New Meme to promote the first QAnon Ally/Supporter before the U.S. Supreme Court – Where We Go One We Go All

by Laurie Azgard

A new meme is being created, that is a public campaign to bring to the attention of the entire internet that a QAnon supporter and ally of QAnon [because he wants to defeat the deep state corruption that broken so many laws to get him wrongfully convicted on fraudulent evidence] is to go before the U.S. Supreme Court when the people push for true justice.


Justice shouldn’t start with just those who oppose the wrongful death of George Floyd. It should extend to peacefully resist the corruption by promoting the good cases before the United States Supreme Court to undo the injustices done to political activists, disabled people, people of color, and the poor who cannot afford justice in our courts and are forced against their will to falsely plead guilty to crimes that they had never committed.

We don’t need riots to have true justice in our judicial system. Let us show the Supreme Court that we will not riot over matters that can be resolved peacefully by supporting cases before the Supreme Court to restore our lost constitutional rights in the United States of America.

Alex Jones acts as though QAnon is fake and is some deep state group that teaches people to sit back and do nothing and trust the plan. QAnon does not encourage violence like Alex Jones had suggested months ago. However QAnon does not tell people to sit and do nothing about the corruption either. Brian is a supporter of QAnon and is actively fighting in federal court and now in the Supreme Court for true American justice that cannot be achieved by mere rioting and by mere wishful thinking. Come join this public campaign and stand with Brian David Hill, stand with a man that is pushing to correct federal court corruption by pushing the issues of [1] fraud upon the court and [2] end the one-year statute of limitations for writ of habeas corpus petitioners when pressing the issues of actual innocence and fraud that was perpetuated upon the court by the government attorneys.

QAnon is a symbol, a movement of those who seek justice and want justice and want individual liberties. We want to hold government officials aka public servants accountable because we need that to happen. We need to end the judicial corruption once and for all, peacefully without rioting. So please join our public campaign.

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Join Brian Hill right now by joining our blog. He cannot post on this blog until his supervised release is vacated by the Supreme Court, but he fully is happy with anybody who stands by him and this movement to restore justice in our courts. We must restore integrity before our courts. God bless you all, no matter what color you are. God bless America and god bless our Constitution.

Also thanks for anyone who links to our blog posts. We need more to do that and tell people about this campaign. Here’s the post: Is 8chan/8kun censoring posts asking Qanon about Deep State setting up people with child porn, like with Alex Jones, Luke Rudkowski, Brian Hill, Stewart Rhodes? – Listen to everyone, trust no one. – I ask this blog to repost the last two posts about the Supreme Court accepting a petition for docketing that was filed by a QAnon ally/supporter. Thanks

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