Federal Appeals Court IGNORES THE LAW, throws out Habeas Corpus Appeal and Hazel Atlas Fraud Motions Appeal

Note: Brian’s case affects decisions of Federal Courts in North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, West Virginia, and any other states within the Fourth Circuit. They are basically allowing any and all Federal Judges to dismiss 2255 Motions and dismiss Writs of Habeas Corpus claims asserting actual innocence if filed after one year from the judgment of a criminal conviction. That directly conflicts with maybe dozens of U.S. Supreme Court authoritative case laws ruling that only Actual Innocence may overcome a one year statute of limitations under the Anti-Terrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act (AEDPA) law. This decision may also affect the January 6 protesters who were wrongfully incarcerated. This will affect all Americans that Federal Courts do not have to follow the case law of our Supreme Court. It has no effect anymore, the Supreme Court is over and done with, it doesn’t exist anymore, doesn’t have to be followed.

Time for Patriots to declare Independence from the Corrupt Federal Courts which the very ones disregarding the law and rubber stamp their corrupt unlawful decisions. They are garbage, they mean nothing, our Federal Courts don’t follow any laws anymore, they don’t follow their own rules, they don’t follow our Constitution. Time to Declare our Independence from the Government: Brian D. Hill, formerly of USWGO Alternative News, DECLARES INDEPENDENCE against the Corporation of UNITED STATES OF AMERICA 1871 – Justice for Brian D. Hill of USWGO Alternative News

Author: Stanley Bolten

The U.S. (Federal) Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit in Richmond, Virginia has totally IGNORED THE LAW, they have ignored the laws of the Court and laws of SCOTUS. They just threw out Brian D. Hill of USWGO Alternative News’s three remaining Federal Appeals. Two appeals were consolidated into one in his Writ of Habeas Corpus denial appeal (2255 motion). They threw both of them out without an opinion, without comment, denying both Petitions for Rehearing, on the date of August 17, 2021. Anybody reading this article should get this out to every lawyer, to every single person who may be ignorant about the Federal Court System and how corrupt it truly is. This was never about what crime they had originally charged Brian with. This was about the Obama Administration or any other Cabal associate getting revenge on Brian for operating USWGO Alternative News from 2009 to 2012, and/or for defeating Righthaven LLC by not settling with them until they knew they had no standing to have ever sued and folded. It is clear as day that this is about revenge. When Judges ignore the laws when favorable to Brian Hill who was charged with a crime in 2013, then the Judges are not following the law. They disagree with a law and not follow it and not rule a law unconstitutional but just simply refuses to enforce any law favorable to Brian the criminal defendant, then that is TREASON OF THE HIGHEST ORDER.

Brian D. Hill speaks out about U.S. Court of Appeals tossing his remaining appeals.

They are totally holding Brian D. Hill HOSTAGE, HOSTAGE, HOSTAGE, HOSTAGE. They are holding him hostage to an unlawful sentence, to a criminal conviction fueled by Fraud on the Court and violations of law as well as corrupt usurpations of power. It was explained in the YouTube videos published on the Official USWGO YouTube channel that Brian’s claims on all of his two Probation Violation convictions and his original criminal conviction was all based on fraud and wrongful usurpation of power, meaning that the Corrupt Federal Judge Thomas David Schroeder refused to let the Commonwealth of Virginia finish it’s trial de novo before convicting Brian of the Supervised Release Violation, refusing to allow Virginia to try Brian for his state charge of 2018 prior to convicting him in Federal Court of the state charge. So the Feds knew Brian could have been found innocent of his state charge due to the carbon monoxide poisoning in Brian’s blood. The Martinsville Police Department never conducted a drug test of Brian after his arrest, even when Brian written in sloppy handwriting that he may have had drugs in his body at the time he was arrested but Law Enforcement refused to drug test him as if drug testing does not matter when it may prove Brian’s innocence to his state charge. The Feds knew all of his Probation Violations were based on a fraud or frauds, lies or misinterpretation of the law. The first violation conviction was based on Brian’s behavior which was exhibited by his Autism Spectrum Disorder (a neurological disorder) where he had an autistic meltdown in front of U.S. Probation Officer Kristy L. Burton of Danville, Virginia. She admitted he never hurt her, he never went towards her but was sitting in a chair while he had his meltdown (yeah, sounds like a real trouble maker?????? lol), he wasn’t able to check his blood sugar because she the bitch Kristy Burton showed up without warning not giving him an opportunity to do his insulin shot. The CORRUPT Federal Judge proclaimed without evidence convicting Brian of violating his Probation and the Judge proclaimed that Brian threatened his Probation Officer and did a threatening gesture over the Autistic-meltdown knowing that people with Autism can have meltdowns. So both were based on FRAUD. Brian asserted those claims of fraud, and they were uncontested by the Government lawyers. They by the law, waived their right to respond to those fraud allegations. They were factual fraud allegations. However CORRUPT FEDERAL JUDGE THOMAS DAVID SCHROEDER, threw out those uncontested motions, undisputed motions, as all labeled meritless and frivolous. What a tyrant. Brian is being held hostage by this WARPED CORRUPT Federal Judge. Brian was well within the law according to Local Rule 7.3 applicable to 2255 cases as that same Local Rule was enforced against Brian when the U.S. Attorney filed a motion to dismiss his 2255 case. So Brian had to file a response or risk having his 2255 Writ of Habeas Corpus case dismissed. When the U.S. Attorney refuses to file a response to Brian’s fraud allegations and exhibits, on the basis of the discovery evidence material Brian reviewed entirely over after he was convicted (WAIT!!!!! He read his discovery materials after he was convicted, after he falsely plead guilty????), which means those motions and it’s claims are legitimate and uncontested, undisputed. They should have been granted but instead they were ignored for about a year as the Judge sat on those 2019 motions and were thrown out as meritless. This is all the truth and can be verified. What a tyrant.

DISCLAIMER: We are not advocating sedition here. Actually this article brings up about Federal Courts that actually ignore the laws, ignore the very rules they pass through their bureaucrats and they enforce on one party but not the other party aka the U.S. Attorney party. So Courts are selectively enforcing the law and selectively enforcing who gets Constitutional rights and who doesn’t. This is very dangerous and Courts that operate like this are not Courts of Law in my opinion. So please understand we are not advocating any criminal activity here, we only want COURTS to FOLLOW the LAW, the follow the Constitution.

Anyways, the Fourth Circuit threw out the Petition for Rehearing regarding Brian arguing that the panel made a bad decision in the Fourth Circuit, U.S. Corrupt Court of Appeals, because Brian is entitled to prove Actual Innocence as a matter of Supreme Court law and his 2255 case should not have been denied and dismissed without an evidentiary hearing. The Judges even deprived Brian of his right to discovery evidence materials throughout his 2255 case so Brian could not be allowed to prove that alleged child porn was downloading for 11 months while Brian didn’t even have his computer and was in Law Enforcement custody. His legal arguments and truthful statements, evidence, case law, and facts fell on deaf ears, fell on deaf words. They all were just simply denials of all appeals without an opinion really, well one did say that Brian surpassed the one year statute of limitations and acted as though there is no Actual Innocence exception to the one year statute of limitations in the Anti-Terrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act (ADEPA). Another opinion basically said that their law is good law and they ignored the Supreme Court’s more recent decision in Haymond that even Federal Probationers are entitled to the right of a trial by JURY. However the Supreme Court ruled that an Actual Innocence claim can overcome the one year statute of limitations from countless modern decisions from SCOTUS. So the Actual Innocence exception is being ignored by the Federal Courts in the case of Brian D. Hill and likely many other cases which go through any Federal Court within the Fourth Circuit boundaries.

The Fourth Circuit also ignored Brian’s argument that Brian’s motions were supposed to be granted as a matter of law regarding Local Rule 7.3 which is law of the Court, enforced against Brian but not enforced against the Government. That is concerning his Hazel Atlas motions which are motions alleging fraud on the court by an officer of the Court. Even Kristy L. Burton should have been charged with defrauding the Court as she was also an officer of the Court by definition as she works for the Judiciary as the U.S. Probation Office is a Judicial agency. Fraud can lead to a wrongful judgment in a criminal or civil case and such fraud deprives a party of Due Process of Law, and such fraud makes a wrongful judgment in a case. Fraud can be anywhere between bribing a judge, from blackmailing a judge, to presenting perjury testimony to a judge, to presenting fraudulent evidence and/or fraudulent claims to a Judge. All of those are supposed to be sanctionable conduct, meaning that a Judge of a Court should normally sanction a party, meaning punishing a party for perpetuating fraud upon it’s Court. The Fourth Circuit threw that appeal out completely on August 17, 2021, and refused to overturn this bad decision as those motions were uncontested and were filed in Brian’s 2255 case. So the record actually discredits Judge Schroeder claiming that Brian’s motions were frivolous because they were not in proper form and not filed individually as 2255 motions. That doesn’t make any sense when those motions were filed in Brian’s 2255 case a few months before it was dismissed without those motions ever being acted upon. Motions alleging fraud can be acted upon at any time, they can be filed at any time, as long as they are properly before the Court. Brian did such procedures. He was betrayed by our Federal Judges.

They just filed the two documents and they don’t even give an explanation why, they just throw both remaining appeals out. All of Brian’s appeals in the Fourth Circuit have been killed by Corrupt Judges, probably being blackmailed with child rape and murder as L. Lin Wood had suggested with his vague Twitter statements in January of 2021. We have the reasonable suspicion to suspect that all Federal Judges in the Fourth Circuit and in the Middle DIstrict of North Carolina may be raping children or at least raped one child and was blackmailed doing it or was blackmailed by some other form of criminal evidence, whatever the case may be. These judges are all acting funny, ignoring the laws when they disagree with them instead of simply declaring a law unconstitutional when they disagree with it. They didn’t even do that, they just simply ignore the laws on the books, and enforce laws that like. That is not a Court of Law but a Court of selective enforcement of laws they like and refuse to enforce constitutional laws or rules they do not like. Heck, Judges don’t even follow rules or laws they agreed with or their rule making committees had legally passed but the Judge refuses to enforce a rule if favorable to a defendant or plaintiff they dislike.

Document 282.0 – Corrupt Court of Appeals denying petition for rehearing in appeal of denial of Hazel Atlas motions – fraud on the court motions which were uncontested
Document 283.0 – Corrupt Court of Appeals denying petition for rehearing in appeal of denial of 2255 Motion and dismissal of civil 2255 Writ of Habeas Corpus case
Docket sheet – Read the last page of the document to see the final docket entries

You can also see the documents on Courtlistener: https://www.courtlistener.com/docket/4304407/united-states-v-hill/?page=2#entry-282

On the exact same day, working in tandem together almost like they were being directed to so by something we do not know (Deep State Cabal maybe???), they all throw out every one of Brian’s pending appeals after letting it sit for months after Brian made the allegations that those Federal Judges or any Federal Judges involved in his cases may have been blackmailed with child rape and murder as Attorney L. Lin Wood’s vague Tweets about the issue may possibly be true depending on which Judges and Politicians Lin Wood is insinuating. We do not yet know.

What we can prove in this article is that Federal Courts no longer follow the law, especially the Middle District of North Carolina and the Fourth Circuit of the U.S. Circuit Appellate Courts. They ignored Local Rule 7.3, Motion Practice.

It may very well be time to legally declare that the Fourth Circuit and the U.S. District Court for the Middle District of North Carolina are ILLEGITIMATE COURTS, ACTING ILLEGITIMATELY. It may be time for the Supreme Court to nullify the authority of those Federal Courts until corrections can be made, because these two Federal Courthouses are ignoring the law, ignoring the Constitution, and ignoring SCOTUS case law. It may now be the time to open up a case, not just with the issues involving the criminal and civil cases of Brian David Hill, but with the cases of other victims of judicial malfeasance and corruption, to declare that the Federal Courts mentioned in this article are ILLEGITIMATE, and any cases arising from those Courts are illegitimate as well. Courts of Law are supposed to obey the laws and enforce all laws. If a law is unconstitutional and a Judge wishes to refuse to follow an unconstitutional law, they can declare it and create a ruling to nullify that law, or a portion of that law, or nullify an action of a particular Federal Law which violates the U.S. Constitution. When a Federal Court openly ignores a law they disagree with and does absolutely nothing to push to legally nullify that law they disagree with as unconstitutional, then they have to follow that law even if it frees a criminal defendant from incarceration or even from his Probation. If a Judge disagrees that a criminal defendant should be acquitted but the law says the acquittal must be done, then that Judge is refusing to follow the law, it is no longer a Court of Law, it is a Court of Man, a Court of the Fuhrer, the Nazi Courts which gave the rise of Adolf Hitler to power before he conducted genocide/democide. So the Courts of the United States are acting in conjunction with the Nazis during or right before the rise of Adolf Hitler in the 1930’s to the 1940’s. These Federal Buildings, these so-called Federal Tribunals, Federal Courts, they are not Constitutional Courts of the Constitution. The only Court which imposes Constitutional interpretation is the Supreme Court of the United States which is mentioned in writing in the Judiciary Branch of the U.S. Constitution in Article III. The Supreme Court gave lower Courts the power to conduct Constitutional interpretation to save time, energy, and resources dealing with cases and controversies all across the United States of America as the population would grow overtime. However when a lower Court refuses to follow a well established Supreme Court case law precedent repeatedly and is never held accountable to such misconduct, when the purpose of the Supreme Court is to create case law of a well settled dispute between the Circuits and disputes between Courts all over the United States of America. The purpose of the Supreme Court nowadays is to resolve the disputes between different Courts with different interpretations, different opinions, and different rulings (which can get kind of messy) by setting a SCOTUS one rule, one opinion, non conflicting standard of case law. Lower courts can try to argue a new interpretation of a past SCOTUS decision with the changing of the times, changing of the laws and rules, but simply ignoring SCOTUS decisions out of disagreement with a particular criminal defendant being set free when law requires such is such a flagrant disregard of the law.

Flagrant means conspicuously bad or offensive behavior showing contemptuous disregard for the law, morality, or the rights of others. This blatant behavior must be so obviously inconsistent with what is right or proper that it can neither escape notice nor be condoned.

Flagrant Definition | Law Insider – https://www.lawinsider.com/dictionary/flagrant

Imagine Judges having a flagrant disregard for the law and a disregard for rules that were set into a Court’s locally established law and legal procedures. Rules can not be selectively enforced on one party but not the other as that deprives a party of Due Process of Law when a rule cannot be equally applied to all. It is partiality, it creates an unfair advantage of one party over another. It violates the sanctity of Judicial proper behavior.

The only problem is the Supreme Court has no massive enforcement mechanism to enforce it’s case law on all lower Courts and tribunals. Therefore lower Courts can simply choose to ignore Supreme Court rulings and treat it like it doesn’t exist. Well in that regards, those lower Courts no longer are legitimate, they have no legal authority as they will not follow a Constitutional tribunal of the entire Nationwide order of the laws, referring directly to SCOTUS, the Supreme Court Of The United States (SCOTUS). The Supreme Court is the highest Court. When a lower Court refuses to follow decisions of SCOTUS, SCOTUS cannot sit there and correct every single decision of lower Courts breaking the law as it may end up tying up SCOTUS for months to years in legal mumble jumble trying to correct conflicting Courts which conflict with it’s past decisions. This is a Constitutional CRISIS.

It is clear, legally, that Brian D. Hill is being held hostage by the Fourth Circuit and the U.S. District Court for the Middle District of North Carolina. Brian is being held hostage by a rebellious Courthouse and rebellious Appellate Circuit who defends the rebellious Court. It is JUDICIAL HIGH TREASON. The U.S. District Court for the Middle District of North Carolina is ENGAGED IN HIGH TREASON. It is time to arrest Thomas David Schroeder for acting against well established law and case law. The Fourth Circuit Judges, ALL OF THEM, have engaged in high treason and it is time to arrest ALL JUDGES, ARREST ALL JUDGES of the Fourth Circuit of the Federal Appeals Statutory Court of Record. Only by statute gives these Federal Courts any authority at all. They have broken that authority by their treasonous unlawful behavior. They have no authority, time to declare sovereignty from these DANGEROUS CORRUPT FEDERAL COURTHOUSES and their Judicial Tyrants.

I shall create a Petition and post it here for everybody to sign to ARREST all FOURTH CIRCUIT FEDERAL JUDGES for treason, and arrest all Judges of the Middle District of North Carolina who also engage in high treason. It is time for not just internet petitions but paper petitions with real signatures. It is time to call forth the arrest of those Federal Judges and hold them in detention and give them a fair trial in a lawful constitutional tribunal. They are acting contrary to law, CONTRARY TO LAW. I am not disagreeing with the LAW, they are disagreeing with the LAW, the JUDGES are DISAGREEING with the LAW. They should be punished for not following the LAW.

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