USWGO Alt News reporter mails remaining 2nd joint letters to Congress

Stanley Bolten,

I have checked the certified mail tracking numbers, and it appears that Brian D. Hill of USWGO Alternative News has mailed the remaining two 2nd joint letter to Congress to U.S. Senator Mark Warner (D-VA) and U.S. Congressman Mark Walker (R-NC).

This is in regards to Brian catching lies by the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation when they had conducted a correspondence with the office of U.S. Senator Tim Kaine in Roanoke, VA. Brian says that he has caught them in two lies in their letter to Senator Kaine’s office staff.

The first lie is the year of his criminal case and the fact that he had sent letters the year before (2014) the very year (2015) from their very own claim. The second lie from the FBI is in regards to the fact that Brian had given them no facts of a violation of federal law. The duty agent Jerry Pickford in Greensboro, North Carolina, had initially accepted the case for investigation after Brian had mailed a certified mailing of evidence to agent Pickford. Then the boss claimed it was “merit-less” and shut down the case from further investigation. Never has a duty agent agreed to investigate Brian’s multiple criminal tips to the FBI for investigation. The FBI response letter doesn’t even mention that Brian had correspondence with the Greensboro FBI office but only mentions the main field offices of Charlotte (NC) and Richmond (VA). So they are omitting the reason why Brian had originally complained about the FBI protecting corrupt U.S. Probation Officer Kristy L. Burton. They omitted that Brian had even been in contact with the Greensboro FBI office. They are covering up the real FBI local office that has corruptly blocked any investigations that are against State Senator Philip Edward Berger Senior and blocked an investigation into United States Probation Officer Kristy L. Burton in Danville, Virginia federal building.

The tracking numbers are in the second joint letter link.

USPS tracking Status on letter to U.S. Senator Mark Warner:

USPS tracking Status on letter to U.S. Congressman Mark Walker:

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