We are releasing Screensavers to attract more attention to these important political issues of political prisoners, being held HOSTAGE to POLITICAL CORRUPTION

Author: Stanley Bolten

The Justice for Brian D. Hill of USWGO Alternative News political action blog has released two fully functional and high quality screensavers for free, of waterfalls as of right now. This is being done at our labor to raise awareness of Brian D. Hill a victim of political corruption, a victim of judicial corruption and being held hostage to it. It is available at the software section.

Brian isn’t the only political prisoner being set up or framed with a crime. It is likely happening to hundreds to thousands of political activists that are against the New World DisOrder. By bringing awareness to Brian’s federal case, it can bring awareness to others left in the shadow of darkness with little to no hope.

One screensaver features a beautiful spring-fed waterfall from the small mountain town of Saltville, Virginia. The spring-fed waterfall is around the location of an old mill.

The spring-fed waterfall is located at Palmer Mill and right within the valley-area of Saltville town. It shows 30 second of five different scenic areas of the waterfall. From the top area where a cemented structure with moss where spring water is flowing out of, to another waterfall from the same spring water coming from the underground. The area of the two small waterfalls coming down from the underground. It is a great screensaver to look at beautiful clean spring water in the mountains of Virginia.

Then there is also Falls Ridge nature Preserve.

We add the logos on the corners because these are meant to give people a great view of nature within their homes and offices, as well as advertise Justice for Brian D. Hill of USWGO Alternative News to give us more visitors to look into our cause. Infowars, Alex Jones, and Darrin McBreen had turned their backs on us and QAnon has been falling apart since the fall of President Donald Trump by election fraud and ANTIFA orchestrating the January 6, 2021, riots. So Briaj really has lost all of his comrades since they still believe in Infowars and just assume Brian is guilty of child porn despite the evidence destruction by the corrupt U.S. Attorney and the evidence proving that Brian D. Hill is innocent and We Are Change as well as ActivistPost had covered his case. However Brian can prove his innocence but cannot be acquitted without widespread coverage of his case or at least the general public being involved in watching his Federal and State cases. Brian can be found innocent if the media had covered his case enough to get Brian a great lawyer to fight for his actual innocence acquittals. We are a great organization voluntarily working to cover his case and for that we need visitors to come to this website to continue the cause.

Please download our screensavers and share them with everyone you know. We will see if can communicate with screensaver genre and software distribution websites as well as BitTorrent to carry our screensavers on those platforms to give us the amount of extra traffic coming in to download our screensavers and then research our articles and legal documents as well as writing comments giving your viewpoints on what you think about Brian’s case. Help him prove his innocence by bringing more attention to this blog platform and please distribute our screensavers to everyone you know. We bring out positive energy by what we upload and continue the fight for Brian’s acquittal. Please send prayers our way. Thank you.

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