Britney Spears being forced to have a Court Appointed Lawyer, no Different than what Average Criminal Defendants receive in Courts all over America

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Author: Stanley Bolten

Now is the time to question the legitimacy and Constitutionality of court appointed lawyers all across America. They don’t just force criminal defendants to take Guilty Plea Agreements, they forced Britney Spears into an almost-permanent lifelong Conservatorship until she dies of old age even though it’s clear she is competent enough to be a celebrity which has a lot of potential stressors such as paparazzi, constant media coverage, no privacy, and having to work many hours in the entertainment industry to satisfy the Executives of the RIAA, MPAA, or whatever corporation in the entertainment industry. Celebrities can work hard, make a lot of good pay, so why would they even need to be under a human liberty depriving conservatorship?

What happened to Brian D. Hill of USWGO Alternative News is similar to Britney Spears but there are differences between them. Brian’s not under conservatorship. I don’t know Britney Spears family and I do not know how their family lifestyle is so I can’t judge, but the ones that forcefully put her under a conservatorship were not exactly the ones who purely oppressed Britney Spears. IT IS THE COURTS oppressing Britney Spears and ruining her life for years.

Now first let us take a look at what a conservatorship is:

Under U.S. law, conservatorship is the appointment of a guardian or a protector by a judge to manage the financial affairs and/or daily life of another person due to old age or physical or mental limitations. A person under conservatorship is a “conservatee”, a term that can refer to an adult.

Cited from

The wrong people can use this process to harm somebody, to engage in abuse against somebody. Wife abusers and child abusers can use this abusive process against them. The corrupt Courts, yet again, allow the abuse of this process to abuse good hard working people, even though Britney Spears isn’t perfect and probably has a few sins under her belt if not many sins that many celebrities deal with in the business, it still doesn’t warrant the use of any abusive process by use of the Courts to try to permanently take away one’s civil liberties. The Courts are in the wrong for what they done to Britney Spears.

However, her story is a public one and now is the perfect time for Justice for Brian D. Hill of USWGO Alternative News blog, to use Britney Spears’s bad situation, as an example of the widespread usage of Judicial Corruption, the use of public safety or security or a little temporary safety to deprive American citizens of their natural born Constitutional rights. When no crime is committed, should a person’s liberty be permanently deprived? Even if a person is charged with a crime, should that person be deprived of the presumption of innocence until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt before a person’s liberty can be taken? If after conviction, the sentence was fully served to pay for the crime and the time was done, should that person’s liberty still be taken away after the person fully served their criminal sentence?

Let us again read the quote from Benjamin Franklin one of the founding fathers of the United States of America and the U.S. Constitution:

Benjamin Franklin: ‘They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.’

Benjamin Franklin on the trade off between essential liberty and temporary safety (1775) –

He was right. We allowed the Courts to deprive people of their “essential liberty” for a little temporary safety. Many try to pervert his quote to say sacrifice liberty for security. Actually it says a “little temporary safety”. He doesn’t even say the word security. A little temporary safety like (1) being afraid of a virus or cold or plague so we must take away liberty or somebodies life forever to have a little temporary safety, or (2) being afraid of a terrorist or terrorist attack so we must sacrifice all of our liberty and property and our lives must be taken away to give us a little temporary safety from a passing threat of terrorism that won’t even last forever but only for a small portion of time until the threat passes away or being afraid that a new threat may come in the future someday.

This has happened to thousands upon thousands of criminal defendants all across this great country, Americans under attack by the CORRUPT JUDICIAL BRANCH, the CORRUPT JUDGES and the CORRUPT COURTS. Many criminal defendants are deprived of a fair trial, deprived of adequate and effective representation in our Courts. Criminal defendants are forced to just admit guilt to make things easier on them or they can face hard time by simply fighting for their Constitutional rights. It will make things worse if you fight for your rights, as they say. So you must give in and accept whatever guilt they place upon you, no matter what, or we throw the book at you and you will suffer in prison for years. This is such a coercive system that had been set up here.

This happened to Brian D. Hill, formerly of USWGO Alternative News, who was given a court appointed lawyer, like with Britney Spears, and the court appointed lawyers never actually want to defend their clients because they are afraid it may affect their financial benefits of working for the Courts as a public defender, a tax paid for lawyer. A court appointed lawyer, 9 times out of 10, normally works for the State and defends the State, the Government, and are paid for by the Government, the State. Eric David Placke, the Assistant of the Federal Public Defender of Greensboro, NC, gave Brian only one choice. Take the guilty plea or face 20 years in Federal Prison, Maximum Security. Brian was given no right to confront the witnesses against him. Brian was given no right to subpoena any witnesses. Brian was given no right to examine all discovery evidence until after he was convicted. Brian was given no defense when he could have clearly had one and it would be up to the jury based upon the evidence and arguments.


So if the State is out to get you, you might as well symbolically cut your arm off when your appointed a court appointed lawyer because that lawyer will give you two choices usually. Take the guilty plea, or be found guilty and face the maximum imprisonment sentencing term. That lawyer will bully you, chastise you, lie about you, misrepresent you, and repeatedly beg you to just take a guilty plea agreement, EVEN IF YOUR INNOCENT. Even if your not guilty, the court appointed lawyer always tells you that you are guilty and will never be able to prove your innocence, that the cards are always stacked against you, and that you have no chance at winning in Court, so you better just go along to get along, take the guilty plea and accept your guilt and don’t cry about it, even if you committed no crime.

What happened to Britney Spears sounds like a tragedy, yes, but her story doesn’t cover the tens to hundreds of thousands of inmates, criminal defendants who either was forced to take a guilty plea or lost the jury trial or lost the bench trial because they were appointed a court appointed lawyer. A portion of those who were wrongfully convicted are innocent, a portion are actually guilty. A portion might be guilty of a lesser crime or guilty of another crime but was charged with the wrong crime and is innocent of that charge.

Britney Spears, her testimony, her statements make it clear that for years she was deprived of her Constitutional right to a lawyer who will fight for you under the adversarial system. Yeah, maybe she wasn’t accused of a crime, but her being forcefully placed under a conservatorship is essentially almost the same thing as being a prisoner, as being on Probation or Supervised Release. You have to let somebody supervise your whole life and what you can and cannot do with your life. Your liberty is being taken away when placed under a conservatorship. When one’s personal liberty is at major risk of being deprived here, then it doesn’t matter whether this is a Criminal case of Civil case. You as an American citizen deserve the Constitutional right to a lawyer, to a private lawyer who will actually serve you, fight for you under the law, and take your evidence that you possess and use it in your favor.

Why does Britney Spears even have to ask for permission from a Court to hire her own lawyer?

If she refuses to follow those Court orders would she charged with contempt of court which is one of the major abuses of power that Courts love to use against dissidents?

Will they actually shackle her and throw her in Jail if she doesn’t do whatever the Court demands of her when her Constitutional rights are being permanently deprived here and she committed no crime and wasn’t even charged with a crime?

Britney Spears committed no crime and was treated like a slave, and that itself violates the Thirteenth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. A conservatorship and being forced to work a job/career but not receive all of the benefits of your own labor is slavery. They were treating her like she was on Probation, actually worse than Probation. If she makes any money she has to give most of it to her appointed guardian or protector, as they like to use that term to make it sound less threatening, less intimidating. Wait a minute, if she can work a regular job, maintain her physical health and well-being, and make a lot of money, than why is she even under a conservatorship as she is clearly competent enough to make a living in one of the most Liberal States in America that have many burdening taxes and many laws and restrictions on its people, the State of California. She was taken advantage of. She clearly needed no guardian and no conservatorship for all of these years.

Maybe out of one mental health episode where she shaved her head, she had one mental meltdown, one mental breakdown which we all can have in life under the most stressful situations of life. Is that even a good reason to permanently and forcefully place somebody under a conservatorship which never ends no matter how hard you fight to be free again? Once somebody wants your blood, they want it no matter what. Once they have a desire to have power over you, they will do whatever it takes to get that power, and will never relinquish it.

So, yes, the tens upon tens of thousands of criminal defendants are given no such luxury either. The problem isn’t just with the Courts, the problem is with the so-called court appointed lawyers who get paid for by the Government. If they actually defend their clients and the Government starts losing cases if Public Defenders actually defend their clients, then the State loses money, the Government loses money and criminal defendants can file lawsuits and the Government would start appearing to be less effective at being tough on crime, even though innocent people should never face even a single day behind bars in a Jail Cell or Prison Cell. The Government doesn’t want that. In fact Government is so corrupt, they can pull a few strings to take away the jobs of the court appointed lawyers. They can make recommendations to Judges or even a State Bar that a court appointed lawyer may have argued a little too much or arguing in a way which won their client’s criminal case but may have argued in an unethical manner which may be used as an excuse to attempt to forcefully disbar a lawyer or force the lawyer to undergo a psychological evaluation like what they are doing to Attorney L. Lin Wood of Georgia. The Government can retaliate or at least make the lawyer’s life a living hell in the Courtroom. If a private lawyer gets well paid for in many cases, they have the clout to be able to fight any retaliation by the Government, they have high profile law firms and millions of dollars to boot and be able to successfully fight back against a retaliatory Government lawyer. However a court appointed lawyer isn’t rich and isn’t paid the same amount of money as that of a highly skilled private lawyer. They would not do so well against a retaliation campaign.

The fact of the matter is, court appointed lawyers don’t want to make any enemies, even if they must throw their clients under the bus, throw away their Constitutional rights and protections. They just want to make a living, be able to feed their families. They just get their clients to take Guilty Plea Agreements and give up their innocence. They just tell people like Britney Spears to just go along with the conservatorship and maybe one day she will get her freedom back. That day never came and that was why Britney Spears or somebody who felt sorry for her went public for the first time in years about this corrupt Court System and about how she was forcefully placed under a conservatorship, her liberty taken away from her, her fruits of her labor forcefully taken away from her. Britney Spears or somebody who felt sorry for her finally was able to convene this tragedy out to the public for them to see the real Justice system for what it is, it is not like the movies and how Hollywood portrays Courtrooms and Judges like Law and Order and other shows and movies. Courts are not like the movies, you have been brainwashed. Courts do not always operate fairly, that is impossible.

The fact is somebody broke the silence and went public for the first time in years about this corrupt conservatorship and how it had affected her life. Somehow either by her or by somebody in her family, somebody got tired of seeing her being repeatedly abused in the Court system, her story finally went public. So it is the same as how criminal defendants are treated on a day to day basis. Exactly the same. It doesn’t matter whether you did the crime or not, you will always do the time, even if your innocent, it is a brutal system.

Never trust a court appointed lawyer, and if your forced to even have one and cannot afford a good private lawyer, well there are good court appointed lawyers here and there if you manage to get around the many jurisdictional issues dealing with court appointed lawyers too afraid to fight for their clients out of fear of making enemies and being retaliated against.

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