Real or Fake? An Eric Trump on hotmail email told Justice for Brian D. Hill of USWGO news to accept his fate and move on

Disclaimer: We do not know for a fact if this is Eric Frederick Trump or an imposter. If this is an imposter we will cooperate with the Trump Organization, FBI, and the White House to prosecute this fake Eric Trump if the impersonation breaks any laws like defamation or slander by pretending to be somebody.

by Laurie Azgard

A conversation has been going between the volunteers of the Justice for Brian D. Hill of USWGO alternative news campaign blog and this Eric Trump from We have tried to convince him of the actual innocence of Brian D. Hill and the need for his father to grant Brian a full pardon of innocence or acquittal. This Eric responded first by saying that it sounds like fake news and we tried to show him the court documents and Brian tried to mail him documents and CD-ROM discs. The mailing disappeared from the tracking system and then Stanley Bolten received an email from Eric Trump at a supposed email address and not from his official Trump Organization email account, telling Brian that he should accept his fate of being wrongfully convicted and move on.

Yes the emails come back and forth from a email address claiming to be Eric Frederick Trump that can scrapped up from services claiming that this is one of Eric Trump’s emails. The emails are partially redacted in the case of if this really is Eric. We are now publishing this information because we doubt the validity of this email address. We will not publish this email in case it may be from the actual Eric Trump but we do not know and get no confirmation as to whether this is an imposter or real Eric Frederick Trump as anybody can easily register an email and impersonate a celebrity. Here are the screenshots:


PDF copy of the entire email and original email that this person is responding to: Email #1 (pdf)

Did Eric Trump actually say this to Stanley Bolten? and tried to get us to give up on fighting corrupt federal judge Adolf Thomas David Schroeder created a situation where Brian is being permanently blocked from proving his actual innocence after being given a horrible public defender who has a history of nothing but loses and guilty plea agreements for every one of his clients in the federal courts, the horrible bastard Eric David Placke, the public defender who ruined Brian’s life permanently?

A man who is publicly supportive of his father not giving up in the post-election election fraud lawsuits would tell us to accept that Brian is wrongfully convicted of his charge, his character permanently assassinated and move on??????? Is this really Eric Trump or an imposter pretending to carry on the name of one of the President’s sons who can get through the switchboard and actually talk to the President?

Here is the first email we received from this “Eric Trump” of who cannot verify whether he really is the “Eric Trump” or an imposter pretending to be him to get some kind of gratification by swaying this campaign of “Justice for Brian D. Hill of USWGO Alternative News” action blog. We were keeping these emails hush hush out of respect for the President and his son but we do not believe this may be the real Eric Trump but instead is an imposter. The character of someone who sends emails from that address is different from the public figure of Eric Trump. A character who never gives up for his father Donald John Trump versus the character of someone who tells us to give up and move on and accept the fraud that is being protected by a corrupt dictatorial federal judge in North Carolina.

email from sasha dashi to eric trump fake or real justice for uswgo alternative news

PDF copy of the entire email and original email that this person is responding to: Email #2 (pdf)

Brian’s family even sent us the screenshots of Brian at one time text messaging this “Eric Trump” which may or may not operate the hotmail email address. He never denied he was Eric Trump and actually thanked Brian for saying to him that he was going to exhaust all remedies before asking for a full pardon.


Question is whether this really is indeed Eric Trump from Trump Tower, Trump Organization or whether this is a fake person enjoying the attention of claiming to be the “Eric Frederick Trump”.

We do know one fact and that is Brian has been begging President Trump to pardon him for 3 and almost 4 years now.

We want to know if this is Eric Frederick Trump or an imposter? If he does use that hotmail email address then why tell us to accept the bad things that happened to Brian D. Hill and move on. He was alternative media for GODS SAKE. He went after corrupt politicians in the state of North Carolina, he got punished for doing so, he was retaliated against. Is that insensitive comment really from Eric Trump????? We want to know before we risk burning bridges and make it impossible for Brian to receive a full pardon for his actual innocence. This is an extremely critical and delegate situation.

Stanley did respond to this real or fake “Eric Trump” with nothing but the truth. So help us God.


PDF copy of the entire email and original email that this person is responding to: Email #3 (pdf)

We are confused about all of this. If this is Eric Trump then he is not like his public persona and we are very disappointed in him for faking his bravado in fighting along with his father to win the 2020 election. Gosh with a son like that behind the scenes, no wonder why Donald Trump may quit being our President and will let Joe Biden steal our elections, cause a guaranteed civil war and civil insurrection across the United States as China wanted for America’s future, and make elections in the future impossible to win when your not a corrupt child molesting deep state puppet.

If this is not Eric Trump then we were all misled into thinking that we finally had the Presidents ear somehow, and can persuade his son to let us prove Brian’s actual innocence to him and then he can simply forward his recommendation to his father President Donald J. Trump to grant Brian D. Hill clemency through a full pardon of his wrongful conviction and a full pardon for his false guilty plea made on June 10, 2014, since the Court will consider his false guilty plea as perjury under Rule 11 of the federal rules of criminal procedure.

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