Federal Courts pick and choose who gets TRIAL BY JURY: A serial child pornographer gets a JURY TRIAL right but not a former news journalist

Author: Stanley Bolten

The U.S. Supreme Court has made a grave error yesterday on February 22, 2021. They deprived an innocent man Brian D. Hill of USWGO Alternative News of his Constitutional right to Trial by Jury but that right was given to a serial child pornographer named Andre Haymond. He gets his case heard before the Supreme Court, his case makes precedent in 2019, establishing that the serial child pornographer when he was caught twice with what appeared to be child porn, his appeal argued that he was deprived of his right to a jury trial. The SCOTUS agreed and overturned his case on that Constitutional ground. He has now become a serial child pornographer when he was found multiple times, and SCOTUS was sympathetic to him. SCOTUS was not sympathetic to an innocent man named Brian D. Hill, formerly of USWGO Alternative News. They get to pick and choose who gets the Constitutional right to Trial by Jury when accused of a crime including a new charge of Violating Supervised Release. They get to choose based on a particular statute paragraph or subparagraph. What the Supreme Court has done to Brian is laughable at the face of true justice, and the hypocrisy.

Here is the situation describing Brian’s case and his innocence and ineffective counsel:

Anyways, Attorney Edward Ryan Kennedy argued the Haymond decision should have applied to Brian’s case in both the Fourth Circuit appeal and in SCOTUS. The Supreme Court made a case law authority favorable to this serial-child pornographer stating that those facing Revocation of their Supervised Release which creates additional imprisonment and sentence increases, shall enjoy the Constitutional right to a JURY TRIAL, before a Court could have the power to revoke the Supervised Release of the accused and take away their liberty. So the SCOTUS was concerned about the liberty being taken away unconstitutionally from a serial child pornographer named Andre Haymond. Serial referring to somebody who commits the same type of crime more than one time, just to clarify the terminology used in this article and for disclaimer purposes. Anyways, Brian a man with Autism Spectrum Disorder was not a serial offender, but a man who was forced to falsely plead guilty because of ineffective assistance of counsel Eric David Placke who was caught deleting email attachments sent from Brian’s family while Brian was under Maximum security Jail.

The evidence is prima facie that Brian had a bad lawyer which is why Brian was convicted and was placed on Supervised Release, but yet despite having a bad lawyer the corrupt Assistant U.S. Attorney Anand Prakash Ramaswamy had decided to push for Brian to falsely plead guilty in order to receive a prison sentence of time already served, rarely given to anybody accused of such crimes, and usually those that are offered time served for serious offenses by a prosecutor in a criminal case is a sign that the prosecutor had a weak case the entire time. Really Now? Yes I had spoken with one lawyer on condition of anonymity and she said that she thought after reviewing over Brian’s charge, that the only reason why he was offered such a short prison sentence of time already served was because the Government had a weak case, you think????? We Are Change brought out the evidence of how weak the case against Brian D. Hill was. Yes, that appeared to be a photograph of Page IV of the very SBI forensic report that was used by the corrupt Assistant U.S. Attorney to indict Brian when the Grand Jury will usually indict a ham sandwich. In fact Brian’s family all written affidavits about the download dates in the very discovery evidence used in Brian’s case proving that it was downloading for 11 months and 8 days after Brian’s computer was already seized by the Town of Mayodan, it’s Police department. How is that possible and why would Special Agent Rodney V. White of Greensboro, NC admit to such a thing when that could have been used to acquit Brian had he been given a fair and impartial jury trial back in 2014 during his criminal case proceedings?

Anyways, Brian’s actual allegation of Supervised Release violation was his initial State charge of indecent exposure which Brian had never had a history of doing in the 28 years of his very life prior to that charge. First Brian claimed that he had an encounter with a man wearing a dark hoodie who threatened Brian to get him in that bad situation or his mother would be murdered. That is why Attorney Kennedy had brought up the argument that Brian had no intent because he was being threatened or coerced into doing so, and he has Mild Autism and later evidence had surfaced from his medical reports that Brian had exhibited many symptoms of what appeared to being Carbon Monoxide gas exposure, and yes that includes POISONING. Yes evidence was revealed on this blog 2 years ago that Attorney Renorda Pryor was made aware ahead of time before his Supervised Release Revocation trial, a bench trial, that Brian had shown signs of Carbon Monoxide poisoning by showing different proven symptoms were found in Brian’s medical records. It wasn’t enough to show the “levels” that the Virginia Courts require to bring up such a defense to his criminal charge of indecent exposure but it would still have been at least a “reasonable doubt” where the Jurors must find him not guilty by showing a lack of intent when a man who had no history of this type of behavior before had did such behavior after being exposed to Carbon Monoxide. Even a Chimney expert from Bassett, Virginia named Pete Compton who ran his own business and was licensed by Virginia to practice Chimney-work was alarmed and took action when he found evidence of Carbon Monoxide in the home where Mr. Hill lived each and every day prior to his first State charge.

Heck, it’s common sense that Brian isn’t guilty of his State charge and the prosecutor Andrew Hall of Martinsville should have taken all of this evidence into consideration as a prosecutor if he ever had any true moral obligations, moral values. It is a moral obligation that if any evidence surfaces showing that Brian was not actually guilty of his charge including any found evidence of medical seriousness of his situation before and during his charge, then the prosecutor never should have pushed for his conviction knowing that Brian had enough cumulative evidence of Carbon Monoxide poisoning, that it warrants any reasonable juror to find Brian not guilty if the Court had ever allowed such cumulative evidence to be used in his defense despite Brian not having the levels which is impossible to obtain when the evidence of blood vials had been destroyed. Blood was taken from Brian after his arrest for indecent exposure. Yet the law enforcement, aka the Martinsville Police was caught not conducting a laboratory test and Sovah Hospital was also caught not doing the lab work and destroyed the blood vial evidence. Major cover-up.

EVIDENCE: DECLARATION of BRIAN HILL to 264 Motion for Miscellaneous Relief, filed by BRIAN DAVID HILL. (Attachments: # 1 Exhibit 1, # 2 Exhibit 2, # 3 Envelope – Front and Back) (Garland, Leah) (Entered: 11/04/2020) – Courtlistener, this blog; Exhibit 1 on Courtlistener and this blog; Exhibit 2 on Courtlistener and this blog; Envelope on Courtlistener and this blog.
ADDENDUM to 265 Declaration, filed by BRIAN DAVID HILL. (Attachments: # 1 Supplement 1, # 2 Envelope – Front and Back) (Garland, Leah) (Entered: 11/04/2020) – Courtlistener, this blog; Supplement on Courtlistener and this blog; Envelope on Courtlistener and this blog.

Jury Trial right was deprived against Brian:

The Constitutional right to a trial by jury should be enjoyed by all criminal defendants in the United States of America no matter what the charge is and no matter what the accusations are. Without that right, people become political prisoners and then become victims of political persecutions quickly.

2011 – Brian D. Hill of USWGO Alternative News (right) with Jim Tucker (left) a journalist of American Free Press, formerly the Spotlight

Brian had lost his SCOTUS appeal on February 22, 2021, when it was argued that Haymond was given his right to a jury trial and the Justices of the Supreme Court thought it was important for Haymond to have such right when he was facing Revocation of his Supervised Release over being caught with what appeared to be child pornography, thus that would make Haymond technically a serial offender because it was more than once. He was given the right to a jury trial.

Here is the hypocrisy, Brian D. Hill was not accused of the same type of crime twice like with Haymond but simply a misdemeanor and under very questionable circumstances, the prosecution over his state charge was shaky from the very beginning of his charge. Carbon Monoxide, man in a hoodie threatening Brian to get naked or he feared they would kill his mother. Police refusing to thoroughly investigate his case at all and charged him quickly within one or two hours and went straight to a Commonwealth prosecutor. Then they refused to investigate his charge any further. Sheer incompetence from Martinsville Police. Blood vials would have proven the levels and Brian never would have been convicted of his State charge, that was why he had appealed it from the “police court” aka the General District Court which was not a State court of record. Brian was ready to head for the Jury Trial in Circuit Court but the Federal Court not only refused to give Brian a trial by jury but refused to let the State Court of record convict him again or be acquitted by a Jury of his peers prior to the Revocation hearing. The corrupt Federal Judge Thomas David Schroeder wanted Brian in Federal Prison as quick as he could muster. Brian was completely deprived of his Constitutional right to trial by jury. Then Matthew Clark, a cowardly lawyer from Martinsville and Roanoke, Virginia basically put pressure on Brian and his entire family to falsely accept guilt. Just like his previous lawyer Eric David Placke who had deleted email attachments and refused to present any defense at all.

His West Virginia lawyer, Edward Ryan Kennedy argued in the Fourth Circuit that Brian was deprived of his Constitutional right to trial by jury. The CORRUPT U.S. Appeals Court of the Fourth Circuit said their old law was good law and refused to accept the Supreme Court’s decision in Haymond and refused to undo Brian’s conviction of violating Supervised Release when he was not given a trial by jury. It went before the SCOTUS and this article had already explained what had happened. It was denied. So Brian actually got a DECENT COURT APPOINTED LAWYER, yes a decent lawyer that actually fought for him, I respect this man in the highest regards. Yet Brian actually had a great lawyer but still lost his appeal. It doesn’t even matter whether Brian files pro se or through a good damn lawyer.

So there you have it, absolute proof that the Federal Courts are corrupt and give relief to serial child pornographers and folks like Ted Bundy, Al Capone, Charlie Manson, Michael Jackson, OJ Simpson. They all get the right to a Jury trial. Even Andre Haymond gets the right to a Jury trial and thus was able to skirt out of being convicted of being caught with child porn again. However Brian’s conviction was on the basis of a questionable arrest by Martinsville Police, a quick investigation and refusal to even look at any evidence that Brian had ever mailed to them, threw away blood vial samples which would have proven the Carbon Monoxide levels in Brian’s body on the day of his arrest for indecent exposure. The police officer admitted in Federal Court that he never looked at Brian’s medical records and knew nothing of his Diabetes and yet claimed Brian was medically cleared to being charged with the crime. That was also proven to be a lie later on. So Brian’s entire State charge and his behavior that night was questionable and should never have warranted a criminal charge or revocation. Yet the Supreme Court is okay that Brian was wrongfully convicted in Federal Court over a questionable State charge, and being deprived of his Constitutional right to a trial by jury.

What makes this case even more laughable is the fact that a serial child pornographer is given remedy by our Courts, remedy and relief as if he deserved it, but not Brian D. Hill. Andre Haymond has a Constitutional right to a Jury Trial when accused of violating his Supervised Release conditions, but not anyone else, not Brian D. Hill. The hypocrisy is stunning. This lone article cannot sum up the amount of nuttiness of our Judicial System. If only the Police knew the truth about Brian prior to charging him, then he never would have been charged in State Court and none of that would have ever happened. Justice is an illusion. Brian was not a danger to anybody but himself in 2018 when he was charged. He slowly recovered but him and his mother did suffer with permanent deterioration of eyes (meaning both of their eyes aren’t as good as before) and bits and pieces of his memory after the Carbon Monoxide source was removed but will never be given any remedy or relief by our Courts. What a joke!

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