Brian D. Hill of USWGO news filed letter with Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas; urging him to grant Certiorari Petition in case

by Laurie Azgard

Note: The Supreme Court filings that may not be made available on their website at are listed in this internet archive link; Image of Justice Clarence Thomas was found on a public government website and is protected under fair use doctrine if it is not public domain.

Brian D. Hill, formerly of USWGO alternative news had filed a letter to Justice Clarence Thomas by 24-hour express mailing urging him to grant his petition for writ of certiorari. Writ of certiorari is an order to review over the decision of a lower court and possibly mandate a change in that lower court decision through order and remand. This is again in regards to his federal criminal case where Brian had accused the federal prosecutor Anand Prakash Ramaswamy of knowingly defrauding the court, that the fraud and coercion by his own court appointed lawyers was used to scare and coerce him into falsely pleading guilty to his charge. He had also sent a letter a few months ago to Justice Brett Kavanaugh, Brian explained why he supported QAnon and about him being an ally of QAnon.

Let’s first post links to the letter before I make a brief interpretation of what it talks about. Review our PDF file list:

Letter to Clerk of the United States Supreme Court about New Express Mail tracking number(2) – letter about why the mailing was sent through express mailing rather than priority mail, original letter as it was finalized.
Letter to Justice Clarence Thomas and Certificate of Service(5)Fax numbers corrected – The original finalized letter to Justice Clarence Thomas before it was scanned and mailed off.
letter-addressed-to-honorable-justice-clarence-thomas-september-15-2020-scanned-text-searchable-ocr – The letter addressed to Justice Thomas that was scanned and was made available through text searchable OCR.
letter-addressed-to-honorable-justice-clarence-thomas-september-15-2020-scanned – The letter addressed to Justice Thomas that was scanned but was not modified to be text searchable.
3-pages-letter-clerk-supreme-court-scotus – 3 pages of letter mailed to the clerk of the Supreme Court in the same express mail envelope. That is about begging the clerk to make the letters electronically available in PDF format on the website on the docket of his case. Not text searchable.
3-pages-letter-clerk-supreme-court-scotus-text-searchable-ocr – Text searchable version. 3 pages of letter mailed to the clerk of the Supreme Court in the same express mail envelope. That is about begging the clerk to make the letters electronically available in PDF format on the website on the docket of his case. Not text searchable.
Letter to Clerk of the United States Supreme Court about filing letters to Docket – Original letter when finalized without the additional addendum about the change of USPS tracking number to an express mailing tracking number.
return-receipt-EL334898784US – Return receipt from USPS service. Proves that the United States Supreme Court had received the envelope with the letters from Mr. Hill.
USPS-express-mail-us-supreme-court-justice-clarence-thomas – Priority mail express carbon copy of form, proving that it was accepted by the Post Office and the location of where the mailing was being mailed to, and who the mailing was directed towards. Proves that an express mail was indeed mailed by Brian D. Hill to the Supreme Court.
USPS-EL334898784US-successful-delivery-status – delivery status report from the tracking number service at the USPS website. Shows that the Supreme Court did in fact received the express mailing containing the letter to Hon. Clarence Thomas.

First of all, let’s see what all of this is about, why Brian would be mailing yet another Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States [SCOTUS].

Brian is running a political campaign at the federal judiciary for acquittal, for permanent vacatur of his wrongful conviction, being acquitted of his wrongful probation violations. Brian wants to be acquitted of all allegations that were well-grounded in fraud, perjury, evidence tampering, and/or dishonesty by the federal prosecutor in the entire federal case since his charge back in 2013. Not just dishonesty but misinterpretation of events that had actually happened and that the court refused to conduct an investigation into anything except just to keep punishing him over and over again without any right to relief, as if the court is completely a one sided tribunal that always convicts and hardly ever acquits if at all. Seven years is a long time to be consistently fighting a federal charge and eventually a conviction. Especially for somebody who had received an imprisonment sentence of time already served for his kind of computer crime charge, a sentence many would snitch for including Jeffrey Epstein. Why would Brian buck his supervised release by filing evidence and pleadings concerning his actual innocence and risk getting targeted by fighting for proving his innocence all of these years even when Alex Jones had turned his back on Brian and his family. Rob Dew of Infowars just receives information about his case but ignores it thereafter and doesn’t seem to be interested in any articles being written about this entire predicament. Brian stands almost entirely on his own two feet, like David and Goliath of the bible in the old testament. One small mentally handicapped man with Autism versus the entire corrupt criminal justice system, the federal judicial machinery. With pretty much no lawyers, no mainstream media coverage, and no support from his old alternative media buddies or allies with exception to Susan Basko, Luke Rudkowski, and Aaron Kesel. Very few people had ever truly wanted his story to even get out on the public town square. Brian was just hidden away like a dirty skeleton in the closet, like an embarrassment to the entire alternative media that Brian would even allow himself to be framed with child pornography. None of those people have mental disabilities. Anybody can be vulnerable to get set up whether they have a mental disability or not. The alternative media is an embarrassment for what they did to Brian D. Hill, silently ignoring him and turning their backs on him.

Here is some of what was written and typed up to Justice Thomas, copied and quoted from the letter.

I am writing this letter to you in reference to case no. 19-8684,
entitled: Brian David Hill v. United States District Court for the
Middle District of North Carolina. This petition should be granted,
here is reasons why.
I have proven my case, I have proven my claims. Under the Local
Court Rules concerning civil cases which encompasses the 2255
Cases, the other party in a case has three weeks to respond to a
motion or it is uncontested. Assistant United States Attorney Anand
Prakash Ramaswamy did not respond to a single allegation of Fraud
upon the Court against him in those motions in the district court
record. It is only by Deep State corruption and fiat that I lose. In a
legitimate Article III Court I should never have been convicted.
The emotional stigmatization surrounding the charge or the elements
of such charge should not apply to this case or any criminal case
within our Federal Courts. Every criminal defendant deserves all
Constitutional rights including the right to a fair trial, effective
counsel, that it is assumed that the prosecutor is not defrauding the
court but upon any evidence of fraud surfacing that any judgment in
favor of the prosecutor should be reversed, the right to an impartial
tribunal and impartial judge, and the other Constitutional rights
affirmed by this U.S. Supreme Court by controlling/persuasive case
law precedent in the past.
It doesn’t matter whether you are conservative or liberal. The
Constitutional rights in jeopardy in this case affects not just Brian
David Hill but also former Lt. General Michael Thomas Flynn who
also had falsely plead guilty to his charges to protect his son from the
Mueller witchhunt where evidence could have been fabricated
against Flynn’s son unless Flynn falsely pleads guilty then would be
directed to make up lies against U.S. President Donald John Trump
which would have been perjury and obstruction of justice. I had
already provided multiple affidavits/declarations to the U.S. District
Court years ago and in the 2255 case and FOIA lawsuit in another
Federal District Court referenced in the 2255 case with the exact
same U.S. Attorney Office in the Middle District of North Carolina
involved in that FOIA lawsuit in Virginia as to why I had falsely
plead guilty. I also explained that I had falsely confessed because
Charles J. Caruso of Mayodan Police Department said that if I did
not fess up then my mother would be held responsible. I reacted the
exact same way as Michael Thomas Flynn of the Trump
Administration did, falsely admit guilt to protect a family member
which is the very heart of coercion and non-voluntary admissions of
guilt. That in itself is entirely fraudulent, a fraudulent guilty plea
does not make a fraudulent case by a Federal Prosecutor any more
valid than a pyramid scheme fraud or wire fraud.

Quoted from the beginning of the letter to Clarence Thomas – Dated September 15, 2020

The decisions made in this Supreme Court affect all parties, both
conservative and liberal, as well as independent or anybody who is
citizen of this republic, the United States of America.
Here is the major concerns that will make the American people hate
our judicial system and no longer recognize it was having integrity
and honesty. A Court of Appeals has allowed multiple frauds upon
the court and a judge refusing to act upon pending motions that were
unopposed on the record in the U.S. District Court where those
motions were filed. Those motions should have been granted by
default as they did have valid evidence and was well-grounded in law
and authoritative case law as far as this Supreme Court. That is an
excess of jurisdiction and a deprivation of due process under the Fifth
Amendment of the United States Constitution. If motions filed by
Brian Hill can be ignored while other motions that were filed by
Brian Hill were acted upon by the usual denial or granting of the
motion, then such decision cannot be appealed directly because no
decision had ever made on such a motion. Appeals can only be filed
as a motion has been acted upon, that is a legal fact throughout legal
history. Writ of Mandamus is appropriate as a vehicle for an inaction
by a responsible judicial officer of the federal judiciary branch. Such
inactions will prompt any and every Federal Court to just sit on
motions and never act upon them. That right there deprives a party
of due process of law, depriving them of their Fifth Amendment
protections that were well-settled in past decisions that were decided
by this very Court, essentially taking away enforcement power from
the Supreme Court. That means the District Court and Courts of
Appeals can treat your Court like it is illegitimate to subvert your
Court’s authority and can act above and beyond the law throughout
case law history, essentially tribunals that ignore the Supreme Court
and subvert the decisions of the Supreme Court, this is very
dangerous to our constitutional republic. Ignoring evidence and
ignoring motions completely sends a message that justice cannot be
obtained through the lawful process of the judicial system, which can
lead to anarchy and insurrection against the Government, it is a
broken process with no rule of law. It can lead to a disrespect of law
as well as disrespect against its enforcers. It is what can lead to
demonstrations which can escalate to riots that Black Lives Matter
and ANTIFA had demonstrated even when they attack any and
every average citizen as well as attacking elderly and kids through
violent raging mobs, because they feel that the system they relied
upon had failed them and that the courts cannot be a peaceful means
to achieve justice for an injustice or a repeated injustices that
continue happening unabated. It is very important that this case be
reviewed over and scrutinized to the details and the merits of this
very case. This Petition for Writ of Certiorari is not a time waster
and does present a very critical and substantial issues that has not
been widely demonstrated for such a need to create new case law

Quoted from the beginning of the letter to Clarence Thomas – Dated September 15, 2020

Read the entire letter for yourself. It is concerning that Brian is having to go as far as to spill his guts to a Justice of the Supreme Court on the entire corrupt judicial mechanism and begging the Supreme Court to undo the damage caused by the entire corrupt Fourth Circuit federal appeals court in Richmond, Virginia and then the entirely corrupt middle district of North Carolina run by KING CHIEF RAT judge Thomas David Schroeder. QAnon may have been right when they said “RATS PANIC IN DC”.

If the petition is granted and given a second look, this may create media coverage from not just Scotus-blog but many legal scholars will be investigating how a pro se filer was able to overcome the very legal hurdles that many lawyers cringe at such labor without charging an arm and a leg with a team of lawyers and assistants. Brian had filed literally hundreds to thousands of pages of evidence and pleadings, filed CD-ROM and DVD-ROM discs with the court, and had also tried to file audio discs in his cases. Even requested or demanded that the clerk file his color photographs in color when many pleadings are simply filed in black and white imagery. Brian appears desperate to win at all costs and is going up against a well armed, well funded, tax paid for, corrupt U.S. attorney office and corruption within the Department of Justice. However the only difference between him and them is that Brian is willing to be honest and not play dirty to win at all costs. However he is willing to risk being murdered, risk being targeted, and willing to potentially risk others being targeted possibly to retaliate to scare anybody from helping him. Brian did receive one threatening email from back in 2013 stating that they will set up Alex Jones and others with child porn next because Brian would not shut his mouth up. Sounds like MAFIA style pedophile criminal racketeering corruption and networks of organized pedophilia going on, and Brian is involved in being framed of it, and is in the middle of this behind-the-scenes pedophile turf war of the New-World-Order against the alternative media. Pedophiles are working inside of the corrupt factions of the United States Government which was revealed with the arrest and homicide of Jeffrey Epstein a serial child molester and child trafficker for politicians and high-ups like Bill Clinton and Prince Andrew in Europe.

brianThreatemail1 tormail

This threatening email mentions one high profile person, and that was Alex Jones of Infowars who was in the photograph with Brian Hill and Stewart Rhodes back in June, 2012.

Will the honorable Clarence Thomas agree to the claims by petitioner Brian D. Hill in his letter and agree to vote in favor of Brian’s petition for writ of certiorari and give his case files an investigation to determine whether or not there needs to be an intervention by the Supreme Court, the court of final resort?

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