USWGO news Brian Hill had filed a new 2255 Motion ground: “FRAUD upon the court” for his federal case

by Laurie Azgard Brian D. Hill of USWGO alternative news had filed a motion to amend to his 2255 motion to include a new ground of "fraud upon the court", after the cowardly U.S. magistrate judge Joe Webster had recommending dismissal of Brian's 2255 motion. They won't even give Brian a chance to prove his... Continue Reading →

Cowardly U.S. Magistrate Joe Webster defends evil Schroeder, recommends dismissing USWGO news Brian’s Actual Innocence Claims (JUDICIAL TYRANNY)

by Laurie Azgard U.S. Magistrate judge Joe Webster from the Durham, North Carolina has gone to the dark side, defending the corrupt and evil chief judge Thomas D. Schroeder, the king rat. See Articles: Brian D. Hill of USWGO news files amended Notice of Appeal to jump-start the appeal against the DISHONORABLE chief federal Judge... Continue Reading →

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