The psychopaths infiltrating Government are obsessed with CONTROL

by Laurie Azgard

It is all true, you ever wonder why laws are being passed right and left stripping Americans of their constitutional rights, civil liberties, natural rights, and freedoms. Why do federal and state courts make it more and more difficult to prove actual innocence and force innocent people to take false guilty plea agreements? Why are so many laws being passed turning America into a growing police state control grid? Why are tech companies trying to dictate who will get to become the next President of the United States in the future for America?

The truth is, for those who study psychopathic behavior and learn sociology, the horrible truths will be learned. The truth is that psychopaths and sociopaths have infiltrated governments across the world including the United States. They desire power and/or money, they want control over the common folk. They want to control the people.

They are obsessed with controlling other people because they can’t control themselves. They are behaving, in a way, like Obsessive Compulsive Disorder [OCD]. They have a desire, whether sexual or non-sexual, a desire to control other people and dictate their personal lives. To judge other people by how they live while acting perfect, hiding the skeletons in their own closets.

Like an abusive husband or wife, the need to hit/kick/assault or utter abusive language to intimidate the other spouse into submission out of fear of retaliation.

They use terrorism, the excuse of deterring crime through the criminal justice system (that convicts innocent people without care), saving the environment by controlling human behavior, and other excuses. Excuses is all they have to try to control and dictate how humanity will develop, how humanity thinks and will think, how humanity will behave and will behave.

The psychopathic control-freaks want to work for governments, they want to infiltrate it by either elections or by appointments. They want to run our governments and governing bodies so that they can control our personal lives, one way or another.

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