BitChute engages in CENSORSHIP Campaign of Peaceful Political Content; Purging Content they don’t like!

BitChute has now decided to engage in CENSORSHIP of Political Videos they don’t like. Videos that don’t break any laws and do not threaten anybody but simply inform people of Judicial Corruption and Political Corruption. So now BitChite has gone the route of censorship, a response was made in appealing their decision threatening them with exposure of their censorship if they don’t cease and desist their pointless censorship of the videos “Brian D Hill of “USWGO Warns Feds will Frame Up People with Child Porn – July 13, 2021“, and “Proof that Brian D. Hill; USWGO Alt. News, is INNOCENT, being HELD HOSTAGE by Corrupt Federal Court“.

BitChute censored video: “Proof that Brian D. Hill; USWGO Alt. News, is INNOCENT, being HELD HOSTAGE by Corrupt Federal Court”; also Mirrored on Wayback Machine and archives kept local.

Also also censored the video “Brian D Hill of USWGO Warns Feds will Frame Up People with Child Porn – Statement July 13, 2021” ; also Mirrored on Wayback Machine and archives kept local.

“Other Platform Misuse”, what does that even mean?

Infotoons and Rob Gibson have the same videos on BitChute and are on other video streaming platforms. There are probably a lot more this article could cite but those are the main two cited. It’s an excuse, some runaround way of attempting to justify the censorship.

Their rules and explanation for the video being blocked and censored doesn’t make any sense. They haven’t yet blocked Infotoons which has a channel on both YouTube and BitChute, so this is selective enforcement. They are blatantly censoring political videos they don’t like exposing Corrupt Federal Judges and those videos are not defamatory. They have evidence links in the description, we know this as we posted the videos, and the links are to the proof and evidence for those who want to verify the claims made in the videos about Judge Thomas David Schroeder a corrupt Federal Judge in the Middle District of North Carolina.

Not just Infotoons but Ron Gibson Infowars videos. Ron Gibson has channels with the same videos on different content video platforms and we have the proof of it, BitChute cannot deny this or claim defamation. We have the proof and so BitChute now has to answer for why our videos have been censored by some poor excuse. They must shut down the Ron Gibson channel videos since they are misusing the platform if they want to look credible censoring our videos. They must also censor Infotoons as well. Otherwise they are selectively censoring videos they don’t like, they have now engaged in showing that they symbolically are AGAINST Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Press and are no different than Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

So if BitChute decided to censor the video because it was hosted on YouTube and BitChute, they allow Infotoons to be on both platforms and they may be on even more platforms. This means they are making excuses and are using blatant selective enforcement to censor videos they don’t like. In fact I am finding others are concerned that BitChute is engaging in blatant censorship and disappearing of videos they don’t like.

So what videos were being censored here?

I expected YouTube to have censored those videos but yet they have not. To see BitChute engage in censorship is beyond me, they should allow those videos on their platform as a backup in case YouTube decides to censor them, then at least they can be found. However BitChute just randomly decides to censor them. Here is what was censored:

Proof that Brian D. Hill; USWGO Alt. News, is INNOCENT, being HELD HOSTAGE by Corrupt Federal Court – YouTube:

Brian D Hill of USWGO Warns Feds will Frame Up People with Child Porn – July 13, 2021 (MIRRORED) – YouTube:

There you go. The proof of censorship.

If the claim by BitChute was that our videos are on different platforms and that is not allowed, then why are they keeping Ron Gibson channels on different platforms and not blocking their videos?

Brighteon Ron Gibson:

BitChute Ron Gibson:

Regardless of whatever justification that BitChute is using right now, it is clear that they are purging video content they clearly don’t like. A response was given in appealing their censorship.

This is BULLSHIT. This video talks about Judicial Corruption and holding an innocent man hostage. If you continue this I will write an article about this and share it all over the internet about your blatant censorship. You will be exposed if you continue blocking this video. This is CENSORSHIP what your doing, the very thing you were supposed to decry. This will go to and other alternative media will be informed of your censorship if you keep this up. This is a WARNING. The video itself is not violating any laws, no threats are made in the video, it only exposes Federal Judicial Corruption. I will ask Stanley Bolten to write an article and post it everywhere with the proof that your censoring the video and you will lose credibility. You will lose popularity. I will fight against you for life if you continue blocking this video. I will expose you for censorship and behaving like the other Big Tech Platforms.

Our official stance on the censorship, our words to BitChute, we threatened to write an article and to go to political war with them for life exposing their censorship if they don’t cease and desist. They are engaging in censorship and we will expose it truthfully. They can claim they have a right to censor but we have a right to write articles attacking them for their censorship.

So now BitChute has gone the Big Tech Censorship route.

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