Email sent to new U.S. Solicitor General Jeffrey Wall about picking up envelope, go after the fraud

Author: Stanley Bolten,

Hello everyone, It is time to go ahead and show my email to the new U.S. Solicitor General Jeffrey Wall about the Supreme Court case of Brian Hill v. United States Corrupt District Court for the Middle Communist District of North Carolina. Also don’t forget OFFENDER Anand Prakash Ramaswamy who is at this point proven guilty of defrauding the court in Brian Hill’s case and Brian must be permanently acquitted or given a pardon of Actual Innocence by President Trump.

The Solicitor General needs to pick up the envelope on Brian’s filed letter to all of the justices in the Supreme Court consenting to the Amicus Curiae and asking the Court to extend the time to file an Amicus Curiae by any lawyer or law professor to file with the Supreme Court in support of his petition for Writ of Certiorari.

Here’s the email.

Subject: Pickup mailing


PDF file of email

Jeffrey B. Wall,
You need to pickup the mailing.
July 11, 2020, 10:50 am
Available for Pickup
Your item arrived at the WASHINGTON, DC 20530 post office at 10:50 am on July 11, 2020 and is ready for pickup.
It is your duty to discharge the duties of your office, and laws should be enforced. Fraud upon the court should not be tolerated by your office or any office of law enforcement. Fraud should be discouraged in every court. Please make sure of that. God bless you.
Where we go one, we go all,
Best regards,
Stanley Bolten
Sent with ProtonMail Secure Email.

What does that email above tell you?

If he knows about QAnon or is part of QAnon, then he knows exactly the deal with Brian Hill. Brian Hill must be acquitted at once, his conviction vacated and his probation violations vacated as well since both violation charges were based upon his Autistic behaviors caused by Autism Spectrum Disorder, he had no intent to violate his supervised release. One was that he was a victim of carbon monoxide poisoning and the other was over an autistic meltdown. Brian never should have been violated at all. Frauds do not right the perceived wrongs by the Government. Meaning if the Government feels that Brian is a horrible rotten criminal that is a danger to society, then they need to only tell the truth with real evidence and not engage in fraud to successfully prosecute and convict him. Frauds is not how to win cases. Frauds should never be used to win any criminal or civil cases. It is unethical and violates the rule of law. It goes against common sense, it goes against logic, it goes against science. It violates the Ten Commandments of thew Bible, Thou shalt not bear false witness. If they believe that Brian may have sinned or even sinned in a bad way, then sinning to stop a so-called sinner only increases the sin.

This Solicitor General should read Brian’s letter carefully then he needs to call for investigations of both a criminal, disability rights, and civil rights nature and find out if Brian was telling the truth this whole time or lying a bunch under oath which would not make any sense. Brian already got time served prison sentence. Why would Brian risk that by filing affidavit after affidavit claiming innocence and proving fraud? Why would his mother Roberta Hill and grandparents Kenneth and Stella Forinash all risk perjury charges for their family member who received a prison sentence of time already served which many inmates would snitch and kill for?

Think logically, Brian is INNOCENT, Brian has begged QAnon for help and he still needs their help in investigating his case and exposing the truth when appropriate under the laws of the land.

No real pedophile would ever consider bucking against a prison sentence of time served. Not even serial child molester Jeffrey Epstein bucked his sweetheart plea deal where he gets work release during incarceration when no real sex offender ever gets work release while in custody.

Whatever opinion, stigmatization, or emotions you feel over Brian’s federal criminal charges is irrelevant and not logical. Any logical lawyer knows and understands that Brian is innocent and was a victim of multiple frauds upon the Court, Constitutional violations, and Deep State sabotage and attempted murder.

If Jeffrey Wall wants to review over every post on this blog and then look through the federal case laws, be my guest. There should have been a criminal investigation into Brian David Hill’s claims including his innocence claims. The messages that Attorney Susan Basko and Brian Hill had received should have been thoroughly investigated by the FBI and INTERPOL. INTERPOL could have organized tracking down those child porn emails, even those that Alex Jones of Infowars have allegedly received and was almost framed with during the Sandy Hook lawsuit. INTERPOL could have tracked down who was downloading child porn to Brian’s laptop after it was already seized by Mayodan Police Department in North Carolina. They could have found the culprit or culprits who set Brian up and Brian would have been exonerated and acquitted years ago, USWGO Alternative News would have become a huge website like Drudgereport and Infowars, but the Deep State didn’t want any of that.

INTERPOL could have easily tracked down those child porn set up emails and threatening email messages, They do not want to track them down because it may lead to the Pedophile Rings that I believed have framed Brian D. Hill with child pornography and had it continually download for eleven months when Brian’s computer was already seized by law enforcement. That alone should have been investigated by the FBI and the Federal Court for evidence tampering and possible computer hacking to download child porn to a user’s computer without his knowledge. That makes him INNOCENT has he had no men’s rea, no intent to ever want to possess or access any such pornography material. Brian is innocent and Jeffrey Wall needs to understand that, QAnon needs to understand that. Proofs is everything as QAnon had said.

The emails Brian Hill was sent were provided to We Are Change, and Hill also talks about them in a video he made that his family sent to We Are Change.



Additional evidence that supports Brian’s claim of being setup is the fact that his computer was downloading the image’s of child pornography while in the custody of the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigations (SBI) in August 2012 and 2013.

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