he had no Constitutional right to challenge ineffective assistance of counsel, demanded $600 collectively of Brian’s federally protected Supplemental Security Income (SSI) disability money. The entire Panel opinion was just filled with lies because they protect their own, no matter how corrupt they are, they protect their own like a bunch of gang-bangers, like a bunch of bullies ganging up on a Mildly Autistic and brittle Diabetic man. Only bullies and thugs go after the disabled and the weak.

Brian, as always, attacked the corrupt judges in his counter filings, and they got very angry and completely threw out one of his appeals by denying his Petition for Rehearing just three days after it was record filed by the Clerk’s office. His lawyer didn’t even represent Brian and now he is to pay this crappy lawyer $600 total when you count both rulings. That plus out of pocket expenses. Ouch!

Petition for Rehearing which was denied a few days after being filed – courtappeals9-6-2021-corrected-2.pdf
Email sent to Clerks and Respondents – proof-service-brian-hill-9-7-2021.pdf
Filing record of Petition for Rehearing – digital-records-system-print-4.pdf
Proof of service – proof-service-brian-hill-9-7-2021-1.pdf

The judicial tyranny is far worse than ever before. All of the hard work Brian had done pointing out the lies and couldn’t even point out every lie, and it was denied by the full court a few days later. The court is broken. The Martinsville Courts are broken and tyrannical. The Courts of Appeals both Federal and State are broken. It is obvious that this cannot be fixed anymore. The courts are going to need to be entirely reformed from top to bottom.

More lies were exposed in Brian’s second Petition for Rehearing. Brian exposed that the Commonwealth of Virginia lawyer named Glen Andrew Hall, the corrupt DA of Martinsville, had violated multiple court orders by destroying the body-camera footage and the blood vials which would have proven that Brian was under carbon monoxide by the gas coming out of the fireplace according to Pete Compton of ACE Chimney of Bassett. Brian even filed a motion for a contempt proceeding in the General District against Glen Andy Hall which will probably also be going nowhere. However Brian had proven that the prosecutor’s criminal prosecution for indecent exposure was entirely flawed because of the carbon monoxide, biological evidence destroyed by Martinsville Police or Sovah Hospital, body-camera footage video destroyed by Martinsville Police Department, and they had refused to investigate the man in the hoodie who had threatened Brian to get naked and take blackmail photos of himself or his mother would be murdered. I know it sounds hard to believe but the Deep State cabal is so powerful that they ousted a legitimate President Donald John Trump from office using election fraud. They went after Roger Stone, they are capable of anything criminal and corrupt.

Read Brian’s second Petition for Rehearing and his motion for contempt proceedings:
Petition for Rehearing on September 9, 2021 – courtappeals9-9-2021-1.pdf
Motion to Martinsville GDC requesting contempt proceedings – motion-to-martinsville-gdc-requesting-contempt-proceedings6complete.pdf
Attempted filing but there is no confirmation on online record – xfinity-connect-martinsville-general-district-court-motion-for-contempt-proceedings-for-evidence-destruction-no_-c18-3138-commonwealth-of-virginia-et-al-v_-brian-david-hill-printout.pdf
Acceptance of filing – xfinity-connect-vaces-efiling-submission-for-brian-david-hill-v_-commonwealth-of-virginia-has-been-reviewed-and-accepted-printout8.pdf
Proof of service – proof-service-brian-hill-9-9-2021-1.pdf

Both were filed successfully. Things are getting heated up between the Court and Brian. All of this over an incident on September 21, 2018, at night, with very questionable circumstances involved here. I wouldn’t put it past the Swamp Deep State people to have tried something. Even if it weren’t the Swamp at all involved here, then it is just some local corruption and malfeasance. Whatever the case may be, a lot of people are going to have to be arrested for public corruption in order for things to work normally and morally.

Lin Wood said that over 90 percent of Politicians are going to Jail.

This article isn’t bringing out every document in this article as there are many. Brian had his mother write a few extra things to the Court, those were not his mother’s words. Brian is upset and had to remind the judges that Federal Law is being violated and here is why.

Under 42 U.S. Code § 407(a), no Court can compel Brian to pay back any legal debt or financial obligation out of his only source of income, and that it his SSI disability disbursement paychecks. They know that Brian is on SSI and is disabled otherwise he never would have been granted in forma pauperis status. He would have had to pay the filing fee and any other fees by the Court. A court cannot make Brian pay anything to settle any form of debt under Federal Law. They are trying to bully this man, take his money away illegally. So the Court isn’t just lying about Brian and lying about the record, putting their own spin on the evidence of the record here. If you wish to see what is really going on here, review over the records yourself as it is available for free on this blog. If you try to ask for the Court documents, prepare to pay $0.50 a page or whatever ridiculous amount they charge. We provide it free to everybody to thoroughly investigate Brian’s case.

Case records of Court of Appeals of Virginia
Case no. 1295-20-3 and 1294-20-3, Brian David Hill v. Commonwealth of Virginia, case: CR19000009-00, criminal case
case files pdf – 961 pages – This is the record of the appeal that you can review over while reading his appeal petition brief.
Case no. 0242-21-3, Brian David Hill v. Commonwealth of Virginia, case: CL20000089-00, writ of error coram nobis/vobis
case files pdf – 227 pages
Case no. 0219-21-3, Brian David Hill v. Commonwealth of Virginia, case: CL19000331-00, writ of habeas corpus
case files pdf – 348 pages

If you are angry with this and feel that Brian deserves better treatment in the legal system, then please feel free to comment below or maybe give the Court of Appeals a nice peaceful legal and lawful call and politely tell them that what they are doing is wrong, that it is malfeasance, and that they should be FOLLOWING THE LAW. Brian was right to lecture the judges about that. They aren’t following the law, they are making up the laws as they go thinking that they will get away with it. The Courts are unstable, they are no longer about justice, liberty, or freedom. They no longer care about freeing the innocent and only punishing the guilty.

Please wake up here, you have to be shown the evilness hijacking of our historical courthouses. America and the world has been taken over by a great evil, a great criminal force that obeys no laws and doesn’t care about the laws either. They are lawless, the lawless ones, the rebels against Jesus, against God, and they are known as the beasts.

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