BREAKING: Brian D. Hill of USWGO news was under carbon monoxide since November, 2017

by: Laurie Azgard

Evidence was emailed to me from Brian’s mother, showing that Brian D. Hill of USWGO alternative news has had carbon monoxide [CO] gas poisoning since November, 2017, all the way up until September 21, 2018, when Brian was arrested by Martinsville Police in Virginia.

Carbon monoxide poisoning can cause a patient to exhibit inappropriate behaviors.

In the case of 2255 filer and former alternative news reporter Brian D. Hill, he stated on federal court documents that a man in a hoodie threatened to kill Brian’s mother if he didn’t take his clothes off on a hiking trail at nighttime. Brian stated that somebody was watching his home before he was arrested, and was scared to be in his home, but kept his doors unlocked. Brian also stated that he was diagnosed, a week after his arrest, with psychosis which is yet another symptom of acute carbon monoxide poisoning.

So at night, when nobody was walking the hiking trail in Martinsville, Virginia, Brian felt something was wrong with him but couldn’t think of why, ran down an empty hiking trail butt naked at night, until a car went by around some part of the trail and spotted him. The police were called, Brian spoke of a story about a man wearing a black hoodie threatening to kill his mother if he didn’t do that. Brian didn’t even know that he was under carbon monoxide poisoning until 2019.

The medical records show multiple signs of different medical issues which all link to CO gas poisoning. (#1) Sinus Tachycardia, (#2) high heart rate of over 100 beats per minute [bpm], (#3) abnormally high White Blood Cell [WBC] count and Mean Platelet Volume [MPV] in the laboratory work done around November 19, 2017.

Not just that but Brian had also shown signs of mental confusion, which would explain why Martinsville Police investigator Sgt. R.D. Jones didn’t believe Brian’s story regarding a man wearing a hoodie. If Brian were to be questioned, Brian wouldn’t be able to think clearly and may give mixed statements under mental confusion after being exposed to consistent levels of CO toxicity.

Brian had been charged on September 21, 2018 with indecent exposure, however his behavior was considered abnormal and unlike Brian’s character. He has revealed that different Virginia case law mandated that he is not guilty of indecent exposure because he wasn’t being obscene, was a victim of CO gas poisoning at the time, and wasn’t aroused. He didn’t exhibit the typical behavior of those who are caught naked in a public place. Brian was caught around nighttime, stated that he was afraid and kept his door unlocked to his home as if he needed to escape his home quickly. Brian said he was afraid but didn’t quite understand why. He was silently being poisoned by a gas which cannot be tasted, touched, is invisible and has no color. Carbon monoxide is known as a silent killer. If Brian had not been arrested by Martinsville Police, Brian likely would have fell asleep and would have died in his sleep or his heart would have failed.

A letter filed with the United States district court in North Carolina, stated that a chimney expert from Bassett, VA found evidence of carbon monoxide and removed the source of what caused the CO gas in 2019.

Detection of neutrophil-lymphocyte ratio as a serum marker …

Another PDF document emailed to me, shows that Brian was writing the “L. Richardson Preyer Federal Building”, normally in Greensboro in the state of North Carolina, but the address was “Martinsville, VA 24112”. Brian sent a letter to the U.S. Marshals Service and at that federal building, but again was mistakenly mailed to Martinsville Virginia where no federal building exists. Three letters Brian had written in early October [or late September] were all returned to sender and sent to invalid addresses. That was right around the time that he reportedly claimed that a psychiatrist had diagnosed him with psychosis.

Brian seems to have three different dimensions of evidence provingv that he had carbon monoxide poisoning. The first is the chimney expert Pete Compton. The second one is the November 2017 lab results. The third is the evidence of mental confusion and what a psychiatrist had diagnosed him with.

Carbon monoxide can cause erratic, abnormal, inappropriate, and even character changing type behaviors. Each CO victim can experience different symptoms depending on different health and mental factors in place.

Will this new evidence be introduced as evidence in federal court filings? Will this evidence be used in state court filings?

Brian D. Hill had never done anything like this, a victim of gas poisoning and he didn’t even know. His last three pleadings show that Brian admitted that carbon monoxide detectors had been installed after what the chimney expert had discovered, and are now at non-detectable levels.

Will Brian be convicted or will the carbon monoxide evidence be enough to be found not-guilty?

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