QAnon supporter Praying Medic @PrayingMedic was right: Justice John Roberts deserves Presumption of Innocence but so does ALL AMERICANS

by Laurie Azgard

Justice John Roberts is being accused of possibly being on the serial child molester Jeffrey Epstein flights on the Lolita Express due to a “John Roberts” name appearing two times on the flight log as well as “Bill Gates” Virginia Roberts, and “President William Jefferson Clinton” or Bill Clinton. However Praying Medic @prayingmedic a QAnon supporter is right in response to my last article. Justice John Roberts as well as ALL American citizens deserves the right to the presumption of innocence until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt when accused of committing a crime. That constitutional due process right does not just apply to Supreme Court justices. It applies to all.

Screenshot thanks to Twitter user Stanley Bolten @BenGate61221661

Praying Medic said “I would be careful of making assumptions. There are thousands of people with that name“. Still the former U.S. President’s name and title “President” is on the flight logs referring to Bill Clinton, and so why not the Chief Supreme Court Justice? Let the allegations begin and then the rights of the defense John Roberts in the court of public opinion.

Logically it would make sense to suspect blackmail and compromise when the Justice is making anti-republican decisions in favor of abortion, DACA which is not a law but only an executive order created and signed by former President Barack Obama but John Roberts treated it as a law, and made a decision in favor of mandatory payments to health insurance in favor of the forced mandates to buy health insurance which is SLAVERY. No free country should ever force payments to private health insurance against your will. No law or executive decree shall force a private citizen to be indebted to a private corporation, private business, or company as it takes away the civil liberties and freedoms of each individual of the United States of America. It is corporate fascism, not freedom. It is slavery, not responsibility, treating everyone as children and punishing them by taking away their allowance by not wanting to do what BIG DADDY wants. Also the chief justice of the Supreme Court also has the power to appoint officers over the Administrative Office of the United States Courts [AOUSC], a agency over the oversight of federal probation, federal courts, and over federal court security. The AOUSC is over the appellate and district Article III courts and judges, and has a certain amount of power and discretion. So the chief justice of the Supreme Court is the most powerful position of the U.S. Constitution’s federal Article III judiciary. The power to interpret the Constitution and laws passed by Congress as well as executive orders and actions under the executive branch of government. It is logical to assume that Jeffrey Epstein would compromise John Roberts or anybody even associated with the chief justice position of the Supreme Court. To those who worry about political corruption and judicial corruption, it is logical to assume and fear that John Roberts may or may not be guilty of being compromised by the pedophile rings and the deep state swamp intelligence operations. This ain’t referring to the CIA when talking about the Deep State swamp , but networks of Deep State shadow government [second national and/or state government acting as the US government but not under the Constitution and lawful confines such as the separation of powers] and ShadowNet operations being conducted with connections with different positions of government including the FBI, NSA, CIA. DHS, DIA, and any other position within a government agency or branch of government.

Now let us hear John Robert’s side of the story in his defense as he is entitled the right to defend himself against a criminal allegation as he is a lawyer and a judge/justice and he knows that. More than likely he will definitely deny being part of the Jeffrey Epstein flights, so in other words he will highly likely deny involvement with Jeffrey Epstein. Unless videos, photographs, or any credible witnesses come forth against him and say under oath or affirmation that they had witnessed John Roberts hanging out with Jeffrey Epstein and actually engaging in child sex acts or any sexual activity with children, he is to be presumed innocent as what is deserved of all American citizens regardless of what stature or what position or office held inside or outside of government, even if never involved in government or only involved in private business. It doesn’t matter whether somebody works for the government or the courts or even law enforcement. All Americans are entitled by law to the presumption of innocence until proven guilty. That right to such position should not just be reserved to federal judges or justices of a Supreme Court or of any court or office. That right to such position should not just be reserved to police officers, FBI agents, and any other law enforcement.

See some articles about what is being alleged here:

18-2868, Document 278(2) 426

Praying Medic is right, all American citizens are entitled to the due process right of the presumption of innocence until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. Before I make any further arguments in John Robert’s favor, this week will be the deciding week as to whether the Supreme Court will grant the petition for “Writ of Certiorari” in the case of “Brian David Hill v. United States District Court for the Middle District of North Carolina”.

Both associate justices Brett Kavanaugh and Clarence Thomas were falsely accused of sex allegations in an attempt to either bring them down so that they could never hold public office or to be used as a way to compromise them whether the sex allegations were true or false. Something to hang over their heads even if it ain’t true. With both of those justices as US citizens, they are also presumed innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

Brian David Hill, aka Brian D. Hill formerly of USWGO alternative news from 2009-2012 was never given the same right as John Roberts, Brett Kavanaugh, Donald Trump, or even Clarence Thomas, the right to be presumed innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. Those rights cannot be protected with a corrupt judge, corrupt lying prosecution, or ineffective assistance of counsel. Fraud upon the court allegations were never responded to in the district court record. Three motions for sanctions and the US attorney assistant Anand Prakash Ramaswamy who was accused of defrauding the court and using perjury and misconstrued facts or evidence was never contested on the district court record where those three motions were filed.

Meet Brian D. Hill!

Brian was accused of a computer sex crime [which can easily be fabricated with hacking tools such as PRISM and Vault-7 and Galileo Remote Control System], a crime similar to the allegations being thrown at Chief Justice John Roberts by those reviewing over the Epstein flight logs and any other investigative evidence, Justice Brett Kavanaugh, and Justice Clarence Thomas. It isn’t their positions in government which affords them the right to the presumption of innocence when accused of a crime. That right belongs to every single American citizen no matter what skin color, gender, office held, political background, personal background, professional background, or any background for that matter.

Brian D. Hill was never given any such right throughout his federal criminal case even though his entire criminal case is tainted in fraud and due process deprivations including ineffective assistance of counsel. He alleged in his 2255 brief [part 1, part 2, part 3] that he was treated as though he was guilty before the jury trial and his lawyer would not investigative anything and wouldn’t let him see his own entire discovery material before the false guilty plea agreement. That John Roberts should understand if he is innocent of the crime of being involved with Jeffrey Epstein’s pedophile blackmail conspiracy. In regards to Brian, his family could not bond him out while Brian’s medical issues such as type 1 brittle diabetes were neglected by multiple county jails because there was going to be strict bond conditions and stipulations against him like for instance Brian was not going to be allowed to use a telephone and neither would his family in the four apartment complex that is interconnected at that time. Brian’s entire family and all of their apartments would be subject to searches and seizures without a warrant and without any rights just for bonding out Brian D. Hill. So his entire family would not allowed to use a telephone at all. Even jails and prisons have telephones and even the prison counselors guarantee attorney phone calls for prisoners who need to speak with their attorneys or allow them to mail out legal mail. Brian was also given stipulations of home imprisonment, no telephone and no way to contact his pretrial services officer to even get permission to leave the residence for medical reasons and legal visits with an attorney, Brian would have died in his apartment if released on bond because he would not even be allowed to see his doctor while out on bond which can last for months to years. Brian was given less rights and was already treated like he was guilty of his computer possession sex crime. After Brian falsely plead guilty for being given a promise of a time served prison sentence, Brian was placed immediately on supervised probation. On that conditions, Brian was allowed to text message and he was allowed to use the telephone. Brian was given more legal rights for falsely pleading guilty which is a perjury charge risk. That itself is a sheer deprivation of due process and deprivation of Brian’s constitutional right to being presumed innocent of his crime until he is proven guilty by a jury of his peers beyond a reasonable doubt, that never happened with Brian. Why was Brian given more rights by falsely admitting gilt and accepting responsibility for his charge rather then be given rights until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt? Brian’s only crime was possessing computer files when anybody can hack a computer to plant child porn which can be as easy to plant or modify any computer file as long as you know how to reverse engineer? Why was Brian treated like such a dangerous violent criminal in Federal Court when there was no allegation of violence and no actual sexual misconduct ever alleged against Brian except just possession of computer files when possession is easy to fabricate?

Until the Jeffrey Epstein situation and investigations is sorted out, should John Roberts be treated as bad of a sex criminal defendant as with Brian David Hill? Should he be treated guilty until he proves his innocence? Should John Roberts be treated like a violent animal placed on permanent home detention and no phone calls allowed to anybody even his pretrial services officer if charged? Should John Roberts be barred from calling probation and not allowed to visit the doctor? Should John Roberts be treated like he is guilty until proven innocent because that was how Brian David Hill the poor autistic man was treated? Brian D. Hill was not given the presumption of innocence before he had falsely plead guilty under oath due to the Rule 11 colloquy. So should John Roberts also be treated as guilty of the Epstein connections of pedophilia until John Roberts spends million of dollars of his own money and be forced to apply for loans and mortgages trying to prove otherwise? They did that to a lowly poor and mentally handicapped criminal defendant with Autism Brian Hill so why not treat John Roberts with disdain and dishonor and mistreat him the exact same way they mistreated Brian for simply being accused of a crime? WHy not treat John Roberts as a VIOLENT ANIMAL until he proves that was not involved with Jeffrey Epstein because they treat lowly federal inmates as VIOLENT ANIMALS. The US Marshals treated Brian D. Hill as a VIOLENT ANIMAL as alleged in his book: “The Frame Up of Journalist Brian D. Hill” and in some cases due to his deteriorating health Brian was forced to get violent in jail against the jail guards when his diabetic blood sugar as low as the guards refused to get the medical staff involved until the next day and he would have died had he not gotten violent in Orange County Detention Center in Hillsborough, NC. So Brian was forcefully treated like a violent animal and his health was failing until he had to act out as a violent animal because he was already treated as one by the US Marshals. Brian was never charged because Brian’s violent uprising led to him being dragged with blood pouring out of his nose screaming “I AM BRIAN DAVID HILL OF USWGO ALTERNATIVE NEWS AND I WAS SET UP WITH CHILD PORNOGRAPHY, I AM BRIAN DAVID HILL OF USWGO ALTERNATIVE NEWS AND I WAS SET UP WITH CHILD PORNOGRAPHY,” etc etc. The violent uprising led Orange County to be forced to make a night phone call with a medical nurse and showed up, and treated his wounds, Brian had a broken nose. The nurse found that his blood sugar went back up in the 70’s range after he screaming and fighting back against the jail guards after he was caught eating sugar packets which led to his violent uprising. The nurse had to instruct the jail guards not to do this ever again and to give him a diabetic snack when his blood sugar was low, and because of that Brian was never charged for that violent uprising as his blood sugar was low and he could not think logically due to being medically deprived by the jail staff. If this is what Brian had go through when he should have been presumed INNOCENT until PROVEN GUILTY, This is what should happen to John Roberts since criminal defendants with type 1 diabetes are mistreated as violent animals. So John Roberts should be treated with the same disdain by the Marshals until he can prove his innocence. Right? Right? Right? NO every American is supposed to be given the presumption of innocence. Praying Medic needs to understand why we are taking an harsh position of arguments against Chief Justice John Roberts for not protecting poor and mentally handicapped criminal defendants rights to due process.

Praying Medic, we welcome you to respond to this entire article with your comments. We aren’t attacking you Praying Medic but some very good points are being made here. The Federal Court mistreated criminal defendant Brian David Hill and other average inmates until he and other criminal defendants admitted to being guilty of their charges and Brian was given a lot of reprieves for lying under oath about being guilty of a crime that he may not even be guilty at all. We want to hear what you have to say about this Praying Medic, about Brian David Hill being given virtually no rights and medical neglect to the point where he was forced to act out violently against the jail guards to get medical attention while John Roberts and other high government officials are given more rights than the average poor and disadvantaged citizens that cannot afford a good lawyer and have never been given the privilege of going to law school to become a good well trained lawyer.

So Praying Medic answer this: Does Brian David Hill deserve less constitutional and legal rights to the presumption of innocence than Justice John Roberts who may or may not be guilty of being involved with serial pedophile child rapist Jeffrey Epstein?

John Roberts does have the right to the presumption of innocence as he is in fact a citizen of the United States of America entitled to the same level of rights and medical care as everyone else, he is not any better than Brian David Hill or any other citizen of this great country. John Roberts, if you are reading this blog, consider my and other people’s allegations against you to be something of the court of public opinion and even in that arena you are given the right to be presumed innocent of the crime of pedophilia and child sexual abuse. Remember whose petition you are voting on Tuesday at the conference scheduled on September 29, 2020. Remember John Roberts by denying criminal defendant petitions alleging deprivation of due process rights such as the presumption of innocence until proven guilty as well as proven allegations of fraud upon the court by the prosecutor in federal criminal cases, we can very well say that we believe to the best of our knowledge that you may be guilty of being associated with serial child molester Jeffrey Epstein and treat you the exact same way that the Federal Court in North Carolina had treated Brian David Hill here, that is our right as it is equal protections under the law. Either we all have rights or none of us do and that includes John Roberts. If you feel that Brian’s petition should be denied and not be entitled in any court to any constitutional rights, then you John Roberts are a traitor and deserve no rights and no right to the presumption of innocence. John Roberts in that instance will have failed to protect the average citizens constitutional rights when accused of federal crimes and should be treated the exact same way as federal inmates and should be caged like a violent wild animal and treated as such even if he did nothing wrong. We need to address whether rights apply to only judges and justices or to ALL OF US.

Even QAnon shows the picture of the heading words at the Supreme Court building: “Equal Justice under Law”. Remember that John Roberts if you read this article or any articles of Justice for Brian D. Hill of USWGO alternative news. God bless America, Where We Go One We Go All.

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