News reporter files motion requesting new lawyer, defense of mental insanity

by: Laurie Azgard

Notice: Read his state case filings here since Virginia has no system like PACER:

Brian D. Hill [USWGO alternative news] the former news reporter had filed multiple motions in his Virginia state case. One to fire his court appointed lawyer ‘Lauren Michelle McGarry’ [Martinsville public defender], and one to order a mental evaluation to plead mental insanity at the time of the alleged offense. Brian even argued that he broke no law because his conduct did not rise to the level of obscenity. Carbon monoxide poisoning is the clear culprit behind Brian’s weird behavior on September 21, 2018.

From what I was able to read in the pleadings emailed to me from Brian’s mother ‘Roberta Hill’ using a MEDIAFIRE link [backup link), it appears that Brian has had a good claim of ineffective assistance of trial counsel.

His trial counsel was ineffective since Brian is actually innocent. Here is Brian’s motion for substitute counsel.

Brian also filed a motion for mental insanity at the time of September 21, 2018. It is clear enough evidence of carbon monoxide poisoning with evidence of sinus tachycardia, psychosis, mental confusion, abnormally high white blood cell count, and abnormal high mean platelet volume level.

When Brian had filed a motion for an earlier trial date, he had brought up his legal innocence because his conduct did not rise to the level of being obscene. Brian wasn’t obscene partially because of carbon monoxide poisoning. The rest was that Brian isn’t the type of guy to ever be a danger to society. Brian has autism spectrum disorder and he had been the victim of hacker attacks and a Righthaven LLC lawsuit in 2011.

A PDF archive [2] was created of the circuit court records. It appears that all Brian’s pro-se pleadings were successfully filed. Is Brian really guilty of indecent exposure? Will the judge grant them or deny them? that is the question!

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  1. I like to look up Brian to see what he has been arrested for next, and what excuse him s mother will make for him, since he started stealing photos from news sites to use for his own.


    1. Also it is not stealing when using other content for non-commercial usage for education, social justice, political. American copyright law has FAIR USE DOCTRINE. It is not considered stealing when it is protected under the FAIR USE exemption of Copyright law. So accusing Brian of stealing when we have FAIR USE DOCTRINE, in US Copyright Law, you know nothing of Fair Use protection. It is not copyright infringement to use media materials to educate and criticize and make comments on other people’s works. This is not communism. America has Fair Use Doctrine. That is not stealing. However, Alex Jones is a commercial website and Fair Use Doctrine is more iffy about whether Alex Jones is protected under Fair Use. Brian was protected under Fair Use more than Alex Jones because Brian makes no profit because of living off of disability. He decided not to be a corrupt democrat and decided to fight the new world order. Brian was punished and framed and targeted by the deep state fucks repeatedly for fighting the new world order.


    2. Tell me something, are you Robert Bridge??? Are you ROBERT BRIDGE??? Tell me the truth and QAnons will make things easier for you when you are arrested for hacking Brian’s computer and setting him up.

      It will be easier for you to just confess to what you have done, ROBERT BRIDGE!!!!


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