USWGO news Brian Hill had filed objections to cowardly U.S. Magistrate Judge Joe Webster’s recommendations dismissing 2255 Motion

by Laurie Azgard

Brian D. Hill of USWGO alternative news had filed objections to the lies and misinformation filed by U.S. magistrate judge Joe Webster of Durham, North Carolina federal courthouse. The objections have been uploaded on this blog.

Objection by BRIAN DAVID HILL re[210] Recommended Ruling – Magistrate Judge re [168] MOTION filed by BRIAN DAVID HILL, [153] MOTION to Appoint Attorney filed by BRIAN DAVID HILL, [141] MOTION to Dismiss Motion to Vacate, Set Aside, or Correct Sen (Attachments: # (1) Envelope – Front and Back)(Butler, Carol)

Brian and his family members have worked on the objections according to what has been filed in the U.S. district court records. The issues of fraud upon the court, and Brian’s actual innocence and other important issues have been brought up, as to why Brian’s 2255 motion should not be dismissed.

If Brian’s 2255 motion is to be dismissed, then Brian will be barred from filing another writ of habeas corpus petition (2255 motion) again unless new evidence is discovered, and the Deep State will make sure that Brian will never get any new evidence. Brian won’t even be allowed to appeal the denial of his 2255 motion unless he gets approval from the district court or the U.S. court of appeals.

They do not want Brian to prove his actual innocence, they are barring him from all of his guaranteed constitutional rights. They have pulled the same kind of stuff in the case of United States of America v. Roger Stone. The federal judicial tyranny is destroying the integrity and credibility of the United States courts. Soon, no sane person will believe whatever the federal courts tell the American people.

The objections to the lies of U.S. magistrate judge Joe Webster is in regards to Brian’s false guilty plea, Brian’s false confession, ineffective counsel, fraud upon the court, prosecutorial misconduct, and other issues. His autism spectrum disorder is being ignored, and all of his other evidence is also being ignored. The judge had ignored his article from the Innocence Project, and the report from Dennis Debbaudt, a law enforcement trainer.

The federal courts have gone coocoo.


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