U.S. Attorney files no response to Mental Examination Motion for Actual Innocence

Stanley Bolten,

It appears that the U.S. Attorney of Greensboro, NC, has filed no response in opposition to USWGO Alternative News reporter Brian D. Hill’s motion for a Mental Examination/evaluation with the sole intent to prove actual innocence via false confession caused by his Autism.

The Government had until July 17, 2018, to file a response to Brian’s motion, but that day had passed and no filings were entered yesterday from the screenshot of Brian’s criminal case and Writ of Habeas Corpus case (both cases appear to be combined to the criminal case docket sheet). The screenshot was taken on July 18, 2018, and no new docket entry was entered. That would mean that the Government/Respondent has decided not to file a response.

This is the second time in Brian’s Habeas Corpus case inside his original criminal case that the U.S. Attorney office has not filed a response to something Brian had filed when they had plenty of time to file such response but has decided not to.

The motion had already been referred to U.S. Magistrate Judge Joe Webster on June 27, 2018, according to the docket filing from Judge Thomas D. Schroeder’s clerk entering that entry.

That motion can now be decided by the Magistrate Judge at any time now. It can be a day later, a week later or even a month later.

So Brian’s actual innocence fact in regards to his claim of false confession at Mayodan Police Department now depends on getting the mental examination to have an expert from Lepage forensic psychology services. Not just getting the service, but to also have the Court to compel the Government under the Criminal Justice Act to pay for such expert. Then there is also the reviewing over the secretive criminal case discovery evidence that will also make a determination on whether Brian actually gave a false confession and was caused by his Autism Spectrum Disorder. The evaluation is also to determine whether Brian has a case of “delusional disorder: persecutory type”, or whether that diagnosis was inappropriately applied due to the circumstances of both ineffective assistance of counsel and being in “Maximum Security” custody of the county jails which would cause him to be unable to prove his innocence on his own without a real lawyer. So Brian made claims that could have been proven but instead he appeared delusional to Dr. Keith Hersh, a forensic psychologist that conducted an evaluation of Brian prior to sentencing. So if the “delusional disorder” is thrown out as an invalid diagnosis, then Brian is further entitled to an evidentiary hearing since his claims would have to be taken more seriously. Multiple witnesses under Oath have made written documentation under penalty of perjury in his case that have mentioned about pretty much some or most of the very same things that Brian had mentioned but AUSA Ramaswamy has ignore those witnesses. So the question as to whether Brian is really delusional disorder or not would be difficult to use against Brian when any expert witnesses and even third party witnesses attest to at least some to most of Brian’s claims regarding his actual innocence.

In my opinion, I believe the “delusional disorder” will be ruled out, and his confession will be ruled as false. With a false confession, the Government only will be able to base his guilt on shoddy forensics work that doesn’t confirm anything and doesn’t actually prove anything. That report is as useless as the PeePeeGate dossier against U.S. President Donald John Trump. That report should be a work of fiction in some warped book catalog. So I believe that Brian has proven his actual innocence. The Government cannot validly make good arguments against Brian worthy enough to even get his Habeas Corpus case dismissed yet. They file their motion to dismiss back in January, 2018, but in July the Court has still not dismissed the case as of yet.

Pray for Brian!

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