INFOWARS.COM BLOCKED OUR EMAILS – Rob Dew Breaks his promise to Brian D. Hill of USWGO Alternative News – THE ULTIMATE BETRAYAL!!!!! Blocking anybody emailing about Brian’s case

Author: Stanley Bolten

Rob Dew told Brian in 2018, “If you can prove that the Government fucked up in your case, then I’ll write an article”. So we’d thought the two YouTube videos with HARDCORE EVIDENCE proving that Brian was tortured in Federal Jails and proof showing he is factually innocent of child pornography because he was framed like Luke Rudkowski, Stewart Rhodes, Melissa Dykes (formerly Melissa Melton), Ian Freeman of Free Talk Live, and other activists and patriots. That was Brian D. Hill, formerly of USWGO Alternative News. Alex Jones told the media that he was being framed with somebody trying to set him up with child porn through malware. Yet he doesn’t want to hear Brian’s story, refuses to, refuses to let any Infowars employee receive any emails about Brian’s story.

The proof we have against Infowars was that their email servers are now blocking anything and everything to do with me Stanley Bolten, Justice for Brian D. Hill of USWGO Alternative News email domain, and anything to do with me and likely Brian’s case at all. So anybody on the internet who may be trying to email to Infowars or attempting to blow the whistle on Brian’s actual innocence is also likely going to be blocked from emailing to anybody working at Sorry! Infowars is not about telling the truth, they block you if they don’t like you.

What’s wrong here, Brian used to work alongside Infowars in 2011, 2012. They aren’t just blocking our emails, they are blocking any and all emails from different email providers and servers, they are blocking anything to do with Stanley Bolten and anything to do with USWGO Alternative News. Any evidence of Brian’s innocence is being blocked by email servers. This had not happened before, something has changed. They are blocking the facts and the truth. Maybe Infowars should be sued by Brian Hill and his family. Alex Jones ruined Brian’s life by making Brian a target in the Town of Mayodan, that little bastard. General Flynn started endorsing Alex Jones material titled “SPARS 2025-2028 Report”, now we will give this information to General Flynn and the Digital Soldiers, and they will know for themselves that General Flynn needs to reject Alex Jones and refuse to endorse that Big-Fat-Liar’s videos and articles.

WHY WOULD ALEX JONES, DARRIN MCBREEN, and ROB DEW TURN THEIR BACKS ON BRIAN after he proved his innocence and proved he was tortured like the January 6 protesters are being tortured now into falsely pleading guilty.

We’d thought that Rob Dew or Kit Daniels of (Alex Jones’s media platform) would love to see the proof in those videos, easy to understand, calm NPR voice explaining how Brian Hill had proven his innocence with the raw legal facts, shows all of the proof condensed in the ten to eleven minutes of video:

The proof is here but they have betrayed Brian, Rob Dew had gone and done it, Infowars had gone and done it. They officially blocked any emails coming from us even though I was willing to apologize for all the bad articles on the Justice for Brian D. Hill of USWGO Alternative News on They just proved me right yet again. Now they are really looking bad for their garbage and mean tactics.

I was nice in that email, here is the email quotation:

Rob Dew and Kit Daniels of InfoWars,
You told Brian in 2018, “If you can prove that the Government fucked up in your case, I’ll write an article on it”. Well Brian had proven it but we understand that you don’t have the time and resources sifting through hundreds of pages of document and trying to figure out how the Government ruined an innocent alternative news reporter.
One ten minute video briefly shows that the Government did fuck up all the way in the prosecution of Brian’s case. Not just that Rob Dew and Kit Daniels, the Government defrauded the Court to convict an innocent man with child pornography. Uncontested claims of fraud are proven Rob Dew, that is why an article must be written on this, here is why.

The proof is in the video to review. Proof that Brian D. Hill; USWGO Alt. News, is INNOCENT, being HELD HOSTAGE by Corrupt Federal Court – YouTube – – This video may be going viral as it has over 20,000 views already. There may be more as I write this.

Here are the facts. Local Rule 7.3 of the U.S. District Court says the Respondents must respond to a motion and brief within 21 days or 30 days if motion for summary judgment or maybe 14 days if a motion for discovery. If the motion is not responded to by an opposition brief, then it is an uncontested motion and “ordinarily will be granted without further notice”. Brian said in multiple motions, written motions and briefs, that his child pornography case was based on a fraudulent prosecution, that is was downloading for 11 months after his computer was seized by law enforcement. Brian also had proven the Probation Violation was also prosecuted by fraud even though that charge was over having an autistic meltdown where nobody was harmed, Brian’s Autism Spectrum Disorder caused by the vaccines had caused that. The Probation Officer committed perjury in her testimony against Brian. Proven on the record.

All of that was outlined, in three Hazel Atlas Motions which is legal under the U.S. Supreme Court, all Courts have the inherit power to vacate any judgments procured by fraud. Known as Hazel Atlas Motions and another case outlined those inherit powers was Chambers v. NASCO, Inc..

Brian filed Documents #199, #206, and #222. The third one asked for Brian’s criminal conviction to be annulled as it was obtained by fraud. Since that would be similar to a Summary Judgment Motion, the Government would have 30 days to respond. the Government never responded even over a year to those motions. So the Government did not object to the claims made in those motions. Brian’s contentions were undisputed, uncontested. Therefore Brian is FACTUALLY INNOCENT of child porn as a matter of law. Watch the video and you will understand why an article needs to be written about this.

We’ve had our disagreements and I apologize to you Rob Dew over it. It’s not fair to Brian for me to be upset with you. Brian has proven his innocence, the Government did not file any objections when they had the right to. After 21 days or 30 days response deadline under the rules, the Government waives their right to respond and the facts are the facts. I’ve proven the Government fucked up in Brian’s case. Please keep your end of the bargain.

Owen Shroyer was right when he said he can’t cover every criminal case of a possibly innocent man as it would overwhelm Infowars and they couldn’t function as there is so much Police State persecution that they can’t cover it all. I understand all of that.

Please consider this popular 24K YouTube video and write it into a short article. Even posting the video on would bring up the facts and make Brian the happiest alternative news man ever.
Alex Jones has been ranting a lot lately about January 6 protesters being tortured into giving false confessions or false guilty pleas to turn against Donald Trump. Being given bad Public Defenders who are getting them to not win their jury trials. The same happened to Brian and he has the proof that he was tortured in the Jails. The video with the brief evidence and proof photos and proof documents are in that video and it’s description. It’s all there and can easily be vetted.

Proof that Brian D. Hill; USWGO Alt. News, was TORTURED into Falsely Pleading Guilty – YouTube –

Please consider keeping your word to Brian. He can still text message you but he has a new phone number Rob Dew. His number is [REDACTED]. If Brian can briefly prove that the Government fucked up in his case, that you would write an article. Please keep your word Rob Dew. You owe it to him, he dug out the FOIA Documents, he received those FOIA Documents which proved that the DHS Fusion Centers were spying on Infowars. – Prison » FOIA Documents: DHS Monitored Opposition to ‘See Something, Say Something’ Program
Brian did that for you at no cost to you. Brian did all of that for you and Alex Jones. He admired Alex Jones back then and thought the world of him back then. You can still show the YouTube videos and they are also at Brighteon in case of censorship. You have the videos, you have the brief evidence explainable in 10 minutes in those two videos. Please I beg of you to present the YouTube videos herein in your article about Brian proving he was set up. You can be a hero to me and Brian and his family.

I am willing to apologize to you publicly on the blog if necessary. Brian doesn’t need to be ignored anymore, he has proven his innocence, it is factually proven. Through Hazel Atlas Motions and Medical Documentation.

God bless you,
Stanley Bolten
[Email removed to prevent email harvesters from collecting email]

No attachments in that email, nothing but truth and facts in that email, and Infowars decides to do this. I was willing to publicly apologize on this blog and give Alex Jones the benefit of seeing the proof for himself. Alex Jones is a liar. I shall provide the PDF Files with redactions of any personal phone numbers. The emails will not be redacted because the American people and people worldwide need to see the backstabber who Alex Jones really is. He backstabbed Millie Weaver, Jakari Jackson, Melissa Dykes (formerly Melissa Melton) and Aaron Dykes, and David Knight. He stabbed Brian D. Hill, formerly of USWGO Alternative News too.

Because had blocked us, they have waived their right to respond to this article. We will not ask Infowars for comment in regards to the claims in this article, unless they unblock our emails and then they can give us their perspective on why they gone and done it.

The proof is undeniable. Alex Jones refuses to hear the truth about Brian D. Hill being framed with child porn. I know for a fact that Roger Stone believed in Brian’s innocence, just to make it clear for anybody who may have misunderstood my article about Roger Stone, I never intended to say anything negative about Roger Stone in the article earlier this year about him failing to have Trump pardon Brian, because it isn’t his fault but one of the lawyers who worked at the White House who condensed the suggested pardon list. He did the best he could and that is good enough for me. Roger Stone is more compassionate and courageous than Alex Jones of Infowars. Roger Stone has the highest marks on this blog, he deserves respect and compassion for what he did for Brian versus Alex Jones completely abandoning Brian for years and years. The only reason I put it up was that Brian was upset whenever he found out about not being pardoned as Joe Biden was moving into The White House and about Roger Stone failed due to the corrupt lawyers and corrupt lawyers who tell people that it is better to falsely plead guilty. Brian at least wanted the American people to know that many do believe in Brian’s innocence including Roger Stone, which was why Brian’s family had sent me those texts. Brian was emotional and angry that he is being held hostage to a corrupt Federal Judge and cannot be acquitted even though he is entitled to acquittal as a matter of law. Roger Stone believes in Brian’s innocence to his original charge, Alex Jones refuses to investigate it, Alex Jones does not believe in Brian’s innocence, even if Brian had a mountain of hard evidence.

What a coward Alex Jones, you will look bad for this Alex Jones, we will truthfully show how horrible of a character you are Alex Jones. Our warnings were not empty. We will start exposing every lie Alex Jones had ever told on his Radio Show broadcast and he will be proven to have no credibility and is a shill, a spook, a liar. Alex Jones made Brian a fake Sex Pretender by making Brian a target, Alex Jones told Brian to go to his town or city council to fight the NDAA 2012 law, and then when Brian becomes a target, Alex Jones is nowhere to be found, HOW DESPICABLE. When Information Warriors get killed or character assassinated, Alex Jones just marches on and doesn’t even come back for the wounded in the Information War. Alex Jones abandons his own comrades. How despicable for an Information General. Alex Jones should be demoted to a foot soldier and no longer should be called the “tip of the spear”.

Here is the PDF Documents proving Infowars is blocking our emails from not just StanleyBolten @ protonmail but also blocked our emails from Zoho Email and JusticeForUSWGO.NL. They blocked our emails from three different providers.

The email which was blocked by email server:
Proof that StanleyBolten email at ProtonMail was blocked by email server:
Proof that StanleyBolten email at was blocked by email server:
Proof that StanleyBolten email at Zoho Email Service was blocked by email server:

How do you explain any of this Infowars??? Why did you turn your backs on Brian D. Hill since 2013??? Your all liars Infowars and you don’t care that Brian D. Hill is innocent. You don’t care that USWGO Alternative News was framed with child porn. You don’t care Alex Jones you fat little bastard. We will expose you for this Alex Jones, we aren’t playing around. We have proven you all to be liars and backstabbers and breaking your word. Infowars breaks they’re word like they settled with Righthaven LLC when they were being sued. Alex Jones vowed to fight Righthaven LLC not just for them but for other people as he told the Las Vegas Sun reporter Steve Green, but the words of Alex Jones are worthless, meritless, baseless, he could care less about us peons. Brian D. Hill was poor and never settled with Righthaven LLC. So Alex Jones is a liar and a backstabber.

Alex Jones said this to Las Vegas Sun before he settles with Righthaven:

“This claim is totally without merit and appears to be purely predatory and I’m weighing all options with counsel including a possible counterclaim, not just to protect myself from being squeezed but also the other sites that have been sued,” said Jones, who said his national talk show is heard on 60 stations around the country.

By Steve Green, Wednesday, Aug. 4, 2010 | 2:05 a.m., “Defendants in R-J copyright lawsuits speak out”

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