If Attorney Lin Wood was wrong about any of his claims? WHY is he still licensed to practice law while Rudy Giuliani was suspended in Washington DC and New York to practice law days to weeks ago?

Author: Stanley Bolten

If the Trump supporting lawyer L. Lin Wood was wrong about any of his claims about the politicians and judges being blackmailed with child rape and murder, then why is his law licensed still in good standing up to this point? Also an opinion article was published by Laurie Azgard on whether John McAfee’s encrypted blackmail DATA is similar or is the same as L. Lin Wood’s blackmail DATA.

Screenshot taken on July 10, 2021.

It does appear that the media is focusing on corrupt forces inside of the State Bar of Georgia forcing L. Lin Wood to undergo a psychological evaluation, likely to be under a Court appointed psychologist who will more than likely make a fake diagnosis and not allow Lin Wood to have an independent forensic psychologist or psychiatrist to challenge any evaluation results. This happened to Brian D. Hill, the former news reporter of USWGO Alternative News, being forced to be evaluated by corrupt forensic psychologist Dr. Dawn Graney of FCI-Butner, NC who continued lying about Brian and his court appointed lawyers refusing to challenge any of her lies. Brian has been down this road before, twice, so the same may happen to Lin Wood. This was in Brian’s Federal criminal case. Two times, Brian’s family caught Dr. Dawn Graney in lies against the evaluation victim Brian D. Hill. She even tried to deny the State Bureau of Investigation report had even existed, the same report which claimed it was downloading for 11 months on Brian’s computer while under the custody of the SBI and Mayodan Police. This fact reported by We Are Change in 2016. We can’t show the lies themselves as we cannot legally do so do to the Court procedures and legal BS, but the lies by the court appointed mental evaluators do happen when your a political target. If it happens to Brian Hill, it can happen to Lin Wood as well.

For him to have his law license not suspended yet for this long does show credibility in his claims about the “child rape and murder” in his Twitter tweets prior to them being censored on Twitter. In fact the Forbes article attacking Lin Wood’s credibility does not mention about Lin Wood’s “child rape” and “murder” “blackmail” videotapes on his Twitter Tweets. That’s a little weird that they aren’t directly attacking his Tweets and not even mentioning their existence. They may be afraid to.

https://www.forbes.com/sites/alisondurkee/2021/06/10/pro-trump-lawyer-lin-wood-loses-lawsuit-over-mental-health-evaluation/?sh=7b0aa34d5137 – Screenshot created and posted under Fair Use Doctrine for purpose of criticism and politics, protected under Fair Use Doctrine, Copyright Law.

Wayback Machine Forbes article cited: http://web.archive.org/web/20210710044100/https://www.forbes.com/sites/alisondurkee/2021/06/10/pro-trump-lawyer-lin-wood-loses-lawsuit-over-mental-health-evaluation/?sh=7b0aa34d5137

So when you search the entire news article, it mentions nothing about L. Lin Wood’s claims about judges and politicians being blackmailed with child rape and murder. If his credibility is really in serious question here, then why isn’t the media bringing up his “questionable” tweets that may be some byproduct of his “mental state”? Why is the media afraid to bring up the notion of blackmail of Judges and Politicians when he made this statement so vague, that he is not specifying which levels of the United States Government systems. He is not mentioning whether the blackmail targets were of State, Federal, or Local politicians. His statement is so vague that it can include practically any Politician or Judge inside the United States of America. If his claims are so vague and yet may or may not be credible, then why is the mainstream media not showing his Tweets to the General Public for review?

Anyways, the State Bar is clearly corrupt as well and compromised, here is why, and we have this information exclusively from Brian D. Hill’s family. The North Carolina State Bar clearly protected corrupt Assistant U.S. Attorney Anand Prakash Ramaswamy and the Virginia State Bar clearly protected corrupt Martinsville Commonwealth Attorney Glen Andrew Hall. They are allowed to lie about Brian in open court documents. Brian proven those lies and it would take a lot of pages of citing Federal court documents to again prove this fact, you would have to read his case files for yourself including his fraud upon the court motions. When Brian reported this to the State Bars including his mother, the frauds, the State Bar protects the corrupt prosecuting attorneys and never holds them accountable. However, this selective enforcement of the State Bar investigative disciplinary committees and their corrupt judicial panels, they suspended the law license of Rudy Giuliani an attorney from New York, who was competent enough to be a Mayor of New York and managed his city so well prior to the corrupt democrats turning New York City into a hellhole. Washington DC, the District of Criminals, the District of Tyranny and Con Artists, also suspended Rudy Giuliani’s law license. Thus his career is being ruined before his very eyes. They are now attempting to do the same thing to Lin Wood.

Anyways people have been asking me on GAB.com, why Attorney Lin Wood is not releasing the blackmail videos material to the public to prove his claims. Well, doing so would constitute “distribution of child pornography in violation of “18 U.S. Code § 2251 – Sexual exploitation of children”. They want to take away his law license so that he cannot legally possess the blackmail materials he claims he has a copy of, because judges and politicians raping children on command by the U.S. intelligence agencies or whoever the blackmailer was, it isn’t just a snuff video involving murder of a child but would constitute a violent child pornography video by definition. Lin Wood is an officer of the Court while he is a practicing attorney or even a licensed attorney so he may hold on to evidence, however he cannot distribute this evidence as that would constitute distribution of child pornography and would be grounds to suspend his law license.

So you have your answer why L. Lin Wood cannot just simply release the proof of child rape blackmail so easily. Because it is considered child pornography in violation of 18 U.S. Code § 2251. Pedophiles would simply download those blackmail videos for the pleasure of viewing child rape and snuff videos involving the murder of a child. All of that is heinous and would constitute trouble for Lin Wood’s life, Lin Wood would become a Sex Offender overnight if he simply released the child rape videos. So for those who doubt his credibility over simply him not showing the actual blackmail materials to the General Public, the truth is in legality he cannot. He may try to take screenshots of the blackmail videos showing the Judges and Politicians faces and blur out the rape parts, it may still be taken into legal question and may still be considered child pornography but simply parts blurred out. It is a legal jungle and it isn’t as easy as people thinks it is. You can’t just show this kind of proof, this kind of evidence to the General Public.

It is smart for this evidence to be encrypted right now, because technically as long as it is encrypted and not decrypted, it is not child pornography while the blackmail videos remains in its encrypted form and the DATA of encryption would not constitute it, unless it is decrypted. So technically Attorney L. Lin Wood cannot touch this blackmail material, he cannot decrypt it unless it is by somebody who can legally view this material for the purposes of Law Enforcement. Only a Law Enforcement officer may view the “child pornography” blackmail videotapes. Unfortunately our Federal Law Enforcement is entirely corrupted under the influence and leadership of Pedophile illegitimate President Joe Biden. Joe Biden can simply sign an executive order forbidding investigation into this blackmail DATA or influence the U.S. FBI and DOJ to simply ignore this blackmail DATA, blackmail videotapes.

L. Lin Wood is right, a Special Counsel or Special Prosecutor must thoroughly investigate this blackmail videos and DATA because they would have Law Enforcement Powers to view child pornography videos without violating the law. They can also show those videos to a Jury or Judge or both, under the Federal Rules of Evidence. They can identify who is being blackmailed in each video with forensics investigators and then start issuing ARREST WARRANTS to arrest these corrupt people. The problem is will they be legally allowed to ARREST Federal Judges for raping kids and being videotaped doing such to the extent of being blackmailed by other individuals or will they have Sovereign Immunity to protect them from any criminal liability? Does the sovereign immunity of a Federal Judge protect him or her from a criminal probe??? Do Federal Judges and State Judges have the right or protection to allow them to rape kids and not face indictments if the claims can be proven by clear and convincing evidence??? Can only a Federal Judge be arrested for raping a child upon an indictment from Congress to strip away the Immunity protections given to Judges?

Until we take back The White House and remove the Pedophiles from Congress, remove the Pedophiles and traitors from the White House, and remove the Pedophiles from our Federal Courts. Until we remove the corrupt FBI and DOJ officials from their corrupt offices, we cannot hope to bust those who were raping kids in blackmail video tapes.

Our FBI is so corrupted, we cannot dream to ever investigate the blackmail DATA that L. Lin Wood claimed he has a copy of. However, he needs to act fast because they are gunning for him like they did with Rudy Giuliani. At some point L. Lin Wood will have to turn over the encrypted blackmail videos to at least a trustworthy Law Enforcement Officer and to a trustworthy prosecutor who can start up the indictments. He cannot continue to simply sit on this information because sooner or later they will try everything they can to make Lin Wood appear to be mentally ill or out to be a liar. They will destroy his career, his family, and credibility if he continues sitting on this information. He made these claims publicly on Twitter for everybody to see, he needs to prove his claims soon without violating the Federal and State laws on Child Pornography. Lin Wood needs to figure out his next move and he cannot wait another 4 years until the next Presidential Election. The corrupt Georgia State Bar will not give him 4 years to fight the allegations against him. Lin Wood needs to figure out how to show the American people that our Judges and Politicians are being blackmailed with child rape and murder without distributing child porn and murder snuff videos. They will claim he is mentally ill, they will do everything they can to make him look crazy. The Deep State is coming, they are the Pedophiles, eugenicists, and Serial Killers who want to reduce the World’s Population down to 500,000,000 as the Georgia Guide Stones says. They are the major criminals and will do everything they can to retain their power. Lin Wood needs to act soon. That is my advice to him.

Oh and Lin Wood, PLEASE give Brian’s Probation Officer access to the blackmail videotapes as a Federal Probation Officer has Law Enforcement powers, and can legally investigate child pornography videos as evidence. You need to inform him if Judge Thomas David Schroeder, William Lindsey Osteen Junior, or any other Federal Judges involved in Brian’s cases and Appeals were ever being blackmailed with child rape and murder. Please give his Probation Officer access to this evidence As Soon As Possible, Thank You. Brian is still waiting on this proof being presented to the proper authorities in Brian’s bid for acquittal for being actually innocent of his Federal charge. If they need somebody trustworthy, please Lin Wood give his current Probation Officer access to those blackmail videos. He is a trustworthy Law Enforcement officer. I can’t say much more than that, but he is trustworthy, Brian can vouch for that. If his USPO is willing to review over the tapes, please allow him access to the videos possibly involving the Federal Judges involved in Brian’s Federal appeals and cases. Thank You!

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