Petition for rehearing on both appeals revives Appeals dismissed by Deep State Assassins

by Laurie Azgard

See post: Corrupt Richmond U.S. Court of Appeals Rubber-Stamps ruling allowing Corrupt Federal Judge to remain in Case; Doctor Transcripts at will!

The corrupt federal appeals court judges [puppets] in Richmond, Virginia, that are doing the bidding of Langley, VA the Deep State assassins of the Swamp have failed as Brian Hill’s petition for rehearing has been timely filed and was docketed on the 23rd of March but filed on March 20. When I am talking about Deep State assassins, I am not talking about the judges as the judges are merely puppets of the Deep State that is assassinating not just his federal appeals, assassinating the character of Brian D. Hill, but has attempted to poison Brian and his mother with carbon monoxide. When the carbon monoxide caused the indecent exposure charge, they had decided to go along with that narrative that Brian is some kind of weirdo in order to discredit his writ of habeas corpus in federal court to dismiss his case. One way or another, they had a plan to ruin Brian. They couldn’t kill Brian and his mother with the carbon monoxide gas so a state criminal charge was their next best move.

The CIA likely targeted Brian D. Hill [USWGO alternative news] and his mother with a threatening greeting card and carbon monoxide poisoning.

Some moves are being made by Brian in attempting complete acquittal in his state case to reverse the revocation of his federal probation. Then his 2255 will have enough credibility for the actual innocence ground to overcome constitutional muster. He has evidence but Brian and his family prefer that it not be posted in his blog to prevent another Mayodan-type-frame-up-incident where Brian lives right now. Brian has instructed me not to post about the corruption going on in the Circuit Court case until the deep-state-swamp had been arrested and the issues are resolved in his state case involving his acquittal for actual innocence. Moves and counter-moves are being made. Lies are being exposed. There will be a right time for Brian to go public with the evil doing going in in the Commonwealth of Virginia by certain corrupt forces who attempted to kill Brian and his mother with carbon monoxide poisoning but turned the event into an indecent exposure charge and some guy in a hoodie threatening to kill Brian’s mother if he didn’t do what the man wanted. Answers will come on this blog. I do want to see if Brian and his mother will ever come forth about the car breaks being possibly sabotaged years ago. There are a lot of behind-the-scenes stuff going on which led up to Brian’s wrongful arrest in Virginia. Brian is facing acquittal of his state charge and hopefully his federal conviction once the Swamp had been arrested by John Durham and others fighting back against the corrupt cabal. Also it should be noted that the corrupt federal judge dismissed two of his appeals on March 17, 2020. That is a significant date, on Saint Patrick’s day. March is the third month of the calendar year. 3 x 17 = 51, Area 51. 51 x 3 = 153 that was in the bible. Also the town of Mayodan attempted to arrest Brian on Friday, 13th, December, 2013. So the corrupt elite are targeting Brian on certain specific dates as if following the folly of the Knights Templar on Friday the Thirteenth. Timing is everything. The elite are at their last straw. As Brian continues fighting, he will be acquitted and his reputation finally restored since 2012.

Anyways here is the petition for rehearing and the docket indexes:

Appeal-19-7756-Document-9.pdf – Petition for rehearing
Appeal-19-7756-Document-10.pdf – Stay of mandate
Appeal-19-7756-Docket-March-23-2020 – Docket for that appeal
Appeal-19-7483-Document-16.pdf – Petition for rehearing
Appeal-19-7483-Document-17.pdf – Stay of mandate
Appeal-19-7483-Docket-March-23-2020.pdf – Docket for that appeal


More information is coming out. Brian is going to win on the ground of actual innocence for his state charge of indecent exposure with carbon monoxide as a reasonable doubt, then he will fight to reopen the 2255 case and turn the tables on Anand Prakash Ramaswamy for corruption and obstruction of justice. The frauds upon the court will fail and Brian will be permanently acquitted of his federal conviction. Then this blog will have served it’s purpose and won’t have to be updated anymore once he is completely acquitted of both charges. Brian is actually innocent all of the way. It will happen. The plot of carbon monoxide, the threatening greeting card, and some guy wearing a hoodie threatening to kill Brian’s mother if he didn’t take his clothes off in a public place and take photos of himself. That plot is failing and will not succeed.

Qanon – Where-We-Go-One-We-Go-All.

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