QAnon dates match death of Justice Ruth Ginsburg, USWGO news letter to Justice Thomas, John Roberts mentioned twice in Jeffrey Epstein flight logs

Note, Update Jan-4-2021: Watch the video embed on Twitter posted at the bottom of this article. It further talks about a Supreme Court justice involved with pedophilia Jeffrey Epstein stuff. It further shows that there is sifficant evidence warranting an total investigation into John Roberts.

by Laurie Azgard

Information posted by QAnon shows a certain date-timeline. That timeline matches the exact end day that former U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg had died right before it had happened. Also the letter that Brian D. Hill of USWGO alternative news had sent to Clarence Thomas was also sent around that timeline period and was probably being reviewed right on the start of the second date timeline period mentioned by QAnon on September 13, 2020. Also further research shows that Chief Justice John Roberts may have been compromised by serial child molester Jeffrey Epstein as an investigative report video on Twitter stated that one of the Justices of the Supreme Court of the United States was getting onboard Jeffrey Epstein’s flights to likely be blackmailed as a pedophile with dark dirty skeletons in their closets. The flight logs filed in federal court of appeals records [which can be accessed on with the official digital federal court records] show Justice John Roberts name two times in the flight logs, assuming that it was for the Lolita Express. Sorry John Roberts, it appears that you are a blackmail-able puppet and this blog will have to expose this online. John Roberts has betrayed Donald Trump and had voted not in favor of Trump on some cases before the Supreme Court. Those decisions should be reversed via “petition for rehearing” or a “motion to reconsider” based upon the facts or evidence of blackmail of possible criminal activity of a Justice of the Supreme Court. Those decisions should be reviewed over once again in those past decisions. John Roberts even publicly went against the Second Amendment which is stabbing his oath of office in the back politically and refusing to enforce the Constitution as it was written for the American people. Another newspaper said he voted with the liberals, again. If he, John Roberts was being blackmailed by Jeffrey Epstein then that means Supreme Court Justice John Roberts may be a PEDOPHILE, and the pedophilia of being associated with Jeffrey Epstein would make John Roberts betray Donald Trump and not act on his own sound mind but based upon being a “puppet to a” puppeteer or “puppet master” which Brian D. Hill of USWGO alternative news also eluded to in his letter to Justice Clarence Thomas.

First of all, let’s start with the QAnon post drop #4686.

That post was before the timeline they set between the dates September 14 through September 18, 2020. Coincidentally or non-coincidentally Ruth Bader Ginsburg was reported dead on September 18, 2020, on a Friday.

Then the second timeline they set was between the dates of September 21 through September 25, 2020.

Also it mentions terms that match the Supreme Court directly. In another QAnon post they post part of the Supreme Court building with the words “Equal Justice Under Law”. Post #4737.

This proves that QAnon knew something was going to happen and they pick the exact date of Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death, September 18, 2020. That just seems really farfetched for a supposed anonymous QAnon postings. More and more evidence is surfacing validating QAnon’s information as legitimate. The fact that both the mainstream corporate media and Alex Jones attacking QAnon shows that they may be the real deal. That whoever is posting QAnon posts/drops are posting information before it happens, either a psychic, medium, or an insider in the intelligence agencies or with a connection with or to intelligence agencies knows what will happen before it will happen. QAnon definitely sounds legitimate here in this case.

Also Brian D. Hill of USWGO alternative news drafted the letter to Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas before September 15, 2020 as it takes time to put together a 17-page letter and the certificate of service also mentions September 14th, delayed it a day to Sept. 16th due to pain in his abdomen for hours as he reported and mailed it via 24-hour express mailing at the Post Office. Then on September 17, 2020, it was received by the Supreme Court and signed for. Interesting timing, the only Supreme Court petitioner/filer with an “Ally of QAnon” in his address area of his Supreme Court filings. The only Supreme Court pro se filer who even prints QAnon symbology in his legal filings. He files his letter around the exact same timeline as the QAnon drop had mentioned, September 14 through 18. Letter prepared for September 15, 2020, likely prepared the day before, and is successfully mailed out on September 16, 2020, and received on September 17, 2020. The Supreme Court takes a two day waiting period for a mailing to be reviewed after it is received. Thursday it was received, then Friday would be two days, right when Ruth Ginsburg’s death is announced. Then the next timeline of dates set by QAnon drop was September 21st, Monday through 25th, Friday. Right around when the envelope was to be delivered to the chambers office of Clarence Thomas, the associate Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court. Then President Donald Trump announces that the next Justice will be nominated for appointment on Friday, September 25, 2020, right on cue with QAnon. President Trump said by Friday or Saturday, possibly saying Saturday to throw off the Anti-QAnon people in the mainstream media. If the pickfor SCOTUS is nominated by Friday on a working business day, then this goes on cue with the end of the timeline that was set by QAnon at an earlier time. Extremely improbable or impossible for it to be just a coincidence.

Brian also mentioned things in that letter to Justice Thomas that points to possible compromise or blackmail within our Supreme Court but said it in a interesting way in reference to false sex allegations. Here are the letter PDF files again to Justice Thomas:

Letter to Justice Clarence Thomas and Certificate of Service(5)Fax numbers corrected – The original finalized letter to Justice Clarence Thomas before it was scanned and mailed off.
letter-addressed-to-honorable-justice-clarence-thomas-september-15-2020-scanned-text-searchable-ocr – The letter addressed to Justice Thomas that was scanned and was made available through text searchable OCR.
letter-addressed-to-honorable-justice-clarence-thomas-september-15-2020-scanned – The letter addressed to Justice Thomas that was scanned but was not modified to be text searchable.

Here is the quote from the letter to Justice Thomas from Brian Hill:

“The Honorable Justice Clearance Thomas, it wasn’t just Brett Kavanaugh who had been given false sexual allegations against him, but you also were given false sexual allegations against you for a political goal of ruining your character so that you would never be appointed to serve as an associate Justice of this Honorable Supreme Court of these United States. Either to ruin your character or to compromise and blackmail you into becoming a Puppet to a Puppet Master making decisions based upon any potential threats you could receive from the Puppet Master who makes such false sex allegations like the Deep State Swamp.”

Quoted from page 10 of the letter to Clarence Thomas – Dated September 15, 2020

Interesting the way Brian worded it, warning Clarence Thomas that “false sex allegations” would have been used to make him a “Puppet” to a “Puppet Master” and of the “Deep State Swamp”. A puppet master like Jeffrey Epstein perhaps?????

Interesting that Brian an “Ally of QAnon” would send out a Supreme Court letter by express mailing during a timeline period that QAnon mentions in exact regards to the Supreme Court over another matter. The letter references the words “sexual allegations”, “blackmail” and “puppet master”. That leads me to the next point, maybe Brian knew that there was blackmail going on in the Federal court system because of his failures in achieving any kind of justice, likely investigated or inquired as to why justice keeps being deprived of him in the corrupt legal system, and simply tried to warn Clarence Thomas of this judicial blackmail. Hmmmmm, interesting. Brian is starting to sound as cryptic as QAnon and Donald Trump. Could this be some kind of delta or just a very interesting coincidence?

In regards to the blackmail of Chief Justice of the Supreme Court named John Roberts, I have reviewed over the federal court documents obtainable from It is also archived here for those who do not want to pay $3.00 on PACER to read through the Jeffrey Epstein flight logs right on federal court records.


Document 278, Aug 9, 2019, UNSEALED SUMMARY JUDGMENT RECORD, appendix 4 of 13, pursuant to the Court’s decision dated July 3, 2019, DOCKETED. [2628230] [18-2868] [Entered: 08/09/2019 09:29 AM]

Main Doc­ument –

U.S. Court of Appeals case no. 18-2868, Document 278, page 426

U.S. Court of Appeals case no. 18-2868, Document 278, page 426, it shows John Roberts on that page of the Jeffrey Epstein airplane flight logs in the federal court filing.

U.S. Court of Appeals case no. 18-2868, Document 278, page 429

U.S. Court of Appeals case no. 18-2868, Document 278, page 426, it also shows John Roberts on that page of the Jeffrey Epstein airplane flight logs in the federal court filing.

So John Roberts of the Supreme Court didn’t just take a quick dip on Epstein’s Lolita Express, but the records in federal court records of a scanned records of the flight logs prove that John Roberts’s name is on it yet again. Two times his name was on Epstein’s flight log list.

Here is a tweet about somebody from the federal circuit saying that one of the Justices of the Supreme Court was on the Epstein plane.

The proof is there, the evidence is there, right in federal court records. Anybody can check and review over the Epstein flight logs themselves and make their own determinations. Still Epstein was known to blackmail powerful people, and of course that would include the Supreme Court because blackmailing at least one or two justices would make it easy to politically manipulate case law policy making and precedents. Epstein could get out of any criminal charge he wanted as all he would have to do is blackmail Chief Justice John Roberts into entertaining his petitions before the Supreme Court or he could even blackmail John Roberts into entertaining whatever politics he craves for, like the Democrat Party. This is very dangerous to the constitutional republic of the United States of America, extremely dangerous to the elections and voting if the “Courts” make a determination of who is the legitimate President between candidate Joe Biden or President Donald Trump. John Roberts would vote with the liberals for Joe Biden, a democrat due to the blackmail and his strings being pulled by the “Puppet Master” that Brian was referring to in his letter to Clarence Thomas. Hmmm, an ally of QAnon, maybe Brian is working with QAnon, who knows.

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