ALERT! Federal Court declares innocent man Guilty without a Hearing

by: Laurie Azgard

A document was emailed to me from Brian’s mother concerning a document which was filed on This document was entered under the guise of a “notice of hearing” but instead was an court order which was to be entered declaring Brian D. Hill [USWGO Alt. news] as violating the conditions of his supervised released based upon a court hearing in the future on the date of August 9, 2019.

This document may be premeditated, and shows that the U.S. District Court is ready to the throw the alternative media activist in a federal prison facility for 10 months over not a conviction but only over an arrest for what they refer to as “a commission of a crime” without going into details as to what crime they are referring to.

A article I did yesterday, revealed that Brian had recently filed two affidavits with evidence attachments, showing signs of carbon monoxide gas poisoning, that an expert named Pete Compton found residue of carbon monoxide gas in Brian’s apartment prior to him being arrested.

Brian had also cited three different Virginia circuit case law stating that he would have to have done a certain act in order to be guilty under that statute, but did not do the very thing required under the law in order to be guilty. Therefore Brian did not commit any crime since he did not do the very thing that is necessary to be guilty under Virginia law.

Despite all of the affidavits and evidence Brian had filed with the state court and the federal court, document # 180 reveals that the federal judge is already willing to find Brian in violation of the term and conditions of his supervised release before his first hearing in the middle district of North Carolina federal court.

The document, which was supposed to be a “notice of hearing” was likely filed by one of the law clerks’ inside of the judges chamber of one of the federal courthouses in the middle district.

So instead of a notice of hearing, it was an order for a future hearing to find Brian in violation of his supervised release conditions, as if the judge is ignoring every piece of evidence and case law that he had filed on a pro-se basis.

Is the federal court planning to imprison Brian D. Hill [USWGO Alternative news] for 10 months over being arrested for a Virginia state charge that he may be actually legally innocent of?????

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