USWGO News Brian Hill petitions Supreme Court for rehearing to rule on Fourth Circuit denying mandamus on Judge refusing to act on motions

by Laurie Azgard

Note from Stanley: If Brian loses in the Supreme Court despite having proof of his claims of being framed with child porn, the download dates prove it from the discovery evidence material destroyed by AUSA Anand Prakash Ramaswamy, then they can now set up millions with child porn charges and ruin millions of people. It is coming if this isn’t stopped. The FBI knew of child porn set ups, they knew of all of them but do nothing about it. If Joe Biden is elected, the frame ups will likely escalate because the pedophiles again will run Washington, DC, they will come to frame people up and take your children for the Satanic pedophile rings after framing good Christians with child porn, IT IS COMING, BE WARNED, they likely framed MUFON head person, the Feds are CROOKED

Brian D. Hill, formerly of USWGO alternative news who was sued by Righthaven LLC in 2011 as documented by Reporters Without Borders, had filed a petition for rehearing in his Supreme Court case to undo the criminal-level frauds upon the court and perjury by compelling the DisHonorable Judge Thomas David Schroeder to act upon four uncontested pending motions to vacate all fraudulent begotten judgments in favor of the government. Uncontested means that under the rules those motions should have been granted as a matter of law, no discretion can normally be used without good reason. The law says if a motion had not been responded to by a certain due date, then the Government waives their right to respond and the motion is warranted to being granted, usually if it is well-grounded upon law. Brian contends that he is entitled as a matter of law to relief which means both probation violations he was found guilty of were based upon fraudulent facts and pretenses and thus are not sound judgments, this those judgments must be vacated and not in full force and effect. Then the last motion for sanctions asking for default judgment for Brian’s actual innocence as a matter of law and for the government committing a repeated pattern of frauds upon the court.

Documents were sent to me by Brian’s family, detailing what was being mailed and what it signifies.

First of all the petition for rehearing was timely filed according to the Supreme Court of the United States [SCOTUS] rules which is 25 days after denial of a writ of certiorari. His petition was denied on October 5, 2020, and the petition was mailed out on October 15, 2020. Brian has pointed out that the decision to deny writ of certiorari will prevent uniformity between the circuits and the Supreme Courts’ [referring to state Supreme Courts and the U.S. Supreme Court]. It will cause a rebellion by lower courts against the Supreme Court by allowing lower courts to defy well-settled authoritative case law from the highest Court in the United States. Brian explained that relief wasn’t just to help him out to achieve relief that is entitled to him as a matter of law, but that it is to prevent a disruption to the uniformity of the laws of the Courts, and will undo the past decisions of the Supreme Court by not enforcing that lower courts must follow the case law of the Supreme Court and cannot deviate from it in favor of judicial activism.

“Mr. Hill had appropriately applied the local rule 7.3
in requesting Mandamus relief. Brian was entitled to relief
as a matter of law and as a matter of right. The decision of
the Fourth Circuit contradicts decades and centuries of
controlling and authoritative case law precedent set by this
Court and lower Courts.”

Sourced from his filed “petition for rehearing” that was mailed.

If this petition is denied and his writ of mandamus for the Supreme Court is denied in the future, Brian plans on contacting the family or friends of Donald Trump to arrange a pardon of innocence for him to be permanently relived of his wrongful conviction by executive order for being actually innocent and a victim of judicial corruption. We are seeing the AdrenoGate blog that covered some articles from this blog being censored on WordPress, so we have the backup blog at JusticeforUswgo.NL in case WordPress decides to do the unthinkable and censor this blog too.

Brian had also revised his old letters to Justice Brett Kavanaugh and Justice Clarence Thomas because they were not properly served upon the Respondents since service by faxes is not listed in SCOTUS Rule 29.5, so Brian is trying to send those letters again after being properly served, so that the Justices may legally be allowed to take those letters into account in making their decisions concerning petition for rehearing. The Supreme Court clerk is not known to have ever notified Brian about the Rule 29.5 deficiency in his letters to both Justices, could have been deliberate as the deep state swamp had infiltrated many offices and institutions of Government including the courts.

Here are the files in PDF Format which can be downloaded:

Certified-mail-receipts-us-supreme-court-petition-rehearing-uswgo-brian-d-hill.pdf – Certified mail receipts and postal receipts proving that the envelopes were mailed off October 15, 2020
envelope-contents-us-supreme-court-petition-rehearing-uswgo-brian-d-hill.pdf – Envelope scans of what we mailed to U.S. Supreme Court and scans of contents before being mailed off
2nd-envelope-contents-us-supreme-court-petition-rehearing-uswgo-brian-d-hill.pdf – Envelope scans of what we mailed to U.S. Supreme Court and scans of contents before being mailed off (different paper scan size)
letter-justiuce-Clarence-thomas-us-supreme-court-petition-rehearing-uswgo-brian-d-hill.pdf – Revised letter to Justice Clarence Thomas to comply with deficiency of Rule 29.5.
letter-justiuce-kavanaugh-us-supreme-court-petition-rehearing-uswgo-brian-d-hill.pdf – Revised letter to Justice Brett Kavanaugh to comply with deficiency of Rule 29.5.
main-us-supreme-court-petition-rehearing-uswgo-brian-d-hill.pdf – Main petition for rehearing that was scanned and sent to be published
First US Supreme Court PETITION FOR REHEARING COMPLETE(Scanned)(OCR)(Signatures)(2).pdf – Scanned petition
first-us-supreme-court-petition-for-rehearing-complete.pdf – Petition for rehearing without being scanned and all text rendered before it was printed.

This case is very important as it is a deciding factor for an innocent man who was framed with child pornography as reported by We Are Change and Activistpost, and even American Live wire.

Brian tried to warn people back in 2013 through his “USWGO Virus Report” about a child porn sharing virus. That was before seeing his discovery evidence material after his false guilty plea in June, 2014. The discovery evidence material proves his claim, proves his theory as the download dates are usually considered impossible for it to continue downloading after his computer was seized by Mayodan Police in August 28, 2012. The download dates continued until July 28, 2013, and that is normally impossible unless you made an enemy of the deep state swamp, then they can plant child porn remotely on anybody at any time. They did it to Brian, the discovery evidence showed that, they can do it to you without warning.

See the image of a grainy photograph of what was likely in the discovery materials:

This evidence from the U.S. Attorney’s own discovery evidence report proves that Brian was indeed framed with child porn as he kept claiming since 2013. It was on Federaljack, and on a slew of other websites. Brian kept telling the court that he was innocent, even before he was ever made aware of the download dates on January 22, 2015, at John Scott Coalter’s law firm in Greensboro, North Carolina. Even internet attorney Susan Basko had warned the federal court in 2014 that Brian was innocent without ever seeing the discovery material, oh boy if she had read the SBI forensic report, that would have backed her claims of Brian’s innocence to supercharged status and the judge would never have threatened to charge her with perjury when the evidence and the facts are on BRIAN’S SIDE. Brian’s side meaning there is sufficient evidence that warranted Brian’s innocence, and that the case should have been terminated and thrown out of court without ever compelling Brian to falsely plead guilty like General Michael Flynn had done too.

If the Supreme Court refuses the petition for rehearing and the future writ of mandamus that Brian told the White House that he was going to file, this opens up a pandora’s box where any federal detainee in the entire “Middle District” of “North Carolina” can throw anybody they want in federal prison on phony evidence, questionable evidence, perjury, coercion to obtain false guilty pleas, and with the combination of defective counsel who won’t do anything for their clients except plea agreements.

It sets a dangerous precedent throughout the entire fourth circuit federal appeals courts including many states near Washington, DC. It will affect West Virginia, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, as well as some other states. It will allow the top federal appeals court in the fourth federal circuit to deny well-written petitions that have good reasons for requesting relief and can lie about why they deny then. They can allow judges to refuse to act upon any pending motions before their courts. This unravels years, decades, and possibly even centuries of case law precedent where mandamus relief can be used to compel a Judge or any judicial officer to follow his/her duties including making a decision on a motion properly filed before a court. This opens the door to courts ignoring motions entirely, even in cases where a petitioner or criminal defendant is not even entitled to a lawyer. Now they can ignore motions period, they can ignore evidence period, they can ignore everything except what the U.S. attorneys file and argue before the courts. This makes the Article III courts transform into unconstitutional tyrannical tribunals where the government is always right, they can break any laws or rules that they want, and nobody will do anything about it except punish and bully the government’s victims. Including medical neglect, mistreatment, political imprisonment, U.S. Marshals beating up unarmed handcuffed inmates just for exercising their first amendment, deprivation of all constitutional rights, etc etc.

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