Brian of USWGO News files letter with Virginia Appeals Court of evidence of past threatening message attempts at his defense lawyer and/or witness Susan Basko

by Laurie Azgard

The former news reporter of USWGO alternative news Brian D. Hill filed a letter with the Court of Appeals of Virginia with evidence showing the Court that lawyers in his federal criminal case over child porn set up were being given threatening messages with such an intent to try to have Brian stop his appeal in his federal case. Again cited the attorney L. Lin Wood tweets of judges and politicians being blackmailed with child rape and murder, and said it is relevant to his claims.

The exhibit 4 shown the incorrect subject which of course such mistakes are happening when Brian was forced to rush in his emergency motions and letter as to why his petitions for appeal should have been accepted as timely filed.

Here are the documents and then further screenshots of the letter which was typed up quickly:
Xfinity Connect Read_ Letter to CAV in regards to Emergency Motions, case no_ 1294-20-3 and 1295-20-3, Court of Appeals of Virginia Printout.pdf – Commonwealth Attorney Glen Andrew Hall acknowledged receipt of filed letter
CourtAppeals4-8-2021.old.pdf – Filed letter with Virginia Appeals Court but was not compressed.
CourtAppeals4-8-2021.pdf – Filed letter with Virginia Appeals Court but was compressed.
Xfinity Connect VACES eFiling submission for Brian David Hill v_ Commonwealth of Virginia, City of Martinsville has been reviewed and accepted Printout-apr-9-2021.pdf – Successful filing with Court of Appeals
Xfinity Connect VACES eFiling submission for Brian David Hill v_ Commonwealth of Virginia, City of Martinsville has been reviewed and accepted Printout-apr-9-2021(2).pdf – Successful filing with Court of Appeals

Here are a few more screenshots of the evidence filed in the letter from Exhibit 4. It shows a horrific threatening message saying that Brian should stop his appeal and file a false incriminating statement saying that he likes to rape kids or child porn would be placed on Brian’s hard drive and attorney Susan Basko’s hard drive. These threats were reported to the FBI from their original receipt so they are credible and very real. These threats are very nasty, have very foul language and say that they will do criminal child sex abuse crap material against Brian and attorney Susan Basko unless Brian gives up and remains a fake sex offender. That is essentially a “BLACKMAIL THREAT” saying that he will be framed with child porn and blackmailed with it if he doesn’t do whatever the assailant says. He reported it to the FBI, Susan Basko said that she also reported it to the U.S. FBI, and that is the Federal Bureau of Investigation for those who don’t know. So Brian’s reported threatening messages and emails are credible and proves to the Commonwealth Attorney Glen A. Hall of the city of Martinsville in Virginia that Brian was a direct target of threatening correspondences over the years as well as Susan Basko and any other attorneys working for his defense in federal court. Brian is innocent of possession of child pornography but is being held hostage to corrupt Federal Judges who are possibly likely being blackmailed with child rape and murder thanks to the blanket statements of these issues being raised by attorney L. Lin Wood.

Here are some other threat email screenshots. They were reported to the FBI so they are credible.

One of those mentioned “SCOTT” which is likely referring to one of Brian’s court appointed lawyers John Scott Coalter of Greensboro, NC. The threats directed at Brian’s lawyer, defense witness who is also a lawyer, and against Brian and his entire family had shown that there are very nasty criminal or criminals who want Brian’s life ruined forever and will do whatever it takes to make sure that it happens.

So Brian made sure to notify the FBI as soon as possible after the threatening messages were received. If Glen Andrew Hall of Martinsville doesn’t find any of this credible and doesn’t subpoena Susan Basko to confirm any of this, then he is clearly an incompetent moron, an idiot who should never have prosecuted Brian for indecent exposure before learning all of the damn facts. He was never medically cleared when the officer who charged him with indecent exposure said under affidavit that he was medically and psychologically cleared without even checking his medical records from the Hospital. It’s obvious that Brian never violated the indecent exposure statute under Virginia law because there is no such proven intent. The law said anybody who intentionally runs around exposing himself/herself in a public place shall be guilty of the crime as a misdemeanor. Brian was not medically cleared, there was a history of threatening messages and threats being directed against Brian D. Hill and his whole family, and threats which were directed against Susan Basko for simply wanting to testify that she believed that Brian was set up with child porn and was not guilty of his charge. They have no evidence as Brian said under oath that he never masturbated. However the one threatening email did say to Susan Basko that they will fabricate evidence of “Brian” and his “family” masturbating to child porn “FLICKS”, called attorney Susan Basko a “bitch” and threatened to have Brian Hill raped in prison. For anybody who wants to send us comments saying that Brian is guilty are all morons. Anybody who actually believes that Brian was guilty when the download dates had shown 11 months after his computer was seized by law enforcement are also morons who don’t even know the very evidence which was used against him.

Trying as hard as they can to wrongfully convict Brian on indecent exposure is simply an extension of the child porn wars being waged against Brian D. Hill, Luke Rudkowski, Stewart Rhodes, Millie Weaver, and others. It is an extension to set an example to others that if they fight their child porn charges after being set up, they can face more charges such as indecent exposure, or women or children could be paid off to lie in Court that they were raped or molested to get more charges to stick. This is the new civil war going on in America, and civil wars start with information wars. Child porn planting is a very sick and evil attack against an enemy but can be effective, unfortunately like with what happened with Brian D. Hill, due to the stigmatization and people hating your guts the minute you tell them what your charge is. Stigmatization is how child porn can be effective as anybody accusing you of pedophilia can create drastic consequences on you, your children, and your spouse. It doesn’t even have to be true. Simply somebody calling you a pedophile can ruin your life, it can be as easy as that, especially in Communist countries. Now with Joe Biden being the fake President of the United States, the Feds will highly likely start planting child porn again if they aren’t able to normalize pedophilia with the drag queen story times and the Cuties TV show or movie or documentary on Netflix. Satanists and psychopaths run our Federal/State Governments now, we are in serious danger here. How can we resist people being set up with child porn when the average person is ready to want to beat you up or kill you when somebody falsely labels you a pedophile. Stigmatization makes it possible when the average person will turn against you and want to avoid you if you ever get thrown into such allegations whether they be true or false. This is a real major problem with our criminal justice system. False accusations are enough to convict somebody as a jury will indict a ham sandwich.

We at “Justice for Brian D. Hill of USWGO Alternative News” campaign blog are on the front lines reporting over this very taboo subject matter because this can affect you and your family if your ever involved in politics and piss off the wrong people. When somebody comes after you and wants to frame you with child porn, it is best to have honest alternative media out there covering these set up cases. We are not afraid to cover this because Brian’s life problems will never face resolution without having a public campaign to fix these issues. Being set up is an issue worthy of public comment, debate, and investigation.

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