The Truth From Ruth: Episode 5; WARNING from Stanley Bolten to the World Wide Web

A video about the different child porn set up attempts, also mentions about Brian D. Hill. This was done to Melissa Melton, Millie Weaver, and many others. It happened to Luke Rudkowski, it happened to many others. If Patriots don’t start defending the fallen victims, we will all be next. Even I can be next.

WARNING FROM STANLEY BOLTEN: These videos and statements need to be published everywhere more than ever, With a PEDOPHILE in the WHITE HOUSE in WASHINGTON, DC, A pedophile as Commander In Chief, the fake President Joe Biden, I fear thousands more will be framed with child pornography and charged in Federal Courts within months if not days or weeks. Hundreds will likely get framed with child porn. I can even get framed with that filth next and then who will operate this blog????? Laurie can get framed next then she won’t be allowed to operate it either.

I been thinking about warning the entire internet. Instead I will put it here at this YouTube video embed, at the Justice for Brian D. Hill of USWGO Alternative News blog. What happened to Brian Hill is a warning to everybody else. The FEDS will torture people and place people in solitary confinement to coerce guilty plea agreements to child porn charges using forced guilty pleas. See – Capitol riot suspects held in D.C. are in ‘restrictive housing,’ District says – POLITICO

They will start raiding more homes, start planting more child porn across the internet. With the mass human smuggling going on and approved by the Joe Biden Administration the Pedophile in Chief, human trafficking being accepted by the Feds, they will start likely producing more child porn within months and start planting it on Patriots all over the world. What happened to Brian will happen to others because nobody stood up for Brian Hill except a few patriots and activists like ActivistPost and We Are Change. Because many acted like Brian was either guilty or they were afraid of becoming targeted if they stand up for Brian, WRONG!!!!!!! You stand up for your fellow MAN, YOU STAND UP FOR YOUR FELLOW MAN or your gonna be targeted next by the DAMN FEDS and lose your children and be forced to be poisoned by mandatory inoculations and wear a damn human traffic face mask, the slave mask, the being conquered mask. They will have Drag Queen Story Time raping kids all over the country. Many patriots ignored Brian and didn’t even stand up for an innocent man, you will lose everything under this FAKE SOCIALISM and COMMUNISM. You think not standing up for Brian will keep you and your damn family safe from the FEDS, IT WILL NOT KEEP YOU AND YOUR FAMILY SAFE. The Feds will GET US ALL. The Feds can detect people hiding using technology for hunting down fugitives. We can’t hide from them, we need to FIGHT, WE NEED TO FIGHT> NOW.

We are ALL UNDER ATTACK WORLDWIDE. QAnon was right about one thing, “Where We Go One, We Go All”. We hang together or we hang separately. If you can’t even defend an innocent man’s Constitutional rights being subverted while Bill Cosby a mass Rapist, a Serial Rapist gets his conviction overturned on a technicality just like Andre Haymond a serial child pornographer gets his criminal conviction overturned on a technicality but an innocent man like Brian D. Hill, formerly of USWGO Alternative News is being screwed over by Corrupt Federal Judges. HAVE EMPATHY MAN!!!!!!!! We fight or we LOSE!!!!!

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