Is Brian D. Hill asking QANON for help (S.O.S.) against Federal tyrants of Deep State?

In the latest three federal court filings filed pro-se by Brian D. Hill [USWGO alternative news], Brian had put in a particular set of words as if trying to signal to QANON that he needs their help against the Deep State attacks against him and his family.

You then see three new federal court documents mentioning about QANON.

Dkt # 177 – Notice of change of address, Dkt # 178 – Declaration, and Dkt # 179 – Declaration – Case no. 1:13-cr-435, middle district of North Carolina

Brian even explains to the U.S. district court why he supports QANON and Donald John Trump [45th U.S. President].

Cited from Dkt # 179 – Declaration – Case no. 1:13-cr-435 “Brian is a pure fan of U.S. President Donald John Trump for his “drain the swamp” campaign slogan and a pure ally of QANON because the corruption within the U.S. Department of Justice and the Federal Bureau of Investigation caused the wrongful suffering of Brian David Hill for all of these years. Brian believes it is time to drain the swamp of the corrupt and non-empathic psychotic Government corruption and abuses of power. The abuses of power by U.S. Attorneys and other Government employees is out of control, the frauds upon the court by the Government will make people not believe anything in our federal courts anymore and will create distrust of our federal courts, the frauds have to stop, the court should go after the frauds. Brian doesn’t understand why they all haven’t been fired from their jobs and barred from all Government jobs as a repercussion for their corrupt actions and psychopathic behaviors. The SRV violation is another form of retaliation/revenge against Brian David Hill and they are ignoring USPO McMurray to go on a witchhunt that will likely last over a year (compared to the last Supervised Release Violation charge in 2015) over Hill fighting to prove his actual innocence and exposing the fraud or frauds upon the Court. Even I have witnessed on watching Sean Hannity show on Fox News, that the FBI and the DOJ had engaged in the fraud upon the court to get a FISA surveillance warrant against U.S. President Donald John Trump for the Russian Collusion Delusion. The DOJ and FBI seem to have a long history of dirty tricks to win every criminal case, at whatever cost that may be, whether it be criminally illegal or legal.”

Brian has basically called out the fraud on the federal courts. He called the DOJ “psychopathic” and “psychotic”. They will likely double down against him and will likely do everything they can to try to imprison Brian for 10 months or more inside of the Federal Bureau of Prisons which is part of the corrupt U.S. Department of Justice.

Brian is risking more retaliation. Also as you look further through his filings, he mentions QANON at the legal signature area where legal pleadings usually contain only a legal signature and no political statement.

Why is Brian D. Hill signaling QANON by mentioning them in his court filings?

Recently, evidence of carbon monoxide poisoning was also filed under Dkt # 179 “Case 1:13-cr-00425-TDS Document 179 Filed 06/24/19 Page 28”, right in the same pleading as mentioning about QANON and placing his support for QANON in his legal signature of his federal pleading. Is he trying to tell QANON that somebody tried to poison him and his mother with carbon monoxide?

A document was also leaked under Dkt. 180 [copy posted at 8chan] [now changed to reflect new filing] showing that the federal judge wants him imprisoned for 10 months based on a future court hearing. So the crooked old judge Thomas D. Schroeder of Winston-Salem, NC doesn’t care about him being poisoned with carbon monoxide!

QANON needs to help this guy.

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